5 Reasons To Brush Your Eyelashes (Get Healthy Lashes)

Lashes can work wonders for the face and keeping them fluffy and healthy is essential. Keeping them fluffy and healthy is essential. In this article, we look at 5 reasons to brush your eyelashes.

5 Reasons To Brush Your Eyelashes

Brushing your lashes removes the build-up of products and keeps lashes looking fluffy and tame. Regularly doing so stimulates the lash line, leading to more lash growth and healthier, thicker lashes.

It’s recommended to comb lashes daily to keep them lifted and separated, whether they’re natural or extensions. 

What Does an Eyelash Comb Do?

An eyelash comb is just like a comb for the hair, just sized down to get every single lash. One of the main uses of eyelash brushes is to remove build-up. 

The build-up is common when using products, but it’s also a result of dead skin cells, dirt, and anything else floating in the air.

Brushing the lashes also helps to lift and separate lashes, which can make them look fuller.

Regular brushing helps products go on more smoothly and keeps the risk of infection to a minimum. 

For those with lash extensions, regular brushing can extend the life of lashes, reducing the need to fill in so often.

Should You Brush Your Eyelashes?

Should You Brush Your Eyelashes

Of course, you should! Extensions or no extensions, brushing keeps lashes looking fluffy and wispy. 

On top of that, it keeps gunk out and promotes growth due to stimulation of the hair follicles along the lash line. 

Over time, regular brushing can make lashes look fuller and more lifted, giving you lash-goal lashes.  

5 Reasons to Brush Your Eyelashes

Once you start brushing your eyelashes, you’ll start to see the differences and you won’t stop. 

If you’re on the fence about starting to brush your lashes, here are 5 reasons to hop on board:

1. Remove Gunk

Though we never think about it, a lot can pass by and through our eyes. 

The wind blows small particles that can get tangled up in the lashes and products can ensure that they stick. 

If you’re going without brushing your lashes, this gunk can get stuck and build up, increasing your risk for infection.

Use a clean brush each day after your lashes are clean and dry to brush them out.

Comb them until they are tangle-free and fluffy, maintaining your natural lashes or extensions just alike.

2. Prevent Bacteria

Your eyes are sensitive, and the last thing you want to do is expose them to bacteria

Brushing your lashes is a way to keep bacteria far away, keeping them maintained and clean. It’s not enough to just clean your lashes with your favorite cleaner.

In order to keep away any harmful build-up that could get into and affect the eyes, you need to brush your lashes out with a fresh, clean brush. 

It’s not just about maintenance, but also about keeping lashes clean too.

3. Keep Lashes Lifted and Separated

There is nothing worse than clumpy lashes. 

Not only do they tangle but they also hold on to an overload of product, which can lead to spidery-looking lashes. 

Using a brush before you add mascara or lashes is a way to prevent clumps and ensure that everything goes on smoothly.

Don’t forget to clean your brush often or replace it so that you start off with a clean slate before adding products. This will not only protect the eyes but also make them look good no matter what you add to them.

4. Extend Life of Extensions

Lash extensions are in-demand, though they can be costly. The longer you can maintain your look, the less costly it will be. 

Brushing is recommended each day when you have lash extensions, keeping them from tangling and knotting.

The more combed-through you keep them, the longer you can keep them and the less they’ll fall out.

Plus, when you add mascara on top, you can rest assured that it won’t be clumped up and lead to undesired looks.

5. Promote New Lash Growth

For those with sparse lashes, combing through them could work to stimulate hair growth. 

Adding a bit of lash serum or lash-safe oils and taking a brush through is a great way to start seeing a difference in the lashes.

Lashes will get stronger and also will rip out less when adding product, curling, or adding lash extensions. 

Everyone out there dreams of long, flirty, full lashes, and brushing them could be just the thing to get them started.

How Often Should You Brush Your Lashes?

So, just how often should you take a brush to your lashes? Well, that depends on a few things. First of all, it will make a difference if your eyelashes are natural or extensions.

Those with extensions will need to brush them more often, aiming for at least once a day.

Those with natural lashes can also brush daily, though their brushing will depend on how often they wear makeup or other lash products. 

The more often you wear product, the more you should brush, using a clean lash brush at least once a day.

For Those with Eyelash Extensions:

Take a brush to your lashes daily, doing it before you add mascara in the morning and before you turn in for the night. 

While sleeping, lashes can clump up and bend, two things that could lead to a misshapen mess.

Keep them brushed and untangled both morning and night, following your skincare routine and eyelash care. 

Be sure to wash lashes well and to keep your brush sanitized before combing them through, avoiding any chance for build-up or bacteria.

For Those with Natural Lashes:

Those with natural lashes can still reap the benefits of brushing their lashes. Though it’s not necessary to do it so often. 

For those with natural lashes that wear mascara or falsies every day, it’s recommended to give your lashes a comb before applying and after taking off for a quick refresher.

If you’re one that tends not to wear so much makeup, you could just add a serum to lashes and brush them, keeping lashes free from small particles that could blow through and hang on.

Plus, brushing will promote lash growth, and who doesn’t want more lashes?

How Do You Brush Your Eyelashes?

How Do You Brush Your Eyelashes

We’re happy you’re deciding to brush your lashes and are here with some pro tips on how to brush them properly. 

In just three simple steps, you could be on your way to fluffy, long, strong, and tangle-free lashes, simply brushing at least once a day.

1. Start with a Clean Brush

We cannot emphasize this enough! Do not start with a gunk-filled brush. Instead, start with a clean brush that has thick bristles, using it only after your eyes and lashes are clean.

You can use a spoolie or a lash/brow comb, both of which are perfect for extensions or natural lashes. 

Don’t tug too hard when combing either, working gently to smooth them out.

2. Get Your Roll On

The motion that you want to get down is rolling, starting from the base and rolling down to the tip.

This will ensure that every single lash is combed, plus remove any tangles that you may have left behind. 

Do this a few times, making sure that all tangles or clumps are gone.

3. Flip Your Swipe

Once you’re done rolling over the top, flip your swipe and start from the base on the opposite side of the lash, this time combing up (like you would mascara). 

This last step will fluff up lashes and lift them all at the same time, which is what you want naturally.

Does Brushing Eyelashes Make Them Grow?

Brushing the lashes can help them grow, working to stimulate hair growth.

As you brush, you’re tugging at the hairs you have there and gently brushing across the follicle, both of which can stimulate the lash hairs to grow.

While it may take some time to start to see the difference, you will notice stronger, thicker, fuller lashes in little to no time at all. 

You may even choose to go lash and mascara free, realizing how beautiful your natural lashes are.

Should You Brush Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you should! Eyelash extensions have a tendency to tangle and clump over time. 

You move your eyes much more than you think, and your eyelashes can interact and intertwine with each movement.

It’s not just about movements, but about the way you sleep and about applying products, both of which can tangle up your lash extensions. 

Keeping them clean and combed through will extend their lifetime and keep them from looking clumpy or dirty over time.

Aim for brushing your lashes two times a day, doing so when you wake up and after you’ve cleaned your lashes and face for the day. 

With each brush, use a clean comb and add a lash serum to further promote lash growth. In this way, you’ll have full, fluffy, brag-worthy lashes that you can’t get enough of.