Is Witch Hazel Good For Eyelashes? Explained

Witch hazel is well known for its use in skincare, and has a variety of benefits, from soothing irritated skin to fighting acne, and even helping with sunburn. But did you know that witch hazel is also good for eyelashes?

Witch Hazel For Eyelashes

Witch hazel may help to grow eyelashes by stimulating cell turnover thanks to its astringent qualities. It also conditions and softens lashes, and is ideal for cleansing eyelash extensions, too.

What Is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel is a plant – most specifically, the Hamamelis Virginiana

Witch hazel has been used within Indigenous Native American practice for years but is also approved by the FDA for use in drugstore medicines.

The leaves, bark, and twigs of witch hazel have tannins in them, which are anti-bacterial and can also reduce swelling and infection. 

Witch hazel is frequently distilled into ointments or brewed into tea, and it’s probably best known for its use in soothing sensitive skin and reducing inflammation. 

Benefits of Witch Hazel

From being used in topical ointments to its inclusion within medications, witch hazel has a number of uses and benefits. 

These include the following:

  • Witch hazel can help with a number of skin problems, but you’re most likely to know it for its acne-fighting problems, and you may even use skincare that includes witch hazel as a key ingredient.
  • Research indicates that witch hazel helps to treat sunburn as a result of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Witch hazel is also a natural solution for treating hemorrhoids, either through topical application of ointment or wipes that include witch hazel.
  • Witch hazel may soothe sore throats thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, particularly if you gargle it with water.
  • Research suggests that witch hazel may protect against viral infection – both influenza A and the HPV virus, as well as the herpes virus.

3 Reasons Witch Hazel Is Good For Eyelashes

3 Reasons Witch Hazel Is Good For Eyelashes

Witch hazel is good for eyelashes in three main ways:

1. Stimulates lash growth

Witch hazel is an astringent, which means that it causes cells to contract and tighten. 

It’s for this reason that it’s frequently used in skincare including toners and cleansers. 

But this also makes it good for eyelashes, as it stimulates lash growth. 

Due to its astringent qualities, you can also use witch hazel to clean your lashes if you’ve got some stubborn mascara that won’t budge for your normal make-up remover. 

Use a clean mascara wand or spoolie, and soak it in witch hazel. You can then use this to gently brush the mascara out of your lashes.

2. Conditioning

Witch hazel will also soften and condition your lashes. You can therefore use it as a conditioner for dry, brittle lashes, which will reduce the likelihood of their breaking.

3. Anti-inflammatory

Witch hazel has long been used for topical application on the scalp.

It is soothing and anti-inflammatory, helping to guard against infection and fight dandruff. 

As such, if you’re looking to keep your lashes looking and feeling their best, and protect against irritation, witch hazel can help.

Can Witch Hazel Help Grow Eyelashes?

Witch hazel may help to grow eyelashes thanks to its astringent qualities. It causes the cells to tighten, which stimulates turnover, and may therefore help with eyelash growth. 

Remember, if you’re looking to grow eyelashes, you may want to look at using witch hazel in combination with other products, such as a lash serum, or other conditioning oils like castor oil.

How To Use Witch Hazel For Eyelashes

How To Use Witch Hazel For Eyelashes

Witch hazel typically comes in the form of ointments or creams or a distilled liquid. 

It’s also frequently included in beauty products such as make-up wipes, toners, and cleansers. 

Whilst witch hazel is generally approved for use on the skin, it’s still advisable to perform a patch test prior to use. 

Dot a small amount onto the soft skin behind your knees or in the crease of your elbow, and leave for 24 hours. 

If you do not experience an adverse reaction, you should be safe to use witch hazel. Remember to avoid getting it directly into your eyes, as this will cause real irritation.

You can use witch hazel for eyelashes in the following way:

  1. Ensure that your lashes are properly cleansed, and that there is no make-up residue. 
  2. Take liquid witch hazel and a clean mascara wand or spoolie.
  3. Gently brush the witch hazel over your lashes, ensuring that all of them are covered evenly, but aren’t saturated. Take particular care not to get any of the witch hazel in your eyes.

Witch hazel is also used to clean both fake eyelashes and eyelash extensions. 

It’s a safe, all-natural way to do so, and is used by many beauty technicians. You simply follow the above procedure in order to cleanse your extensions or falsies.

Are There Any Risks To Using Witch Hazel?

When you’re using witch hazel for your eyelashes, you need to take care that the product doesn’t actually enter your eyes, as this will cause a burning sensation, itching, irritation, and potential infection.

Witch hazel is generally safe for topical use, but remember to always patch test prior to doing so. 

It’s also not a good idea to ingest excess amounts of witch hazel, as this might lead to excessive nausea and vomiting.

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is best to avoid using witch hazel or at least consult with your physician prior to doing so.