Can I Wear Mascara After A Lash Lift? Important Facts

Lash lifts are an easy and effective way to make your natural lashes look longer and fuller. But can you wear mascara after a lash lift? And what about eyeliner?

Can I Wear Mascara After A Lash Lift

To protect your lashes, it’s best to avoid mascara and other types of eye makeup for 24 hours after a lash lift. After that, you can go back to using your favorite products, but you may want to take a few precautions that will help the lift last.

What Are The Benefits Of A Lash Lift?

A lash lift can lift and curl your lashes from the root, leaving you with lashes that are naturally long and thick.

It’s a fast and effective treatment with semi-permanent results. 

Typically, lashes can be enhanced in 30 to 60 minutes, with no touch-ups required. Once the treatment is done, it can last for up to 12 weeks. 

It’s also a fantastic alternative to lash extensions. Not only is a lift more affordable than extensions, but it also looks more natural and requires less maintenance. 

It’s also a safer option; lash extensions have been linked to allergic reactions, contact dermatitis, and other ocular problems. (1)

Once you’ve had a lash lift, you’ll wake up in the morning with lengthened and curled lashes. You may feel like you can spend less time on makeup, saving you time in the morning. 

Longer, fuller lashes can open up your eyes, making you look more awake and more useful.

It’s a simple, minimally invasive way to enhance your lashes without the use of products.

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Can I Wear Mascara After A Lash Lift?

Can I Wear Mascara After A Lash Lift

You can use mascara to darken and lengthen your lashes after a lift, but you shouldn’t apply these products immediately after a treatment. 

For the best results, you’ll want to give your lash lift at least 24 hours to set. Ask the aesthetician treating your lashes for aftercare instructions and follow them closely. 

At some salons, you can have a tint applied to your lashes at the same time as a lift. 

A tint can add color to your lashes, giving you the look of mascara without any product. 

Although the dye used for lash tints is permanent, lashes gradually start to fall out, making the tint less dramatic. Eyelash tints typically last for about four weeks. 

If you do decide to wear mascara after a lash lift, you should be careful about the product you use. 

Waterproof mascaras typically have some sort of oil base. 

This base can make your mascara more resilient, but it can also dry out your lashes. This can break down your lash tint and even cause lashes to fall out. (2)

How Long After A Lash Lift Can I Wear Mascara?

Your lash lift needs time to set, which is why you should avoid using any products on or near your lashes for at least 24 hours.

In addition to skipping mascara and other types of eye makeup, you should avoid using eye creams, face oils, and keep steam and water away from your lashes. 

Some aestheticians recommend waiting at least 48 hours to use mascara. 

While there’s no harm in staying away from mascara for another day, it’s best to ask questions about aftercare at the salon handling your treatment. 

Lash lifts require very little maintenance, and aftercare instructions are generally easy to follow.  

When you’re ready to start wearing mascara again, you should make sure you choose the right type of mascara as well as the right makeup remover

It is very important to cleanse your eyes the right way after a lash lift, so stick with oil-free products and avoid rubbing your lashes to take your makeup off.

Instead, gently pat your lashes until the product is fully removed.

Can I Use Waterproof Mascara?

You can wear waterproof mascara after a lash lift, but you should be aware that it can impact the results of your treatment. 

Waterproof mascara works by coating lashes in an oil that’s difficult to remove, such as castor, lanolin, or mineral oil. 

Most products also contain dimethicone copolyol, a water-repelling silicone. 

These ingredients help to give waterproof mascara its longevity, but they can also be damaging to lashes. Not only can it cause lash loss (3), but products used to remove waterproof mascara can put stress on lashes as well. 

Avoiding waterproof mascara can help you maintain your lash lift for longer. 

Instead of waterproof mascara, you should seek out products that are water-based. 

Water-based mascaras are gentle on the lashes and easy to remove, which is why they’re frequently recommended for people with sensitive eyes or lash treatments. 

When selecting a water-based mascara, look for a chemical-free formula with a tapered or curved wand.

If you love waterproof mascara and don’t want to give it up completely, you should wait for at least three weeks after your treatment before using it again. 

The longer you wait to use oil-based products, the less likely it is that these products will interfere with your lash lift. 

Can I Wear Eyeliner After Lash Lift?

Can I Wear Eyeliner After Lash Lift

You can start wearing eyeliner again once your treatment has had the chance to set. Aestheticians usually suggest waiting 24 to 48 hours before wearing eye makeup. 

Once that time has passed, you’re free to apply eyeliner, but there are a few things you should consider before putting your makeup on. 

Like with mascara, waterproof eyeliners may contain ingredients that are harsh on your lashes. 

These products can also be difficult to remove, which means you’ll have to rub your eyes to get your makeup off. You’ll put less stress on your lashes if you opt for a product that’s oil-free. 

Not sure if your current eyeliner contains oil? Check the ingredients list to see if any sort of oil is listed.

You can also test the product by applying it to your wrist and letting it sit for 10 minutes. 

Once it’s had a chance to dry, you should easily be able to remove an oil-free eyeliner with warm water. 

If you need to replace your current eyeliner, you should look for a product that’s free of oil, alcohol, and parabens.

There are oil-free versions of virtually every type of eyeliner, including liquid liner, pencils, and eyeliner crayons. 

Can I Use An Eyelash Curler After Lash Lift?

Lash lifts boost your natural lashes by lifting them at the root.

The results are similar to what you can achieve with an eyelash curl but are semi-permanent and more pronounced. 

Not only is it unnecessary to curl your lashes after your treatment, but using an eyelash curler could actually cause damage.

Eyelash curlers tug on the roots of the lashes. This can give you fuller-looking lashes, but it can also damage or even pull out lashes when used incorrectly. 

Some curlers have padding at the base to minimize damage, but if you’ve already had a lash lift, it’s best to avoid these products entirely. 

You can enhance and emphasize your lashes without a curler by brushing your lashes with a lash brush. 

You can buy a brush designed for lash care at many salons, but if you don’t have one on hand, you can also clean an old mascara wand and use it to comb through your lashes. 

Using a conditioner that moisturizes your lashes can be beneficial as well.