How Can I Reuse Fake Nails? (Easy 2-Step Guide)

Fake nails can be very convenient and are easy to take off. But it can turn into an expensive affair if you’re constantly changing them, so you may be wondering ‘how can I reuse fake nails’?.  Well, the answer is simple and in this article, we’ll show you just how to do it.

How Can I Reuse Fake Nails

You can reuse fake nails provided that you take care of them, and have good maintenance of your natural nails too. Use warm water and soap to remove the nail before cleaning. Then store for reuse.

Is It Possible To Reuse Press On Nails?

Wondering what press-on nails even are? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Press-on nails are exactly what they sound like. 

They’re a kind of fake nail, and – depending on the manufacturer – they come in all sorts of shapes (think oval, round, square, and beyond), finish (think matte, gloss, glitter, and more), and length. 

Press-on nails can be applied in your own home, and they’re also far less expensive than paying for endless professional manicures at the salon. Plus, it’s possible to reuse press-on nails.

But be warned – most press-on nails are reusable, but you need to take care of both them and your natural nails in order to reuse them. 

Also, we said most press on nails, not all. So, before purchasing your next set, ensure that you’ve done your research to establish that the set you’re going for are in fact reusable.

How Can I Reuse Fake Nails?

How Can I Reuse Fake Nails

You can reuse fake nails if you keep both your natural nails as well as the press-on nails in good condition. Following a few simple steps will ensure that you can reuse your fake press-on nails, and look after your natural ones at the same time. 

Remember, you need to take particular care during the application and removal process. 

As a rule of thumb, try to avoid any harsh chemicals like acetone, which will interact with adhesive and potentially reduce stickiness. 

Avoid using excessive force when removing your press-on nails too, as this might break the fake nail but also cause real damage to your natural nail.

Here’s how you do it.

Step 1 – removing the fake nails

  1. Mix together warm water and gentle soap. Ensure that this soap doesn’t contain any harsh chemicals, additives, or fragrances. The simpler the better. You can also add an oil such as coconut or olive oil to help the adhesive dissolve.
  2. Soak your nails in this mix for anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes. You may even need to do so for up to twenty minutes. If you can keep the water warm throughout by topping it up, this will help the process. 
  3. You can now gently remove the press-on nail from your natural nail. Avoid any tugging or pulling motion. If you can wriggle them off by moving them from side to side, this is probably best.
  4. Set the press-on nail aside to clean for reuse. 

If you find that this method doesn’t work for you, you can also use cuticle oil. This will work best if your press-on nails are already starting to feel off somewhat.

  1. Take the cuticle oil and squeeze a little amount in and around where the press-on nails are flaking off. The oil should interact with the glue.
  2. Alternatively, soak a cotton wool bud in the oil and hold this to your press-on nail. You’ll notice that the oil starts to dissolve the glue, and can gently peel off your press-on nail. This process will likely take longer than the above strategy.
  3. Set aside the press-on nail to clean for reuse.

If you’re in a rush, you can use acetone to remove the press-on nails. However, it will dissolve the nail, and you won’t be able to reuse it.

Also, always remember to thoroughly clean your natural nails once you’ve removed your press-on nails. You need to remove any bacteria, dirt, or debris so that they remain as healthy as possible.

Step 2 – Cleaning The Fake Nails

Now that you have removed your press-on nails from your natural nails, you need to clean them. 

If you used sticky tabs in the application process, this process will be much easier. 

You simply take tweezers and peel the old tab off your fake nail, then store the nail. You can also wipe the press-on nail down with an alcohol wipe to kill off any bacteria.

If you used adhesive, you need to clean off any residue of the glue from the press on the nail. If you have an electric nail file, this will make the buffing process easier. 

Otherwise, you may find that an alcohol wipe can help to dissolve the remaining glue. 

Alternatively, you can take your tweezers and gently scrape away the tacky bits of glue remaining on the press-on nail.

How Many Times Can Fake Nails Be Reused?

There is no straight answer for how many times fake nails can be reused, as it will depend on how well you take care of them. 

However, provided you practice good nail hygiene on your natural nails, and maintain your press-on nails, you may be able to use them more than once.

How Do You Make Fake Nails Sticky Again?

How Do You Make Fake Nails Sticky Again

In the case of press-on nails, you make them sticky again by using either a nail adhesive or sticky tabs.

One of the best ways to ensure your press-on nails can be used again is by using them with the right adhesive. 

You can opt for either sticky tabs, which will make the removal process much easier and quicker, or nail glue.

Sticky tabs are double-sided adhesive tabs. You stick one side to your natural nail, and secure the press-on nail on top of it, as one side of the tab sticks to the fake nail. 

They’re less sticky than nail glue, but the removal process is quicker, and they make the nails easier to reuse.

Nail glue can be purchased from a variety of manufacturers. They are messier and gunkier than sticky tabs and are harder to remove, but they are certainly stickier. 

Opt for a high-quality adhesive to ensure you aren’t doing any damage to your natural nails. If your press-on nails come with an adhesive, it’s best to use that.

How To Best Care For Your Press On Nails

Caring for your press-on nails is one of the best ways to ensure that you can reuse them. 

Follow these tips to give them as long a life as possible:

Moisturize your cuticles

Moisturize your cuticles, nails, and hands regularly. Keeping everything healthy will ensure there’s minimal damage caused by regularly using press-on nails.

Use a top coat

Yes, you should be using a top coat on your press-on nails in the same way that you would if you used a regular polish. This helps to reduce daily wear and tear and will keep your fake nails looking their best for as long as possible.

Wear gloves when using a detergent

When cleaning or doing the dishes, always wear gloves. It will protect your hands from becoming dry, but it will also stop the hot water or chemicals from interfering with the adhesive of your press-on nails.

Be gentle

Brute force is not the name of the game here – you need to be gentle with both your press-on nails and your natural nails if you are to reuse your fake nails and prevent serious damage to your own ones. 

Do not ever tug, pull, or rip your press-on nails off. 

Use the instructions above to safely remove them. If you’re struggling, add some extra oil to the mix of warm water and soap. This will help with lubrication.