How To Correct Ombre Brows: Easy Step By Step Guide

Color correcting ombre brows can be difficult and tedious, but it isn’t impossible. If you’ve had an unfortunate experience with an eyebrow tattoo artist, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s how to correct ombre brows.

How To Correct Ombre Brows

The first thing you should do before you try to correct ombre brows on your own is to consult with a professional eyebrow artist. However, if you’ve already done this and haven’t gotten the answers you’re hoping for, there are some at-home remedies.

It’s important to know that at-home remedies will not get rid of your ombre brows right away.

Instead, they are designed to fade them much faster in a safe way.

Some at-home remedies include multiple showers a day to expose the brows to moisture and different natural solutions you can make at home. 

What Are Ombre Brows?

Ombre brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique that leaves the brows looking fuller and more defined.

While they are similar to microbladed brows, there are some key differences.

For example, instead of using a handheld tool, the eyebrow artist utilizes a machine that is much similar to a traditional tattoo machine.

This machine delivers tiny dots of pigment into the skin creating a powdered-in, shaded effect.

In order to get the ombre effect, the pigment is saturated the least in the inner brow, and it gradually becomes more saturated towards the end of the brow.

In some cases, where the client wants a more dramatic look, the artist will use a slightly lighter shade in the inner brow and a slightly darker shade at the tail of the brow.

Another great benefit of ombre brows, as opposed to microblading, is that it is great for all skin types.

Typically, people with oily skin won’t be able to get microblading done because the pigment tends to spread apart and fade faster.

Ombre brows are suitable for all skin types including oily skin.

The permanent makeup pigments used in ombre brows are called iron oxide-based pigments.

These pigments are the safest to use on the skin and they eventually absorb into the skin and fade over time.

For people with an allergy to iron, many artists also do carry non-iron oxide-based pigments.

Unhappy With Ombre Brows – What Can I Do?

Unhappy With Ombre Brows

If you are unhappy with your ombre brows, the first thing that you should do is consult with your eyebrow tattoo artist.

If you realize that your artist was more inexperienced than you thought, talk to someone more experienced and get their advice.

How To Fix Ombre Brows

If you’ve already talked about your ombre brows with your eyebrow artist and are not satisfied with the answers you’re receiving, there are some at-home remedies that you can try.

However, it’s important to remember that these remedies will not make your ombre brows disappear right away.

Instead, they will cause the brows to fade faster in a safe way.

My Ombre Brows Are Too Thick

It’s actually not uncommon for people to think their ombre brows are too thick after getting them done.

A lot of the time it can be a shock to see the finished result.

When brows are defined and filled in darker, they can give the illusion that they have become too thick.

If you can tell that they’re well done, but you just think they’re too thick for your taste, it is recommended to wait a few weeks to see if you get used to them and end up liking them more than you thought you would.

Surprisingly, this happens for most people.

If they are too thick, wait and see what your eyebrow artist can fix at your first mandatory touch-up appointment.

Over the next month or two after getting them done, they will begin to fade and your eyebrow artist should be able to touch up anything you don’t like.

My Ombre Brows Are Too Dark

Right after you get ombre brows done, it is important to remember that your brows are going to look much darker than they will after the healing process is complete.

During the healing process, the pigment hasn’t set in all the way and scabbing occurs, making the color look darker.

Wait until the healing process is completely over before attempting to lighten your ombre brows.

To lighten your ombre brows, you’re going to want to try the at-home remedies we recommend down below to gradually fade the brows.

These remedies will not lighten them right away. But they will cause the brows to fade faster over time.

My Ombre Brows Have Turned Blue

One of the most common color corrections eyebrow artists have to deal with is when the pigment turns blue.

The reason for this is the amount of metal in the pigments being used.

A lot of the time, this happens when the artist uses lower-quality pigments, which may be a reason you want to go to a more reputable artist.

The only way to fix this is to consult with your eyebrow artist and have them color correct it professionally.

If you do not have confidence in the artist that did them in the first place, don’t hesitate to seek out someone else who is more knowledgeable and experienced.

Artists will either do one of two things most of the time to fix this issue:

1. Removal. Some artists go right to removal techniques, but this isn’t a feasible option for a lot of people since they just spent so much money getting them done in the first place.

Check out How To Remove Ombre Powder Brows for more information.

2. Add Orange Pigment. More commonly, the eyebrow artist will deposit a large amount of orange pigment into the area.

Since blue and orange are complementary colors, they cancel each other out and neutralize one another.

This dilutes the blue color and makes it look like the color it was intended to look like.

Natural Remedies For Removing Ombre Brows

Natural Remedies For Removing Ombre Brows

These remedies are designed to make your ombre brows fade faster, so don’t expect them to disappear right away.

For people with too dark brows or brows that are just too intense, these methods are likely to help with the fading process.

Shower Multiple Times A Day

Exposing the brows to moisture, especially during the healing process, is going to fade them much faster.

This is why eyebrow artists tell you to avoid moisture during the healing process.

Make sure the heat is turned up as much as you can possibly stand it, as this will promote fading even more.

Gently massage the brows with your fingertips using circular motions under the hot water.

Afterwards, always tap the eyebrow area dry with a clean towel or paper towel to avoid irritation.

Rosehip Seed Oil

Applying pure rosehip oil a few times a day every day for a few weeks may also help with fading the ombre brows faster.

This oil will pull the pigment out of the skin over time. Also, since it’s so hydrating, it will help heal the area as well.

Sea Salt Water Solution

Using sea salt and water concoction is a great way to pull the pigment from the skin and cause the ombre brows to fade faster.

But it can be irritating for some people, so immediately stop doing this if you feel any kind of pain or discomfort.


  1. Mix some organic crushed sea salt with clean water.
  2. Soak a cotton pad in the solution.
  3. Using the cotton pad, gently massage the eyebrow area without applying too much pressure.
  4. Afterwards, make sure to clean the area and pat it completely dry.

Is It Normal For Ombre Brows To Disappear?

Is It Normal For Ombre Brows To Disappear

It is important to care properly for your ombre brows as this will help maintain them.

However, if your ombre brows have seemed to disappear and don’t know what to do, don’t panic right away.

If you are still in the healing process, there is a phase called the “ghosting phase”.

When the scabbing peels off, you may notice that the ombre brows have almost disappeared. This is very common and completely normal.

If this happens to you and the brows do not reappear, this will be easily corrected during your first mandatory touch-up appointment.