Brown Eyeliner: Everything You Need To Know

Maybe you’re a diehard fan of black eyeliner, or maybe you avoid it because you think it looks too harsh or is too tricky to master. Either way, there is a flattering alternative: enter brown eyeliner. But what is the best way to wear brown eyeliner?

Brown Eyeliner: Everything You Need To Know

Brown eyeliner is a flattering and versatile tool to bring out the color of your eyes and skin tone, and create the illusion of fuller, thicker lashes. There are many ways to wear brown eyeliner, from subtle and natural daytime looks, to bolder and more dramatic looks for nights out.

Is Brown Eyeliner More Flattering?

While black eyeliner seems like a more universal choice you’ll find in many makeup bags, brown eyeliner can actually be more flattering.

Brown eyeliner suits a range of different eye colors and skin tones. Black eyeliner, on the other hand, may look too heavy on some people. It can look too harsh, whereas brown is softer and more universal.

Brown eyeliner can create a softer look which serves as a contour for your eyelids and makes your lashes look thicker. It can also give your eyes more depth and can be used for a great smoky eye effect.

Brown eyeliner is highly adaptable; it can be used to create an easy everyday look, but can also be amped up for a night out.

Can I Wear Brown Eyeliner With Black Mascara?

Yes you can, and you definitely should!

Brown eyeliner with black mascara can create a more subtle day look, suitable for the office or a day out. The brown eyeliner will add dimension to the eyes and give the illusion of thicker eyelashes.

Meanwhile, the black mascara will define your lashes and make them look fuller and longer.

The overall look will define the eyes but not overwhelm the face for a more natural makeup look. 

If you’re looking for a more subtle look, you can even replace your mascara with brown eyeliner. Simply coat the mascara brush with a few layers of eyeliner and you’re on your way.

Brown eyeliner can also be more flattering for some eye and skin pigments, and can be smudged out to create a subtle smoky eye effect.

Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner | What Is The Difference?

Brown Eyeliner Vs Black Eyeliner | What Is The Difference

1. Brown is more subtle than black

Brown eyeliner is more natural and less daring than black eyeliner. 

It’s more suitable for a day out or a day at the office. Some people find that black eyeliner is too harsh; brown eyeliner can create a softer look and can be paired with a more natural makeup look. 

2. More Subtle But You Can Still Create Daring Looks

Brown eyeliner may be more subtle than black, but it still adds depth and drama to the eyes. 

You can wear dark brown eyeliner to create a sultry smoky eye look, perfect for nights out. Simply extend the wing out for even more drama.

And, depending on the occasion, you can add lashings of black mascara or false eyelashes to really make your eyes pop.

Brown eyeliner can create a more subtle, sultry look for nights out than black eyeliner can.

3. It Can Make Your Eyelashes Stand Out

Wearing thick black eyeliner can make your eyelashes barely noticeable.

But wearing brown eyeliner will make your lashes stand out more, which will automatically make them look longer, thicker and more defined.

You can also draw a thin line of brown eyeliner right at the upper and lower lash line, and smudge out to create an instant and subtle lash-boosting effect.

4. It’s Multifunctional

A great thing about a brown eyeliner pencil is that it’s multifunctional. It’s more than just eyeliner!

It can also be used as eyeshadow or even as an eyebrow pencil, if you have dark hair. This means you can carry less products in your makeup bag.

Some people even use brown eyeliner pencil for contouring the face.

Does Brown Eyeliner Make Eyes Look Bigger?

Brown eyeliner can help open up the eyes by making your lashes look fuller and thicker. Black eyeliner can tend to close in around the shape of the eye, while brown eyeliner can really help open them up.

Of course, a lot depends on application techniques, but brown eyeliner can be used to open up the eyes in a subtle and more natural way than black eyeliner.

5 Ways To Wear Brown Eyeliner

1. As A Classic Wing

When you think of classic winged eyeliner, you probably associate the look with black eyeliner. However, it looks just as good with brown eyeliner!

To draw a classic wing, draw a line from the outer corner of your eye going up towards the outer end of your eyebrow. 

About 5mm should be enough, but if you want to make it more dramatic you can increase the length. Decrease the pressure towards the end of the line to make a flick.

Then draw a line going back to make a small triangle. Fill in the space to create a flawless winged look. 

This is a simple and elegant look that can be more flattering if created with brown eyeliner.

2. As A Simple Smoky Eye

A smoky eye doesn’t have to be complicated. This simple, minimalistic look looks great with brown eyeliner in a couple of minutes.

Simply line your upper and lower lids, then smudge out for a smoky effect.

Using brown eyeliner makes this look subtle yet sultry, and will help to enhance your lashes and bring out tones in your eyes and skin.

3. As A Smudged Underliner

Struggling to master the perfect flick? Underliner may be the answer! It’s simple to do. All you need to do is line your lower lid and th

e waterline, then smudge out for a sultry look.

This look also looks great if you have eyeliner or eyeshadow on your upper lid, especially one that is in a contrasting color.

4. As A Lash Enhancer

You can wear brown eyeliner to enhance your lashes for a natural look.

To do this, line the outer half of your upper and lower lids for a more natural look.

Apply to the lash line, trying to get the liner as close to the roots of your lashes as possible. Don’t apply to the waterline.

Then you can soften the look with a small smudging brush or a cotton tip.

This simple technique looks natural, won’t budge, and helps your eyelashes look bigger and fluffier.

Finish the look with a black mascara for maximum effect.

5. To Deepen A Smoky Eye

One simple and effective way to wear brown eyeliner is to deepen a classic smoky eye look. 

To do this, simply draw a line of brown eyeliner in your crease, over the top of your existing smoky eye makeup. Then simply smudge so it blends in with the rest of the makeup. 

This will create a darker shadow in your crease, bringing out even more definition in your look.

How Do You Find The Best Eyeliner For Your Eye Color?

How Do You Find The Best Eyeliner For Your Eye Color

It makes sense that you want to bring even more definition to your eyes by choosing an eyeliner that will help bring out your eye color.

How do you do this?

A general rule is to pick a color which is either complementary to your eye color, or in contrast with it.

For example, if you have blue eyes, a blue eyeliner would naturally bring out the blue tones in your eyes. 

But choosing a copper or gold eyeliner would also enhance your eye color.

This is because these tones are opposite to blue on the color wheel, so the contrast will bring out the blue of your eyes even more.

If you apply these two general principles, you will find a great range of shades to compliment your eye color. 

If you get stuck, you can simply look at a color wheel for inspiration, but below is a general guide to get you started:

Eye color: Blue

Goes well with: Copper, gold, blue, navy, champagne, terracotta, amber.

Eye color: Brown

Goes well with: Amber, dark blue, dark grey, brown, purple.

Eye color: Green

Goes well with: Green, rust, bronze, mahogany, red, aubergine.

Eye color: Hazel

Goes well with: Green, gold, brown, bronze, olive, plum.

Eye color: Gray

Goes well with: Black, silver, pearly white, brown, burgundy.