Can I Use Eyeliner with Lash Extensions? (Easy Guide)

You’ve got some gorgeous new lash extensions, which now begs the question: Can you use eyeliner with lash extensions? The short answer is yes, you can use eyeliner with your lash extensions. 

Can I Use Eyeliner with Lash Extensions

Can I Use Eyeliner With Lash Extensions?

You can use eyeliner with lash extensions, however not just any eyeliner will do. You want to make sure you don’t damage or shorten the life of your extensions by using the wrong kind of eyeliner. 

Lash extensions are a great way to achieve full, thick, dark lashes. 

You may find you don’t need eyeliner with the extensions on. 

Your new lashes may achieve the effect you are looking for without it. However, if you want an extra dramatic or smokey look, you can use eyeliner for that desired effect. 

You can use eyeliner with lash extensions, however not every type of eyeliner is recommended. 

Eyelash extensions are fixed to existing eyelashes at the lash line with glue. It is important to avoid tugging or rubbing at the lash line and wearing away the glue prematurely. 

Having the right kind of eyeliner will help prevent excessive rubbing or tangling of the glue and lashes. 

Types Of Eyeliners You Can Wear With Eyelash Extensions

Types Of Eyeliners You Can Wear With Eyelash Extensions

Here are the types of eyeliners you can safely wear with extensions:

Oil-free eyeliner

Oil-free eyeliner will not have oils in them, which can interfere with the glue used to attach lash extensions and can actually dissolve the glue over time. 

Water-based, liquid eyeliner

Water-based liquid eyeliner will be easier to remove than other eyeliners, thus reducing the amount of rubbing and tugging on the eyelids and lashes. 

It is easy to apply a liquid liner using a smooth, defined line with minimal fussing at the lash line. It is also easier to fix mistakes with a quick touch of a damp make-up applicator pad. 

Powder eyeliner

Powder eyeliners are often overlooked by those who favor liquid or pencil eyeliners. 

However, powder eyeliner like powder eyeshadow works well with lash extensions by creating a dramatic, smokey eye without overworking the lash line area.

Cake eyeliner 

Cake eyeliner is water-activated and is applied with a moistened applicator or angled brush. Cake eyeliner can be built up in layers to achieve a cool, matte look similar to a pencil.  

Types Of Eyeliners To Avoid With Eyelash Extensions

These are the types of eyeliners to avoid with eyelash extensions:

Oil-based eyeliner

Oil-based eyeliner contains oils that will dissolve the glue used to attach the extensions over time. 

Oil-based eyeliner also can be harder to remove than water-based eyeliners, causing excessive rubbing along the lashes. 

Gel or cream eyeliner

Similar to oil-based eyeliner, gel or cream eyeliners can be harder to remove than water-based eyeliners. 

Gel or cream eyeliners also tend to build up along the lashes, creating the potential for tangling and snagging the extensions when trying to remove them. 

Pencil eyeliner

Pencil eyeliner has a risk of getting tangled in the base of the lashes when applied, tugging at the lash line, and causing premature wear-and-tear of the extensions. 

Waterproof, water-resistant or long-wearing eyeliner

These types of eyeliners are hard to remove and can easily build up along the lash line. They require scrubbing and rubbing to remove, which will wear down the extension glue. 

In general, you want to avoid these three things when applying eyeliner or any eye make-up while wearing eyelash extensions: 

  1. Tugging, rubbing and scrubbing the lash area.
  2. Tangling and snagging of lashes.
  3. Excessive build-upof product and product residue along the lash line. 

How To Apply Eyeliner With Lash Extensions

How To Apply Eyeliner With Lash Extensions


  1. Clean the eye area with an oil-free, alcohol-free cleanser or pad. 
  2. If possible, place your mirror below eye-level. This helps keep lashes out of the way because you will be looking slightly downward as you draw your line. If it is not possible to move your mirror, try to avoid looking up as you apply the eyeliner. 
  3. Don’t tug or pull at the corner of your eyelid when applying the eyeliner.
  4. Gently apply eyeliner above the lash line, beginning from the inner corner and swiping to the outer corner. 
  5. If you want a winged look, start with the wings first, then swipe from inner corner to the outer corner to join the line to the wing. 

