Is Lotion Good For Eyelashes? Important Facts

Lotion is a staple in skincare and is great for moisturizing skin. But is lotion good for eyelashes? Here is a quick guide to what you need to know.

Is Lotion Good For Eyelashes

Lotion is unlikely to be good for eyelashes. Some lotions may contain ingredients that are good for eyelashes (e.g. Vitamin E). Even these lotions are, however, unlikely to be as effective as proper eyelash conditioners and growth products. What’s more, some lotions may actually damage false eyelashes.

Benefits of Lotion

Lotion is generally used on the skin rather than the hair. Here are some of its main benefits.

  • Hydration
  • Can help reduce the visible signs of aging
  • Softens skin, particularly where it’s rough
  • Can help to prime the skin for other products
  • The act of massaging in lotion helps stimulate the circulation and lymphatic systems
  • Many lotions have pleasant scents.

Why Lotion Is Good For Eyelashes

Your eyelashes grow out of your eyelids. Keeping your eyelids in good condition can, therefore, indirectly benefit your eyelashes. 

Lotion is one option for keeping the skin on your eyelids well hydrated. 

If it’s massaged in (gently), then the act of applying it will also help to stimulate blood flow to the hair root.

Why Lotion Is Bad For Eyelashes

Lotion is unlikely to be bad for real eyelashes. In fact, some lotions may contain ingredients that benefit your hair.

It is, however, unlikely to do eyelashes anything like as much good as proper eyelash conditioners and/or growth serums. 

Lotion can be very bad for false eyelashes as it often contains oil. Oil will break down the adhesive that holds false eyelashes in place.

Should You Use Lotion On Your Eyelashes?

Should You Use Lotion On Your Eyelashes

Lotion shouldn’t be your first-choice product for your eyelashes. 

If you want to condition the skin on your eyelids, then an eye gel or eye cream will be a better option. 

If you want to condition the lashes themselves, then use a hair-conditioning product rather than a skin-moisturizing product. 

Similarly, if you want to boost the growth of your eyelashes, using a proper eyelash serum will give you better results than a lotion.

On the other hand, if you happen to find yourself without any of your regular eye-care/eyelash-care products, then you could use lotion on your eyelashes.

Can Lotion Help Grow Eyelashes?

Lotion will probably not help grow eyelashes. Some lotions may contain some ingredients that help grow eyelashes (usually Vitamin E). Lotion is, however, meant to be used to moisturize skin, not to help grow hair. With that said, the act of massaging in the lotion may help to grow eyelashes.

Although massage feels relaxing, it actually stimulates the body’s systems including the circulatory system and the lymphatic system. 

This increases the rate at which nutrients are delivered to the hair root. It also speeds up the removal of toxins. 

This can boost hair growth. The benefit is, however, from the massage rather than the lotion.

How To Use Lotion For Eyelashes

Always patch test before using a new lotion, especially if you want to use it in the eye area. Be very careful when you apply it. In particular, remember to keep your eye completely closed while you’re applying the lotion. 

Lotions tend to be quite light and hence will drip fairly easily. If you do get lotion in your eye, rinse it out quickly with clean, fresh water. 

If you experience a severe reaction, seek medical attention quickly.


  1. Make sure your eyelashes are totally clean
  2. Apply a drop of lotion to a cotton swab (or a clean finger)
  3. Run the cotton swab from the root to the tip of your eyelash. Then work along the lash.

If you have enough lotion, you can also apply it to the eyelids themselves. 

It will probably do more good there. Again, make sure your eyelids are clean. Then apply a drop of lotion to a clean finger and massage it in gently.

3 Alternative Ingredients That Are Good For Eyelashes

3 Alternative Ingredients That Are Good For Eyelashes

Here are three alternative ingredients that are good for eyelashes:

Eye gel/eye cream

Eye gel and eye cream both serve essentially the same purpose. 

They condition the skin in the eye area. This creates a healthy foundation for healthy eyelashes. Eye gel is lighter than eye cream. 

It’s therefore usually best for people in their twenties to early thirties. 

Even then, it may need to be supplemented by an eye cream. For example, if your skin is very dry, or being dried out by the environment, then an eye cream is usually the better option. 

Once you are past your early thirties, eye cream is usually the default option.

Olive oil

Pretty much any plant oil will be of some kind of benefit to your eyelashes. 

Olive oil stands out as it is not only a source of oleuropein and other beneficial nutrients but is also affordable, easy to find, and low-odor.


Eggs are packed with keratin. This is the protein that makes up most of your hair. They’re also full of other beneficial nutrients.