Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions? (Answered)

If you fancy a dip but have worries about the effect on your eyelash extensions, then we are here for you. Read on to find out if you can swim with eyelash extensions.

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Can You Swim With Eyelash Extensions?

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You can go swimming with eyelash extensions. You just need to give the lash extensions enough time to set prior to getting them wet. This could be anything from eight hours up to 48 hours. Consult your lash technician to be sure.

Both saltwater and chlorine can lead to premature lash loss, so it is a good idea to wear swimming goggles while swimming in the sea or in a chlorinated pool. 

Also, avoid extended periods in the sea or the pool as over-exposure can impact lash retention.

Freshwater has no such effects on your false lashes. You just need to take care to avoid excessive rubbing.

How Long Should You Wait to Swim After Getting Eyelash Extensions?

There are many sources out there who advise waiting 24 to 48 hours after having your lashes applied before going swimming. 

This gives the lash adhesive time to set. Eyelash extensions are applied to your natural lashes using powerful glue. By avoiding water, or any other moisture, you can be confident that the chemical composition of the lash glue will remain intact. 

Exposing the adhesive to water before it is set is to run the risk of premature shedding of your lash extensions.

However, there are other sources who are of the opinion that four hours is a sufficient time period for the lash glue to cure. 

They believe that advice to wait for 24 to 48 hours is outdated given advances in adhesive formulation. 

Given these opposing pieces of advice, it is best to check with a qualified technician who applies your lashes. 

They will be able to advise you from a position of authority on time frames. Better to be safe than lose those beautiful lashes prematurely and needlessly.

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Is It Safe To Swim In Saltwater?

You can definitely swim in salt water with your eyelash extensions. But it is recommended that you wear goggles to protect your lashes while swimming.

Saltwater can disintegrate the glue used to hold your lashes in place, even if they have already set. This is because the salt absorbs the moisture that’s used to set the glue initially.

As well as wearing goggles, have a bottle of fresh water with you for beach days. Use this to rinse your lashes after a saltwater dip.

Water pressure from the ocean waves can also affect your lash retention, causing them to fall out prematurely.

Is It Safe To Swim In Chlorinated Water?

An occasional dip in a pool that has been chlorinated won’t cause too much harm to your lash extensions.

However, regularly exposing your extensions to chlorine will cause the bond between the lash extensions and the natural lashes to break down leading to premature lash loss. 

The solution is to avoid over-exposure and wear a pair of well-fitting goggles.

How To Take Care Of Lash Extensions While Swimming

We have put together a few tips to help you take care of your beautiful lash extensions while swimming:

Use Goggles

It is worth investing in a pair of well-fitting goggles if you plan to spend time in any sort of water. They will help keep your lashes free from moisture as you enjoy some time cooling off with a dip. 

Just make sure the goggles aren’t too tight so as to avoid any bending or tugging of the lashes.

Go Mascara-Free

Taking a rest from mascara products means you can give your lashes (natural and extensions) a little respite from oil and chemicals. 

You can also avoid ending up with the raccoon look as even some of the mascaras that claim to be waterproof can run or smudge when exposed to water. 

Avoid Rubbing Eyes

Our first instinct when we emerge from water is often to rub our eyes. This is something you should try to avoid when you have eyelash extensions.

Excessive or vigorous rubbing can lead to premature lash fall.

Wear Minimal Sunscreen Around Eyelash Extensions

While sunscreen is a necessity, especially in the summer months, it should be applied sparingly around the eye area when you are wearing eyelash extensions. 

This is to avoid any oil particles from the sunscreen compromising the integrity of the lash adhesive. 

Be sure to pop on a pair of UV protection shades to shield your eyes and eye area from the sun.

Dry Your Lashes

To prolong the life of your lash extensions, it is a good idea to dry your lashes as soon as you get out of the water. A few clean cotton pads or a small cloth should be fine for this.

Avoid Vigorous Swimming

A leisurely swim is ok (provided you are wearing your goggles) but doing laps or any vigorous movements in the water should be avoided while wearing eyelash extensions. 

The motion of the water and the waves can put pressure on your extensions resulting in, yes, you’ve got it, premature lash fall.

Will My Lashes Look The Same After Swimming?

Will My Lashes Look The Same After Swimming

Yes, your lashes can look the same after swimming provided you take care of them. Just as you wash and brush your hair after a swim, it is important to do similar with your lashes.

Lash Aftercare After A Swim

When lash extensions are wet, they tend to be more easily damaged or even come off. It is best to dry the lashes first after your swim before proceeding with cleaning them.

 It is important to properly clean your lashes after a swim, especially if you haven’t worn goggles. This will lengthen their lifespan.

How To Clean Lash Extensions After Swimming

To clean your lash extensions, you will need a few items including an oil-free cleanser designed for lash extensions. 

Avoid using a generic cleanser as these could contain emollients that damage the lash adhesive.

You will need:

  • Oil-free cleanser designed for lash extensions
  • Distilled water
  • Foaming bottle
  • Soft makeup brush


  1. Add the cleanser and distilled water to the foaming bottle.
  2. Dip the soft makeup brush into the foam and coat the lashes with the foam.
  3. Allow fresh water to run down your face gently to wash away the foam.

How To Dry Lash Extensions After They Get Wet

After you have cleaned your lashes and they are free of salt and chlorine, it is time to dry them.

You could use a lint-free towel and gently pat the eye area. Place the towel gently under the lashes and allow the water to run down. 

Avoid rubbing harshly or tugging. Then, using a spoolie or clean mascara wand, brush out your lashes. 

Alternatively, you could blow dry the lashes on a low, cool setting. As you do this, gently brush the lashes with a clean mascara wand or a spoolie to prevent clumps.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Waterproof Mascara Work Just As Well As Eyelash Extensions?

No waterproof mascara does not perform like eyelash extensions. There is a chance this will smudge or run as you swim, whereas, with proper care, eyelash extensions will stay beautifully in place.

Will Water Ruin The Curl In My Lash Extensions?

No, there is a common misconception that water will ruin the curl and overall appearance of your lash extensions. By taking a few precautions and appropriate aftercare, your lashes will retain their curl.

What Happens If You Get Eyelash Extensions Wet Before 24 Hours?

If your lashes are exposed to water before the setting period is over, your lashes could fall out. This is because the adhesive becomes overloaded with moisture and dries out too quickly. With a few precautions, you can enjoy a summer of swimming with your beautiful eyelash extensions.