Ombre Brows Healing Stages: Day By Day Guide

Reviewed by: Isabella Sylvester - Beauty Therapist

Like any other tattooing procedure, ombre brows have an extensive healing period. This article will show you exactly what to expect when getting ombre powder brows and the various stages of the healing process.

Ombre Brows Healing Stages

how long does it take for ombre brows to heal?

Ombre brows typically take 4 weeks to both completely heal and for the pigment to fully set in. The first 10 days are the most important, and it is crucial that you follow the aftercare instructions precisely. During this time, you can expect scabbing, itchiness, redness, and mild irritation.

The healing process definitely does vary from person to person based on a variety of different factors.

For example, oily skin and more mature skin may take a little longer to completely heal. It is also important you prepare for ombre brows the best way you can.

It is essential that you follow the aftercare instructions and be extra careful to take care of them properly.

If you experience excessive pain or discomfort, contact your eyebrow artist immediately.

What Are Ombre Brows?

Ombre brows are a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique that leaves the brows looking more full and defined. It is similar to microblading, but it has some key differences.

With microblading, the eyebrow artist uses a handheld tool to tattoo hair-like strokes into the brow.

With ombre brows, the eyebrow artist uses a machine that is very similar to a traditional tattoo needle.

This tool deposits hundreds of tiny dots of pigment into the skin that leaves a powdered-in, shaded effect.

To get the ombre effect, the eyebrow artist will saturate the pigment the least at the inner brow.

From there, they will gradually saturate more and more until they get to the end of the brow.

In some cases, when the client wants a more dramatic and bold look, they might even use different shades.

For example, they’ll use a slightly lighter shade at the inner brow and a slightly darker shade for the tail of the brow.

The permanent makeup pigments used in ombre brows are called iron oxide-based pigments.

These pigments are completely safe to use on the skin, and they are designed to absorb into the skin and fade over time.

For people with an allergy to iron, most eyebrow artists also carry non-iron oxide-based pigments.

ombre brows healing process – Day by day

a woman looking into a handheld mirror plucking her eyebrow.

Since the healing process can be quite extensive, it is helpful to know what each stage of healing looks like.

Day 1-2 Of Ombre Brows healing process

During the first two days after you get ombre brows, the first symptom that you’ll likely notice is mild irritation.

A lot of the time, this includes redness and swelling. It is very important that you do not pick, scratch, or touch your eyebrows in any way.

This can cause the brows to not heal properly, and it may even lead to infection.

Day 3-4 Of Ombre Brows healing process

During the third and fourth days of the healing process, you will probably notice that your brows look much darker than you thought they would.

Don’t freak out, as this is a completely normal and common part of the healing process.

They will probably still itch quite a bit, but remember not to touch them whatsoever.

During this stage, you can apply ointment to the area to relieve the irritation and to help it heal faster.

To apply the ointment, use a q-tip instead of your fingertips and only apply a thin layer over the brows.

Scabbing may also start to occur at this stage, so the ointment will help with this as well.

Day 5-6 Of Ombre Brows healing process

Day five is when the scabbing will most likely begin to form.

This is undeniably the most annoying part of the healing process, but it is completely normal and very common.

The amount of scabbing varies from person to person.

But excessive scabbing can be cause for concern, so contact your eyebrow artist if you think this is happening.

It is essential that you do not peel or pick at the scabs.

Let the scabs fall off on their own. If you don’t do this, the color and shape of the brows will likely be affected.

If they’re affected anyway, your eyebrow artist should be able to fix this at the first mandatory touch-up appointment.

Day 7-14 Of Ombre Brows healing process

The scabbing stage should be over sometime during the second week of the healing process.

When this happens, you may notice your eyebrows looking patchy, uneven, and too light.

This is known as the “ghosting phase.”

The ghosting phase is also a completely normal and common part of the healing process that you shouldn’t worry about.

You may think that your ombre brows have disappeared, but this is not the case.

After the scabbing falls off, a new layer of skin forms over the pigment.

This makes it appear lighter. But the pigment should return to normal after a few days.

If parts of the pigment do not come back, this is something else that your eyebrow artist will fix at the touch-up appointment.

Day 15-30 Of Ombre Brows healing process

After roughly two weeks, your ombre brows will probably look and feel mostly healed.

However, the pigment has not yet fully set into the skin, so you may notice the brows looking a bit off.

If they still look off by the end of the month, your eyebrow artist will also be able to fix this.

During this time, it is essential that you still follow the recommended aftercare instructions.

Avoid applying any makeup or excessive product to the area, as this can lead to infection and mess up the final results of the brow.

How to best protect your ombre powder brows

Avoid The Sun

Avoid sun exposure. Also, do not put sunblock on the area at this stage, as any products could affect the final results and lead to infection.

So if you are going out in the sun, make sure you wear protective gear like a hat to protect your brows from the sun.

Do Light Exercise

Working out is okay at this point.

However, eyebrow artists recommend that you only partake in exercise activities that produce a small amount of sweat such as yoga or brisk walking.

It is still recommended not to do heavy activities that cause a ton of sweat until the brows are completely healed.

Go For A Touch-Up

Your eyebrow artist will likely schedule your touch-up appointment four to six weeks after your initial appointment.

Even if you followed everything precisely in the aftercare instructions, you still may have some patchy or uneven parts that need touching up.

During the touch-up appointment, your eyebrow artist will assess the ombre brows and what they look like after they’ve completely healed.

Then, they will ask you what you do and do not like about them.

They will fix any changes that need to be made and create the final ombre brow look.

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