Top 10 Best Nail Scrub Brushes (2022 Buying Guide)

Nail scrub brushes come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, making them versatile and providing options for pretty much everyone and every style.

Best Nail Scrub Brush

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In this article, we are going to provide you with a list of the ten best nail scrub brushes available on the market today, along with all of the reasons we believe they are great options for you.

If you are ready, let’s get right to it.

Today we will be discussing:

  • Why you should use a nail brush
  • Important things to look for when choosing a nail brush
  • The ten best nail brushes on the market in 2022
  • Tips on how to best use nail scrub brushes

Why Use A Nail Brush?

Why Use A Nail Brush

We use our hands for hundreds of different things each and every day, and no matter what tasks we are working on, at some point, you are going to notice a build-up underneath your fingernails. 

Using a nail scrub brush is a great tool to get rid of the dirt, and grim people often have underneath their nails, whether it’s from working in the garden, fixing a vehicle, or cooking a fabulous meal. 

Nail brushes are the ideal way to keep your fingers looking clean and your nail care always on par. 

Important Things To Look For When Choosing A Nail Scrub Brush

How Long Does it Last?

Check the ratings and reviews before purchasing a nail scrub brush. 

Although these products typically don’t cost a lot of money, you still don’t want to buy something you can only use a few times before it starts to fall apart.

Is it Made With Quality, Durable Bristles?

The bristles of a nail brush should be hard enough to get inside the nail, and soft enough that it doesn’t hurt or irritate your skin.

You also want to make sure you don’t end up with a nail brush whose bristles fall out after a few uses because they are so small and frail they can’t hold up to scrubbing.

Does it Have an Easy Grip Handle?

The handle of your nail scrub brush is an essential detail to consider when searching for a good product. 

You want the handle to be easy to hold and won’t slip out of your hand when you are scrubbing your nails.

10 Best Nail Scrub Brushes (2022 Buying Guide)

Larbois Nail Brushes

1. Larbois Nail Brushes

These Larbois nail brushes come in a variety of colors that are vibrant and look much nicer than your typically clear or black nail brushes. They have a convenient easy-to-grip top handle that provides a wide opening and finger fitting curves.

This set comes with four different colored plastic brushes, made with plastic bristles that have an appropriate mix of hardness and softness, giving you a great clean without leaving scratches on your hands. 

Why we like it: It’s affordable, comes in an array of vibrant colors, is durable and long-lasting

GREENTH PRO Bamboo Nail Brush

2. GREENTH PRO Bamboo Nail Brush

Greenth Pro bamboo nail brushes are made from natural and eco-friendly materials. They source bamboo wood for the handle and Tampico fiber for their bristles. These materials are naturally durable, and the bristles are naturally flexible and strong.

The shape of this brush makes it perfect for traveling, camping, or keeping in the bucket in your barn for a quick mud remover during a day on the farm.

Why we like it: It’s eco-friendly, made from strong natural materials, has a secure handle



Amerwash plus nail brushes are made with an ergonomic design that makes scrubbing your fingers trouble-free. It comes with a non-slip handle, a bunny-like shape, and attractive colors that will look great sitting on your bathroom sink.

At 3.75 inches long, these brushes will fit easily in your purse, suitcase, gym bag, tackle box, or pretty much wherever you need to take them. 

This set comes with six brushes, and you can choose from crystal pink or aqua green. 

Why we like it: It is easy to travel with, comes with a luxurious design, has a non-slip handle.

GreatNeck 19025 Fingernail Brushes

4. GreatNeck 19025 Fingernail Brushes

GreatNeck fingernail brushes are designed for tough jobs. These bristles are heavy-duty perfect for gardening, mechanics, farmers, and anyone else who tends to get a little build-up under their nails during the day.

This nail brush is 4″ long x 2″ tall x 1.5″ wide, making it the ideal size for large jobs, and is tough enough to remove the dirt and grime out of your nails with ease. 

Why we like it: It is perfect for big jobs, has a heavy-duty design, comfortably fits in your entire hand.

