Is Baby Oil Good For Eyelashes? Explained

Baby oil is known for keeping skin soft and supple and is sensitive enough for use on the most delicate skin. But is baby oil good for eyelashes? Read on to find out.

Baby Oil For Eyelashes

Baby oil can be good for eyelashes. Not only does it have cleansing properties for eyelashes, but it may also promote eyelash growth.

What Is Baby Oil?

Baby oil is an inert mineral oil derived from petroleum jelly. 

The fact that it is inert means it will not react with other substances it encounters. It is often used for skin hydration as it sits on the skin’s surface creating a barrier and locking in moisture.

Benefits of Baby Oil

Baby oil is believed to have a host of benefits for both skin and hair.

Dry Scalp Treatment

Baby oil can soothe and hydrate a dry, flaky scalp, helping to prevent dandruff.

It can also help treat ‘cradle cap’ in infants, a condition characterized by scaly, flaky skin on the baby’s scalp.

Baby oil Strengthens Hair

Using baby oil as a ‘pre poo’ treatment can result in hair that is less porous. Hair that is less porous absorbs less water, making it less susceptible to damage, frizz and breakage.

Makeup Remover

Baby oil helps remove makeup, while remaining kind to skin.

Baby oil hydrates the skin

As previously mentioned, baby oil is beneficial for skin hydration. It is advised to apply the oil after bathing when the skin is still a little damp.

This produces a barrier on the skin, reducing moisture loss, keeping your skin hydrated and supple.

Lice Treatment

If you or your kids get an infestation of the dreaded lice, then baby oil may be able to help.

Slathering the hair and scalp in baby oil and then leaving for 8 hours before rinsing out can help eliminate these little critters.

3 Reasons Baby Oil Is Good For Eyelashes

3 Reasons Baby Oil Is Good For Eyelashes

It is believed that baby oil may have benefits, specifically for eyelashes. 

Here are some of those benefits:

1. Can possibly stimulate Growth

It has been suggested that the application of baby oil can stimulate eyelash growth.

2. Cleanse And Soothe

As a natural emollient, baby oil can be used to remove any grime or bacteria from the external environment that may become clogged in your lashes. It is gentle, so it will soothe as it cleanses.

Baby oil can even help remove eyelash extensions as oils break down eyelash adhesive. It’s, therefore, a great product to have around after a big night out.

3. Conditions

Baby oil can also be used to condition lashes. This can lead to lashes having a thicker, fuller appearance.

Can Baby Oil Help Grow Eyelashes?

With its soothing and conditioning properties, baby oil may support healthy lash growth.

If lashes are conditioned and strengthened through regular application of baby oil, then they are healthy. 

Healthy lashes are more likely to grow- so by this logic, baby oil can support your lashes in growth.

How To Use Baby Oil For Eyelashes

How To Use Baby Oil For Eyelashes

Baby oil is free from harsh chemicals and is purported to boost eyelash growth as it conditions. See the method detailed below.


You will need:

  • Baby oil
  • Tissue
  • Cotton swabs/ spoolie/ clean mascara wand


  1. Cleanse your face so it is free from any makeup or other residual products.
  2. Dip a cotton swab (or your chosen implement) into the baby oil.
  3. Catch any excess oil in the tissue and dab it away to prevent it from running into your eyes.
  4. Brush or roll the swab/spoolie through your lashes, starting at the base until they are coated with the baby oil.

Repeating this procedure on a nightly basis may help achieve longer, fuller lashes.

Risks And Warnings Of Using Baby Oil

Risks And Warnings Of Using Baby Oil

Although it is rare to have a serious reaction to baby oil, it is always a good idea to do a patch test. Do this at least 30 minutes before you plan to use the oil in your lashes.

If you suffer from acne, it is worth being aware that baby oil can be a trigger for this. While it does not clog pores, baby oil is occlusive, so it creates a barrier on the skin’s surface.

It is important to source and use baby oil that is highly purified. Otherwise, the product may contain carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, which in a worst-case scenario, have the potential to cause lung cancer.

Try to avoid baby oils that contain mineral oil, and instead opt for baby oils that use oils derived from plants.

While some sources extol the moisturizing benefits of baby oil, other sources cite that baby oil can cause blocked pores and skin irritation. 

Be aware of this, especially as some may get on your skin as you apply it to your lashes.

If baby oil finds its way into your eye at any point, it may be painful, but it is unlikely to cause any lasting damage.

Simply rinse with water. However, if you are concerned, seek the advice of a medical professional.

To conclude, baby oil may be good for eyelashes, but it is advised to be aware of the ingredients in the oil you use in order to protect your skin and indeed your eyes and lashes.