Dark or Clear Eyelash Glue for Beginners: Which is Best?

Eyelash glue is an important part of any eye extension routine. There are two types of eyelash glue available on the market: dark and clear. They both provide a secure hold for your false lashes, but which is best for your needs?

Eyelash Glue for Beginners

When choosing between dark or clear eyelash glue for beginners, the clear adhesive is more forgiving and looks clean regardless of any mistakes. Dark glue creates a dramatic eyeliner effect and can be used to create an additional makeup effect when used by an experienced lash artist.

Let’s dig in a bit deeper and learn about each type of lash glue, and help you make a decision for your next beauty routine.

What Kinds Of Lash Glue Can You Use For Lash Extensions?

The glue that is used for eyelash extensions is different than the glue that is used for false lashes. 

The lash extension glue is much stronger and made of different ingredients. It is much more chemically active than the glue used for false lashes. 

This means it should be used with great caution or applied by a professional.

The lash extension glue is made of cyanoacrylate

This creates a strong chemical bond that will not come undone easily.

The lash extension glue also has other ingredients in it, like rubber cement and resins, which make it more flexible and durable.

In order to remove lash extensions, you will therefore need to use an oil-based remover or a solvent. 

This will help break down the chemical bonds of the glue and allow you to remove the lash extensions without damaging your natural lashes

Make sure to research and purchase this item alongside your lash extension glue.

Different types of lash extension glues will vary in color, consistency, drying time, and fume level. 

It’s best to experiment with one that is gentler on your eyes and provides a strong hold. If you’re a beginner and will be applying the lashes more slowly than usual, opt for glue with low fumes. 

This will help you avoid any irritation to the eyes.

Which Eyelash Glue Is Best For Beginners – Dark Or Clear?

Which Eyelash Glue Is Best For Beginners - Dark Or Clear

When choosing between dark or clear lash glue, it is important to consider your needs and skill level.

If you are a beginner, we recommend starting with clear lash glue. 

The main reason for this is that it is much more forgiving than dark lash glue. If you make any mistakes, they will be less visible with clear glue.

Clear glue also provides a clean look that can be worn day or night. 

It can be thinner in its consistency, which makes it easier to work with. The natural glide will help you to achieve consistent and smooth lines.

If you are new to false lashes, we recommend practicing with clear glue until you get the hang of it. 

Once you are more experienced, you can experiment with dark glue. 

Dark lash glue creates a dramatic eyeliner effect and can be used to create an additional makeup look.

Pros And Cons Of Black Lash Glue

Black lash glue is a popular option when it comes to lash extensions. It provides a strong hold and creates a dramatic look. Here are some pros and cons to consider before using black lash glue:


Blends in with lash line

The main benefit of using black lash glue is that it helps to completely blend your false lashes into the lash line. 

Even when up close, it will be hard to tell that you are wearing falsies.

Creates dramatic look

Black lash glue also provides a more dramatic look.

If you are going for a smoky eye or a bolder makeup look, black lash glue can help you achieve it. You may not need to apply eyeliner for definition if you use black glue.

Creates illusion of thicker lashes

Another benefit of black lash glue is that it can help to create the illusion of thicker lashes. 

This is because the darkness of the adhesive will add the illusion of density and fullness.

This is ideal for people with short thin lashes that could benefit from the appearance of thicker lashes.


Not easy to work with

The main downside of using black lash glue is that it can be more difficult to work with. 

If you or your technician aren’t very skilled with glue application, it can be easy to make mistakes once they dry, and these mistakes will be visible for the length of your extensions.

Not as strong as clear glue

Another con is that black lash glue is slightly less strong than clear glue. 

This is because the black pigment added to the glue can weaken its bond. This may result in extensions that don’t last as long as expected.

May not look natural

Finally, black glue may not be the best choice for someone who wants a natural-looking lash. I

t may give off the appearance of always wearing nighttime makeup, which may not be compatible with everyone’s day-to-day style.

Pros And Cons Of Clear Lash Glue

Pros And Cons Of Clear Lash Glue

Since we’ve recommended clear glue for beginners, it’s important to know its benefits and drawbacks. Here are some pros and cons of using clear lash glue:


Easy to work with

The biggest benefit of using clear lash glue is that it is very forgiving. If you or your technician make any mistakes, they will be much less visible than with black glue. 

This is because the glue applies white and dries clear. The white color is helpful so that you have a good idea of where you’re placing the lash strip.

Doesn’t stain

Clear glue is also less likely to cause any sort of staining or discoloration on the skin around your lash line.

This is because it does not contain any pigment like black glue.

Provides a natural look

Another pro of clear lash glue is that it provides a very natural look.

This type of glue dries completely clear, so your lashes won’t look heavy or coated in makeup. 

If you want a more natural look for your lashes, clear glue is the way to go.


Takes longer to dry

One downside of using clear lash glue is that it takes slightly longer to dry than black glue.

This means that you will need to be patient and hold the strip in place for a few seconds longer.

May not conceal the lash strip 

Another con is that clear lash glue is not as good at concealing the lash strip.

It may also have a noticeable shine when applied, which can also give away the fact that you’re wearing extensions.

If you want to achieve a seamless look, you may need to use an eyeliner pencil to fill in any gaps between your false lashes and lashline.

Not as striking

Finally, clear glue is not as visually striking as black glue. 

You will need to add eyeliner and other types of eye makeup to make a complete look. If you’re going for a bold makeup look, clear glue may not be the best option.

How To Use Black & Clear Eyelash Glue

How To Use Black & Clear Eyelash Glue

Using the black and clear lash glues are very similar, and you can use them in the same way. 

Just remember, as mentioned before, any small mistakes you make with dark glue will be more visible than with clear glue.

For Strip Lashes:

  • Using your finger, pull the lash strip away from the tray.
  • Measure the eyelash and make sure it is the proper length for fitting your eye. You can trim the lash if necessary.
  • Take your glue and apply a thin and even layer to the lash band. For better control, use the back of a brush to apply the glue.
  • Let the glue sit on the lash edge for about 15 minutes. When it’s tacky, it’s ready to apply.
  • Gently place the lash strip on your eyelid and press down. Apply pressure for about 30 seconds to secure the bond.

For Eyelash Extensions:

  • Prepare your individual lashes and decide which curls, thicknesses, and lengths you want for your lash line.
  • Use straight tweezers with a fine point that are precise and can pick up single lashes. Make sure you have a lash brush on hand as well.
  • Wash your lashes and use your mascara wand to separate and lift your lashes, which will make application easier.
  • Remove any overgrown lashes as needed if you had extensions previously.
  • Take a non-porous surface and put a bead of glue on it.
  • Dip a single lash into the glue and use your tweezers to place it on your natural lash line. Try to place the lash close to the base to avoid any gaps.

Make sure to pay attention to the drying time of your glue. 

You don’t want it to be completely wet or overly saturated when applying lashes, but if it is too dry, it will not adhere correctly, and may even tear at your natural lashes.

A good product to have on hand is lash glue remover. 

This will help you if you make any mistakes or if the glue does not adhere correctly. You can use the remover with a Q-Tip or cotton swab to fix any mistakes. 

This is particularly helpful if you’re using black glue.

You may also want to tape your eyelid slightly to avoid any glue getting into your eye.

Having a magnifying mirror and bright light on hand will also be helpful.