How Long Do You Leave Lash Lotion On For? [Explained]

During a lash lift, lash lotion is applied to the eyelashes. This lotion helps to soften the lashes, allowing them to be lifted and curled. But how does it work and how long do you leave lash lift lotion on for?

How Long to Leave Lash Lotion On

Typically, lash lifting lotion should be left on for somewhere between three and ten minutes. Leaving the lotion on for too long can damage lashes. After that, setting lotion should be applied for an additional three to five minutes.

What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that can change the shape of your lashes. 

The treatment boosts and lifts the lashes from the root, creating the illusion of length. It also curls lashes, which helps to make your eyes look bigger and brighter. 

This is a fast, safe, and low-maintenance procedure that can leave you with enhanced lashes for anywhere from four to six weeks. 

There are different types of lash lifts, including lash perms and keratin lash lifts, but all of these treatments are designed to give you curved and curled lashes for a period of time. 

While you’ll have to take steps to protect your lashes for a few days after a lash lift, you won’t have to do much maintenance beyond that. 

It is best to avoid using products containing oil or alcohol near your eye; these products can break down your lash lift more quickly. 

How Does The Process Work?

Lash lifts are a simple procedure that doesn’t take long to complete. In most cases, it only takes around 45 to 60 minutes! 

While the process can vary, it usually involves these steps:

  1. Lashes are fully cleaned to ensure that they’re free of makeup, bacteria, and other contaminants. 
  2. A serum is applied to open lash cuticles and soften lashes. 
  3. Lower lashes are covered to protect them during treatment. 
  4. An adhesive is used to attach lashes to a silicone shield or lash lift rod.
  5. The lash lift lotion is applied to the eyelashes.
  6. Once the processing time is up, the lotion is removed. 
  7. Setting lotion is applied to the eyelashes. 
  8. After the lashes have set, the setting lotion is removed. 
  9. The adhesive holding the lashes to the silicone shield or rod is removed.
  10. The eyelids are cleaned to make sure that all of the product has been fully removed.

Other steps can be taken during this process as well for better or more impactful results. 

For example, a nourishing serum can be applied after the setting lotion is removed to keep eyelashes as healthy as possible. 

A lash tint can also be applied so that lashes look darker. 

How Long Do You Leave Lash Lift Lotion On For?

How Long Do You Leave Lash Lift Lotion On For

It’s important not to leave lash lift lotion on for too long to avoid overprocessing. With that said, processing time can vary from product to product. 

While most products are designed to stay on the lashes for a few minutes, there are some lotions that take longer to cure. 

Because of this, it’s important to choose the right lifting lotion and read the product instructions closely. 

Most products will give you a time range that you need to stay within. Not all eyelashes are the same, and some lashes need more processing time than others. 

Usually, the thinner lashes are, the less processing time they need. 

Someone with very thin lashes will be on the lower end of the processing range, while someone with long and thick lashes will be on the higher end.

It’s also important to consider eyelash strength; stronger lashes may require more processing time. 

With most products, you won’t want to keep the lotion on for the maximum processing time, even for very thick lashes. 

Since leaving the lotion on for too long can leave lashes looking messy, it’s best to play it safe and remove the product sooner rather than later. 

Lashes can always be reprocessed if they’re not visibly lifted. 

The chemicals in lifting lotions are able to break down bonds in eyelashes, allowing the structure and shape of the lashes to be changed. 

Because of this, it’s often possible to see a difference in lashes when they’ve finished processing. 

Lashes should be monitored closely so that lifting lotion can be removed at the ideal time. 

What Results Can I Expect?

While you’ll need to take some precautions and follow aftercare instructions to maintain your lashes, you’ll see a dramatic difference in your lashes immediately after a lash lift. 

Lashes will look longer and thicker, and they’ll have a visible curl. 

Lifting rods come in many different sizes, and they can be used to create a range of lash looks. 

Depending on the rod used, it’s possible to leave lashes looking extremely curly or to give them a more subtle curl. 

Unless you have your lashes tinted, you won’t look like you’re wearing mascara after a lash lift. 

Instead, it will look like your natural lashes are longer and thicker. You can still wear mascara and other types of eye makeup after a lash lift, which can enhance your look. 

It’s normal for eyelashes to fall out, even when your lashes are healthy. (1) This means that the results of your lash lift will be slightly less dramatic as time goes on. 

Most people are able to maintain the results of a lash lift for somewhere between four and six weeks, but it’s possible for a lift to last as long as 12 weeks. 

As long as your lash lift is done properly and your lashes aren’t over processed, you can expect to have beautiful and natural-looking lashes after the treatment is done. 

When your lashes are lifted, it can also make your eyes look larger and more open, giving you a more youthful appearance. 

Many people say that a lash lift makes them feel like a better version of themselves. 

What Happens If You Leave Lash Lift Lotion On Too Long?

What Happens If You Leave Lash Lift Lotion On Too Long

When lifting lotion stays on lashes for too long, lashes can become over processed. This could cause your lashes to look frizzy or uneven, and some lashes could even split. 

You may be left with lashes pointing in different directions. 

It’s possible to fix lashes that have been over-processed by re-applying the lifting lotion. 

How to fix over-processed lashes

Straighten the curl with a spoolie

Once the lotion is applied, a spoolie can be used to smooth and straighten out lashes, loosening the curl and correcting any issues. 

You don’t have to wait to re-apply the lotion; it can be done immediately after unsuccessful treatment. 

Reverse the curl

If you need to reverse the curl on your lashes, that’s also a quick fix: 

  1. Take a hot shower; the steam from the shower can help to remove the adhesive. 
  2. When you get out of the shower, use an eyelash curl to correct the shape of your lashes.

Still, you should be aware that over processing can cause lasting damage to lashes.

Lashes may be more brittle and fragile, and the results of the lift may not last as long. 

You can correct mistakes if you make them, but it’s best to remove the lotion before it harms your lashes.

Not only can leaving lash lotion on for too long damage your lashes, but it could also be harmful to your eyelids. 

Lift lotions are able to transform lashes because of the chemicals they contain, and these chemicals can have adverse effects.

For example, some people have developed allergic contact dermatitis after lash treatments. (2)

The potential benefits of leaving a lifting lotion on for a long time don’t outweigh the drawbacks. 

Remember, if you don’t leave the lotion on for long enough, you can always re-apply it to your lashes for better results. 

Don’t leave a lift lotion on for the maximum processing time. Remove it before the time is up so that you can avoid these kinds of issues.

How Soon Can I Re-Apply Lash Lift Lotion?

Whether you’ve left a lash lotion on too long or weren’t able to achieve your desired result, you don’t have to wait to re-apply lash lotion.

If your lashes haven’t had the chance to set yet, you can repeat this step of the process immediately.

Once you’re done, you can apply a setting lotion to maintain the shape that you’ve created. 

If the lash lift has set, however, you’ll want to wait before using lotion on your lashes again. 

Using chemicals on your lashes too frequently can damage them. 

If you want to keep the look of your lifted lashes, but also want to keep your eyelashes in good shape, it’s best to use lash lotion every ten to twelve weeks. 

Using an eyelash comb and a serum can improve the overall health of your lashes and keep them from being compromised by lifting treatments. 

If you keep your lashes healthy and follow the best practices for lash lift aftercare, you’ll be able to have beautiful eyelashes all the time, even when you have to wait between treatments.