How To Clean Eyes After A Lash Lift – Easy Guide

Proper aftercare is important if you want to maintain your lash lift for as long as possible. You should know how to clean an eyelash lift, and you should also be aware of what to avoid. 

How To Clean Eyes After A Lash Lift

You should avoid getting your eyelashes wet or using any product on or near them for at least 24 hours. Once your lash lift has had the chance to set, you should clean your lashes and remove makeup using an oil and alcohol-free cleanser.

What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a process that is designed to improve the appearance of your natural lashes. A product called lifting lotion is applied to lashes before they’re lifted and curled. 

The lotion makes lashes more moldable, allowing them to hold that shape.

A lash lift can instantly change the appearance of your lashes, making them look thicker and longer. 

It’s a fast treatment that can usually be completed within an hour, and the results typically last around four to eight weeks. 

Lash lifts are often recommended as an alternative to lash extensions. 

Benefits Of A Lash Lift

Lash lifts are a fantastic way to improve the appearance of your natural lashes. While there are all kinds of lash-enhancing treatments, lash lifts offer a long list of advantages. 

A lash lift can:

  • Enhance lashes even if they’re short and straight 
  • Improve lashes in a natural-looking way
  • Leave you with beautiful-looking lashes that don’t need much maintenance
  • Give you high-impact lashes at a lower price than lash extensions
  • Make you look younger and more alert

How To Clean Eyes After A Lash Lift

How To Clean Eyes After A Lash Lift

In the first 24 hours

In the first 24 hours after your lash lift, you won’t want anything to touch your eyelashes, even water. To maintain your results, you need to give your lashes time to set. 

You should avoid taking hot showers during this time as well; the steam could cause your lashes to lose some of their curl. 

After 24 hours

Once that 24 hours is up, you’ll be able to resume using makeup and other products on your lashes and eyelids. 

However, you should avoid using products that could damage your lashes, and you should also stay away from any products that could cause you to pull at your lashes, such as makeup wipes. 

Use the right products

You’ll want to stick to using oil-free makeup products near your eyes. 

It’s also important that you use a cleanser that can completely remove makeup before you go to bed at night. 

Not only should you watch out for harmful ingredients, but you’ll also want to find a product that’s very effective.

One way to make sure that your makeup and other contaminants are cleared away is to double-cleanse your face in the evenings. 

Use a cleanser to remove makeup, and afterwards, use a second cleanser to remove any residue. 

If you’d prefer to stick to one product, you should cleanse your face gently and thoroughly.

While you’ll have to be careful about the products you use, you won’t have to do anything special to keep your lashes clean after you’ve had a lift. 

As long as you use safe products, remove makeup, and clean your face the way you normally would, you shouldn’t have any problems. 

What Cleanser Can I Use For A Lash Lift?

There are several ingredients commonly found in cleansers that have the potential to damage a lash lift, including oil, alcohol, and parabens. 

It’s best to choose a gentle cleanser that’s free of any harsh ingredients that could strip or dry out your lashes. 

However, if you’re wearing any product on your eyes, you’ll also want to make sure you’re using a product capable of removing makeup.

What kind of cleansers should you use? 

These cleansers are gentle and have simple ingredients, but they’re also extremely effective:

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water

Bioderma Hydrabio H2O Micellar Water

Micellar water contains tiny molecules that attract oil, dirt, and other contaminants, allowing you to clean your face without having to scrub. 

It’s free of irritants and highly moisturizing, making it perfect for someone with a lash lift. (1) This product from Bioderma is designed for extremely sensitive skin and won’t cause any damage to your lashes.

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Luoki Double Shot Cleansing Water

Luoki Double Shot Cleansing Water

This hypoallergenic cleanser doesn’t contain any harsh ingredients, but it can still give you a deep clean. 

It’s specifically formulated to remove makeup and can help you clean off mascara and other eye products quickly. 

It also contains nourishing natural ingredients that can soothe your eyelashes and your skin.

