How Much Do Ombre Powder Brows Cost? Helpful Guide

Ombre powder brows are trending in the makeup community as of late, but how much do they cost?  

How Much Do Ombre Powder Brows Cost

The cost of ombre brows can range anywhere between $500 to $1,000. With cosmetics procedures becoming more and more expensive, there are different pricing levels depending on the artist, the location, and the experience level.

What Are Ombre Powder Brows?

Powder brows, or ombre brows, are a semi-permanent eyebrow tattooing technique that makes the brows look fuller and more defined.

Most people choose to get them so they won’t have to fill in their eyebrows every day.

While similar to microblading, the key difference lies in how they are applied which affects the final result.

Instead of using a handheld tool, the eyebrow artist uses a machine similar to a traditional tattooing machine.

To get the powdered-in or shaded effect, they deposit hundreds of tiny dots of pigment into the skin.

For an ombre brow, the eyebrow artist will saturate the pigment the least in the inner brow and gradually saturate the pigment more towards the end of the brow.

In some cases, when the client wants a more dramatic ombre effect, they will use a slightly lighter shade in the inner brow and a slightly darker shade for the back half of the eyebrow.

The permanent makeup pigments eyebrow artists use to create ombre powder brows are called iron oxide-based pigments.

These pigments are the safest to use on the skin, and they are made to absorb into the skin and fade over time.

For people with an allergy to iron, many artists also carry non-iron oxide-based pigments.

Be sure to communicate with your eyebrow artist if you have any skin sensitivities or allergies.

How Much Do Ombre Brows Cost?

How Much Do Ombre Brows Cost

On average, the cost of ombre brows typically ranges anywhere between $500 and $1,000.

Just like any other cosmetics procedure like nails, hair, and makeup, the pricing depends on different factors such as location, experience level, the artist’s reputation, and the quality of the products and materials being used.

Usually, the consultation and first touch-up appointment are both included in this price, along with the actual initial appointment of getting them done.

The touch-up appointments after this, on average, cost about $100 per appointment.

Your eyebrow artist will recommend how often they want you to come in for touch-ups based on your brows, skin type, and type of eyebrow tattooing you are getting done.

Typically, there is not a huge difference in price between ombre brows and powder brows since they are done using the same technique.

However, if you get microblading done over ombre brows, otherwise known as combination brows, this will often be a bit more expensive as the artist is essentially doing two services within one appointment.

What Is The Average Price of Ombre Brows?

The average price for ombre powder brows is $600.

Here are some of the things that the price will depend on:

Your Brow Artist

Eyebrow artists who have a bigger social media following, are more experienced, or are part of a well-known high-end salon will likely charge more than the average amount.

This is because the quality of work that they do is upgraded from any other eyebrow artist.

So when you pay more, you’re getting a higher quality service.

If you are a model for an uncertified artist, the pricing is going to be much lower.

Usually, you’ll only be paying for the product being used. However, the quality of work may also be much lower.

Don’t forget to still tip this artist, as they are putting in the same amount of work and not getting any of the money from the service.


Another huge factor that plays into the price of ombre brows is location.

When the demand for the service is bigger, the price is going to go up. That is why pricing is usually more expensive in more populated areas like big cities.

When demand is low, like in more rural areas, the pricing tends to be on the lower side because there is less competition.

For example, in the United States, eyebrow tattooing is more expensive in places like New York City.

It is not unusual for eyebrow tattooing services to cost $850+ in this area due to high competition. Brow artists are often also more experienced here.

However, in places like Jacksonville, Florida, the price can be as low as $500.

Quality of Materials and Products

One of the biggest things that affect the pricing of ombre brows is the quality of products and materials that the eyebrow artist is using.

High-quality pigments are more likely to stay in the skin longer and not fade as quickly, but they also cost a bit more.

Usually, more experienced artists will increase their prices not only for the quality of their work but because of the more expensive materials, products, and pigments they are using.

Again, you get what you pay for.

Do I Need To Pay For Touch-Ups?

Do I Need To Pay For Touch-Ups

The first touch-up appointment is mandatory and usually recommended about 4 weeks after your first appointment.

For this reason, the first touch-up is typically included in the initial price.

After this, you’ll need to go in for more touch-ups on whatever time frame your eyebrow recommends for your specific brows.

Usually, these touch-ups cost about $100. But, again, this differs depending on which artist is doing your brows.

How Much Should I Tip For Ombre Brows?

You should tip your eyebrow artist at least 10% of what the service costs. So if the service costs $650, you should tip them at least $65.

Usually, tipping starts at 20%, and many eyebrow artists will appreciate this greatly. However, with how expensive eyebrow tattooing appointments are, 10% is more standard.

For touch-up appointments, tipping at least 20% of the service is expected since these appointments are not as pricey.

If the touch-up appointment is $100, you should at least tip $20.

Remember that workers in the service industry make a big chunk of their money from tips, so always tip the correct amount.

Of course, if your eyebrow artist gave you an outstanding experience and you can afford it, feel free to tip more than the recommended amount.

Your eyebrow artist will more than appreciate any extra tips you decide to give them.

Where Is The Best Place To Get Ombre Brows?

Where Is The Best Place To Get Ombre Brows

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a place to get your ombre brows is that the cheaper the artist is, the less experienced they are.

So when you pay more for your ombre brows, the higher the quality of service it’s likely going to be.

In short, don’t settle on the quality of your ombre brows for a cheaper price, as you’ll likely regret it in the long run.

Looking up eyebrow artist’s portfolios is extremely important in choosing someone who is right for you.

Each eyebrow artist is going to have their own style.

If you go to any random eyebrow technician, their style might not be for you, and you won’t be getting the brows you’d hoped for.

Choose an artist who tattoos brows in the style you desire for the best results.