How To Protect Eyebrows From The Sun (Helpful Tips)

It’s important to protect your eyebrows from the sun, especially if you’ve recently had an eyebrow treatment such as powder brows or microblading. Here are some helpful tips.

How To Protect Eyebrows From The Sun

The best way to protect your eyebrows from the sun is to wear a hat and sunglasses that are large enough to cover your eyebrows. Also, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 35. When you go back in the shade, use after-sun products to soothe the skin in your eyebrow area.

Does The Sun Damage Eyebrows?

Being out in the sunshine can do wonders for your mental health. You do, however, need to be careful to protect your physical health.

The heat from the sun can burn your skin and hair (including your eyebrows). Its UV rays can be even more dangerous.

If you have recently had any sort of brow treatment, you will need to be particularly careful.

Any sort of strong heat can lead to dye or pigment fading and/or becoming discolored.

If you’re had a treatment that involves cutting the skin (e.g microblading or powder brows) then you will be particularly vulnerable to sunburn.

Should I Put Sunscreen On My Eyebrows?

It’s best to use a lightweight formula with an SPF of at least 35 on your eyebrows. If your eyebrows have been recently microbladed then you want to avoid the sun if you can but if you can’t, definitely use sunscreen on your eyebrows.

Sunscreens in sprays tend to be the lightest and easiest to apply. Ideally, put a cloth or tissue under your eyebrows when you spray it on.

This will catch any drips. If you can’t just be sure to keep your eyes closed.

Remember that lightweight sunscreen will usually need to be reapplied regularly.

How To Protect Eyebrows From The Sun

How To Protect Eyebrows From The Sun

The best way to protect eyebrows from the sun is to wear a sun visor, peaked cap, or a hat with a brim. Ideally wear large sunglasses as well. For added protection use sunscreen of SPF35+. As soon as you go back in the shade, use an after-sun product.

Visors, peaked caps, and brimmed hats

If you’re going to wear a visor, it’s best to wear a solid one (e.g. one made of cloth or straw).

Clear plastic visors are better for protecting you from humidity and water splashes than protecting you from the sun.

Peaked caps offer good protection. Brimmed hats are also a good choice as long as the brim is reasonably wide.


If you can find a pair of sunglasses large enough to cover your eyebrows as well as your eyes, then they will give your eyebrows a high level of protection from the sun.

It is, however, still highly advisable to wear a head-covering as well.

Sunscreen and after-sun products

Given that your skin will be particularly delicate after microblading, it’s best to look for a lightweight, hypoallergenic sunscreen with an SPF of at least 35.

Look at the ingredients and check that they include both zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

Zinc oxide does an effective job at blocking most of the sun’s rays.

It’s particularly effective at blocking long-wave UV-A rays. Titanium dioxide is, however, better at blocking short-wave UV-A rays and UV-B rays.

Ideally, therefore, you want to use a sunscreen that contains both.

Using a high-quality after-sun product will help to soothe and moisturize your skin.

Look for an after-sun product that contains aloe vera.

This has all kinds of great skincare benefits. Hamamelis and hazel are both good too.

Can You Go In The Sun After Microblading Eyebrows?

It’s best not to go into the sun after microblading eyebrows. If you absolutely must, wear a visor or a hat with a brim. Also, wear sunglasses that are large enough to cover your eyebrows. Use a lightweight formula with an SPF of at least 35.

The main reason for not going into the sun after microblading eyebrows is that your skin will be very sensitive.

Even mild sunshine could burn it.

The secondary reason is that sunlight could lead to the pigment fading and/or changing color.

Can I Tan Before Microblading?

Avoid fake tan for at least a week before microblading. It’s best to avoid both natural tanning and sunbeds for a week before microblading. Three days is the absolute minimum you should leave between intense sun exposure and your microblading appointment.

The reason for avoiding fake tan before microblading is that the dye can get pushed too deep into your skin.

It can end up reacting with the microblading pigment.

This shouldn’t be unsafe but it can lead to your microbladed brows quickly discoloring.

The reason for avoiding natural tanning and sunbeds before microblading is that they both essentially burn the skin.

This traumatizes your skin right before a procedure that involves cutting it and leaving it to heal.

You should also avoid fake tan, natural tanning, and sunbeds until your eyebrows are fully healed after your microblading appointment. Basically, the same reasoning applies.

You want to avoid fake tan reacting with your microblading pigment. You also want to avoid further traumatizing your skin after microblading.

How To Cover Eyebrows While Tanning

How To Cover Eyebrows While Tanning

If you’re tanning on a sunbed, then your best option is to buy a pack of disposable plastic eyebrow shields. If you’re tanning naturally, then you can also use plastic eyebrow shields.

Plastic eyebrow shields are often advertised as being for use in showers.

In reality, however, they do have a habit of coming loose when water gets on them.

They can be useful in bathtubs as long as there is minimal steam.

If you are going to go for eyebrow shields make sure that you buy ones that are big enough for your eyebrows.

If you want an all-over natural tan, then a sun visor is likely to be more practical than sunglasses.

These tend to slip down your nose when you lie on your stomach. Sunglasses will, however, give extra protection when you’re lying on your back.

How To Cover Eyebrows For Spray Tan

Oil will stop the spray tan from getting a grip on your eyebrows. Coconut oil is generally the best option. You can also use vaseline and petroleum jelly. When the tanning is done, gently wipe your eyebrows with a damp cloth.

Avoid applying fake tan directly to the eyebrows.

Instead, work up from your cheeks until you reach the corners of your eyes. Then work down from the brow area.

When you’re tanning around the brow area, work slowly and carefully.

This will minimize the amount of fake tan that winds up on your eyebrows.

Getting splashes of fake tan on your eyebrows is highly unlikely to be an issue as long as you’ve protected them with a barrier oil.

You’ll just wipe off the oil and the fake tan will come off with it.

If you get a lot of fake tan on your eyebrows, then you may have to resort to more intense dye-removing measures.

If this does happen, try mixing equal parts bicarbonate of soda and shampoo (preferably clarifying shampoo).

Apply this to your eyebrows, rub in and leave for up to five minutes. Then rinse out and pat dry. You may have to repeat this a few times to clean up.