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Who We Are:
Bodycare Vault was born from a passion shared by a group of women who are not just beauty enthusiasts but believers in holistic wellness. Our journey began with a love for beauty and wellness, and now, we’ve evolved into a vibrant community dedicated to celebrating individuality and self-care.

Our Mission:
At the heart of Bodycare Vault is a commitment to inspire and empower. We provide our readers worldwide with free, comprehensive resources and articles. Our topics range from beauty to wellness and skincare. But that’s not all – we’re constantly expanding!

What We Offer:

  • Beauty and Skincare: Dive into our extensive collection of articles on the latest in beauty treatments, innovative skincare practices, and makeup tips.
  • Wellness: Wellness goes beyond skin-deep. Explore content that covers mental and physical well-being, offering insights into maintaining a balanced lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle and Relationships: Embrace a lifestyle that resonates with your inner self. Our articles touch on meaningful relationships, lifestyle choices, and ways to nurture connections that enrich life.
  • Food and Nutrition: Discover the role of nutrition in beauty and wellness. From superfoods to balanced diets, learn how what you eat influences how you feel and look.
  • Fashion and Trends: Stay updated with the latest celebrity trends, fashion shows, and style tips that complement your unique beauty.
  • Empowering Reads: Need some inspiration? We curate a selection of empowering books that motivate and uplift, perfect for your next read.

Join Our Community:
Every person deserves to feel proud and confident in who they are, and at Bodycare Vault , we strive to be your go-to source for information that enhances your life in every aspect. Join our journey and embrace a lifestyle where beauty, wellness, and happiness converge.


Dee Poulsen, founder and Editor

Dee started Bodycare Vault to help empower women of all ages. She is no stranger to the online beauty space and over the past 4 years, Dee has cultivated and curated content that has been read by more than 5 million readers. See her Muck Rack profile here.

Alice Carlill, Writer

Alice is an experienced writer and researcher with a background in the Creative Arts. She is a published poet and is currently completing her Ph.D., having worked in a variety of industries, including as a theatre dramaturg.

Nicola Sloan, Writer

Nicola is a freelance writer and researcher whose specialisms lie in health and wellness, beauty, and psychology. She’s always on the lookout for the best easy-to-use and low-maintenance makeup products, from tubing mascara to tinted lip balms.

You can find more of her work at nicolasloanwriter.com

Michelle Casey, Writer

Michelle is an experienced beauty writer as well as a working mum of two. She is therefore always on the hunt for time-saving hacks.

Our Editorial Guidelines

Bodycare Vault only employs writers with the highest ethical standards who believe in inclusivity and diversity. Our writers have a passion for beauty and wellness, and their ultimate goal is to provide you with straightforward answers, easy how-to guides, and unbiased reviews.

We take our responsibility as a publisher very seriously and understand that we have to earn your trust. The information we provide must be accurate and up-to-date in order to serve our readers in the best way.

If you have any questions about any of our content, please do get in touch at [email protected]

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