PUMICE VALLEY Wooden Cleaning Fingernail Brush with Nylon Charcoal Bristles 

5. PUMICE VALLEY Wooden Cleaning Fingernail Brush with Nylon Charcoal Bristles 

The team at PUMICE VALLEY designed a premium beechwood nail brush that is gentle enough to use on babies but tough enough to clean away some of the most stubborn debris from underneath your nails.

This fingernail brush comes with two sides of charcoal bristles and a nylon rope, giving you the option of hanging it in any room.

Why we like it: It has charcoal bristles, soft on babies and hard on dirt, comes with a rope for easy storage.

GranNaturals Toe ; Finger Nail Brush

6. GranNaturals Toe ; Finger Nail Brush

This GranNatuals nail brush comes with strong course bristles, designed to effectively clean your nails whether you are using the product wet or dry.

You can use this nail brush on your finger and toenails, with its durable wooden handle and two different size bristles on both sides. 

Why we like it: It can be used on fingers and toenails, can be used wet or dry, and is made with all-natural wood and bristles. 

Konex Non-Slip Wooden Two-sided Hand and Nail Brush

7. Konex Non-Slip Wooden Two-sided Hand and Nail Brush

The Konex non-slip wooden nail brush comes with two bristles lengths for an even and efficient clean for your hands and underneath your nails. It is designed from light wood with a molded grip and is effective and safe to use.

The light wooden color makes it versatile and will look great with any bathroom style and decore. 

Why we like it: It has a molded grip, has two bristles sizes, is reasonably priced

Grip Clean | Heavy Duty Fingernail Scrub Brush 

8. Grip Clean | Heavy Duty Fingernail Scrub Brush 

The Grip Clean fingernail scrub brush is a unique and effective tool for those who struggle to keep their nails clean, whether due to motor oil, dirt, debris, cake batter, you name it. 

This nail scrub’s handle is made from durable metal with ribbed edges, giving you a strong grip even when cleaning off slippery substances.

To make things even better, it comes with suction cups, so it sticks to any smooth surface, making it difficult to lose.

Why we like it:  It’s made from durable metal, comes with suction cups, and is made with heavy-duty nylon bristles for a deep clean.

Tweezerman Dual Nail Brush

9. Tweezerman Dual Nail Brush

The Tweezerman Dual Nail Brush is perfect for your everyday nail care routine. The bristles are made from a stiff fiber material, and it comes in two different lengths, providing a great angle to cover the entire nail.

This product comes in a unique egg-like shape which makes gripping the brush easier and holding onto it much more possible. 

Why we like it: It comes in easy to hold egg shape, is affordable for all budgets, has two types of cleaning bristles.

LoveBB Wooden Nail Scrub Brush

10. LoveBB Wooden Nail Scrub Brush

LoveBB’s wooden nail brushes have heavy-duty qualities in a petite package. This brush is only 3.7″ long x 1.8″ wide x 1.3″ thick, making it perfect for traveling or any room in the house.

The bristles are strong yet soft and create a great lather once soap and water are added to your hand wash. The brush is made from quality material and will last you a very long time.

Why we like it: It is easy to carry, creates a good lather, and has a heavy-duty design.

Tips On How To Best Use Nail Scrub Brushes

Tips On How To Best Use Nail Scrub Brushes

1. Lather Your Hands with Soap and Water

To get the most out of your nail scrub brush, you first want to lather your hands with soap and water to loosen up the dirt and gunk that is compacted underneath your nails.

2. Scrub Underneath Each and Every Nail

When you are washing your hands and nails, make sure to give each finger its own attention, scrubbing underneath every nail thoroughly. 

It is also a good idea to move the brush in a back and forth motion; this will loosen the debris and scrape it away.

3. Don’t Scrub too Hard

You don’t have to worry about scrubbing too hard when you are using a quality nail brush.

The bristles can do their job just by gliding underneath the fingernail. It would be best if you never forced too hard, or you will irritate your skin.

4. Clean Nail Brush After Use

You should always clean your nail brushes off after each use. Every time you wash with a nail scrub brush, you fill it with dirt and bacteria. 

If you do not properly clean your brushes after using them, that bacteria can become harmful, creating mold, mildew, and other toxic ailments.