If you make a mistake, resist the temptation to rub your eye. 

Use a pre-soaked, oil-free, alcohol-free make-up remover pad to gently tap away from the mistake.

Sometimes even a damp make-up applicator will work just as well to gently fix mistakes. 

Finally, remember, less is more when applying eyeliner with extensions. You will find you won’t need to use as much to achieve a dramatic effect. 

This will also reduce build-up and residue. 

How to Apply Powder Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

As mentioned above, powder eyeliner is safe to use with eyelash extensions and can create a cool, smokey eye effect. 

When applying powder eyeliner, you want to use the same setup and precautions as when applying regular eyeliner. 


  • Gently tap the powder in place above the lash line with an angled brush.
  • Use multiple layers to achieve a smokey eye effect. 
  • Avoid applying the powder directly on the lash line.
  • To help the powder set and last longer on your eyelids, you can use a damp brush or wet the powder first.   

How to Remove Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

How to Remove Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions


  1. Remove the bulk of the eyeliner with a make-up remover pad soaked with oil and alcohol-free make-up remover. Use gentle, dabbing motions.
  2. To remove any remaining eyeliner, soak a cotton swab in oil and alcohol-free make-up remover and dab or gently swipe off any remaining residue. 
  3. Finish by gently washing the area with an oil-free cleanser.
  4. Moisturize using an oil-free eye cream or lotion. 
  5. Remember to avoid tugging, rubbing or scrubbing the lash line and your lashes.  

Can I Use Eyeliner With Magnetic Lash Extensions?

Magnetic lash extensions are a cost-effective alternative to traditional, glued lash extensions. 

There are two methods of applying magnetic lashes:

Magnetic Lash Set: The first method involves applying two halves of a magnetic set to either side of natural eyelashes. The magnets clamp into place around the natural lashes, holding them in place. 

Magnetic Eyeliner: The second method involves using a magnetized eyeliner, then attaching a set of magnetized lashes to the eyeliner. 

You can wear any type of eyeliner with magnetic lashes that sandwich over your natural lashes. 

It is recommended that any eye make-up is applied before applying magnetic lashes, then taking off the lashes before removing make-up at night, before going to bed. 

Because this kind of lash extension is removable and reusable, these lashes won’t interfere with your regular make-up routine. 

With lashes that use magnetic eyeliner, you can first apply your preferred eyeliner, then put the magnetic eyeliner on over it.  Make sure it dries completely.

However, you will probably find you don’t need another eyeliner, as the magnetic eyeliner can substitute for it. 

These lashes are also meant to be removed at the end of the day and re-used so they won’t be damaged by your morning or evening make-up routine.  

Reasons To Avoid Eyeliner With Eyelash Extensions

There are risks involved when wearing eyeliner with eyelash extensions. 

These are some reasons you may want to avoid wearing eyeliner with extensions:

Extra wear-and-tear

Applying and reapplying, touching up, fixing mistakes, and removing eye makeup around the lash line will expose the extensions to more wear-and-tear, even if you are careful and use the right type of eyeliner. 

This can cause them to fall off prematurely. 

Using the wrong type of eyeliner

Some eyeliners contain oils and waxes which, over time, will dissolve the adhesive glue used to fix the extensions to your natural lashes. 


Using eyeliner, especially too much eyeliner, can create clumping and tangling in your lashes, risking the breakage of both the extensions and your natural lashes. 

Eye infections

Although rare, eye make-up used around the tear ducts and glands near the eyelids can clog and irritate those sensitive areas, causing an infection. 

The extra touching of fingers and objects around the eye when applying or removing eyeliner also increases the risk of eye infections. Good hygiene is key to preventing this. 

Extra cost of upkeep

Eyelash extensions cost anywhere between $100-$300, with some high-end salons charging more than $500 a pop. 

The extensions can be expected to last around 6-8 weeks but may require touch-ups as lashes naturally fall out every 45-60 days.

If your eyeliner is causing your extensions to wear out prematurely, that can easily affect your wallet. 

You might not even need any

The main perk of eyelash extensions is the creation of full, dark, lush eyelashes. 

The effect reduces the need for mascara, eyeliner, or eyeshadow to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes.

If you no longer need to wear eye make-up, it can be a huge time-saver for your daily beauty routine.