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Vanicream Gentle Cleanser

Vanicream Gentle Cleanser

This cleanser, which is endorsed by the National Eczema Foundation, is formulated without ingredients that can irritate the skin or eyelashes. 

It’s a perfect product for a morning cleanse, and it’s also a terrific choice if you’re double cleansing at night.

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How Often Should I Wash My Lashes After A Lash Lift?

You won’t want to wash your lashes at all for 24 hours after a lash lift, but after that, you can mostly return to your usual routine. 

The American Academy of Dermatology recommends washing your face twice each day; once in the morning and once in the evening. (2)

It’s especially important to wash your lashes if you’re wearing makeup. 

If you go to sleep with makeup on your eyes or lashes, it could dry out your lashes, which could cause them to fall out more quickly. 

Never skip washing your face if you have makeup on, even if you’re tired. 

While it’s important to keep your eyes and lashes clean, you should make sure you don’t overdo it. Cleaning your face repeatedly can strip the skin, and the eyelashes, of natural oils. 

If your skin feels tight after a cleanse, that’s a sign that you’re washing your face more often than you should. 

Can I Use Eye Makeup After A Lash Lift?

Eye makeup should be avoided for 24 hours after a lash lift, but after that, it’s fine to use products on your eyes as long as they don’t contain damaging ingredients. 

Oil and alcohol are the ingredients that can do the most harm to your lash lift, but you should watch out for parabens as well. 

Stick to using water-based mascara on your lashes. 

These mascaras are free of problem ingredients and are also easy to remove, which can help to keep you from rubbing or pulling your lashes. 

The eyeliner you use should be oil-free as well. 

Use a primer before you apply eyeshadow to prevent fallout and keep your shadow from getting into your eyelashes. 

As a general rule, it’s best to use powder shadows instead of cream or liquid shadows, but you can use any product that doesn’t contain oil. 

How Do You Sleep With A Lash Lift?

How Do You Sleep With A Lash Lift?

Lashes can change shape even after they have set and if you stay in the same position for too long. 

That’s why it’s best to be careful about how you sleep. 

If you can, you should try to sleep on your back so that your eyelashes won’t be pressed against your pillow all night. 

If you’re a stomach or a side sleeper, you can minimize damage by sleeping on a silk or satin pillowcase. 

Silk absorbs less moisture and dirt than other materials used for pillowcases, and it also produces less friction.

Sleeping on silk can also help to reduce frizz, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. 

Another option for protecting your eyelashes is to sleep with an eye mask. 

Again, a product made from silk or satin is best.

Your eye mask can keep your eyelashes safe while you toss and turn, and it can also help you get in some extra beauty sleep after the sun comes up.

Other Things To Avoid

You’ll have to follow strict rules immediately after your lash lift, but once 24 hours have passed, you won’t have to do much to maintain your eyelashes. 

However, if you want your lift to last as long as possible, there are a few more things you’ll want to watch out for:

Stay Clear Of Waterproof products

Most waterproof products are oil-based, but it’s best not to use waterproof mascaras or eyeliners even if they’re oil-free. 

Since waterproof products are hard to remove, there’s a good chance you’ll damage your lashes when you’re taking your mascara off. Stick to water-resistant products instead. 

Avoid coconut and castor oil

Applying serum to your lashes can keep them healthy and prolong the results of your lash lift. 

However, if a serum contains ingredients like coconut or castor oil, it could actually straighten your lashes. 

Use goggles when swimming

It’s fine to go swimming once your lash lift has set, but if you’re going to be putting your face in the water, it’s a good idea to wear goggles. 

This is especially important if you’re swimming in a pool with a lot of chlorine; chlorine is very drying and can weaken your lashes. 

Final Thoughts

You don’t have to do anything elaborate to maintain your lashes, but if you’re worried that a product or activity could be damaging, it’s smart to take a few precautions. 

Whether you look over ingredients or keep your eyes covered, a little caution can go a long way towards making your enhanced lashes last.