12 Reasons Why You Should Get Eyelash Extensions

There’s something to be said for having long, curly, voluminous lashes. We’ve come up with 12 reasons to get eyelash extensions. From saving you money and time to helping those with sensitive eyes, everyone has a different reason for getting eyelash extensions.

Reasons To Get Eyelash Extensions

12 Reasons To Get Eyelash Extensions

1. Saves You Valuable Time

Sometimes you just want to let your alarm snooze for a little longer in the mornings.

With eyelash extensions, you won’t have to worry about making the time to get perfect eye make-up, as your lashes will already look stunning.

Plus, at the end of the day, you don’t have to spend time taking your make-up off.

These minutes add up to precious time that you can then spend on other activities.

2. Enhance Your Natural Look

The best eyelash extensions are designed to be customizable to your preference.

Whether you’re going for big and bold, or just want something to add a little volume to your natural lashes, your technician will work with you to ensure that you’re as happy as possible.

It can be difficult to keep your lashes curled for a whole day, but with eyelash extensions, you can do just that.

When you feel more put together, you’re more likely to exude confidence.

Your eyelash extensions will feel comfortable, and you’ll have more confidence knowing that your lashes are looking bigger and curlier, enhancing the natural beauty of your eyes and making you appear more awake and youthful.

3. Waterproof And Safe For Exercising

You’ll need to wait 48 hours after having your eyelash extensions applied before getting them wet, but once you’ve waited that time out, you’ll realize how great your lashes are.

They’re super resistant, so you can swim, shower, and sweat in them.

So, if you’re going to hit a sweaty gym class or watch a sad movie with your friend, you can do so safe in the knowledge that you won’t get panda eyes from any mascara that you forgot to remove!

4. Pain-free 

Getting eyelash extensions is a pain-free, non-invasive process.

Estheticians, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons all agree that eyelash extensions are broadly safe, too (but you still need to be aware of some risks of infection and irritation).

5. Good For Those With Sensitive Eyes

Good For Those With Sensitive Eyes

If you constantly find your eyes watering after wearing even the most gentle make-up, or if your eyes are generally pretty sensitive, then wearing eyelash extensions is a great solution.

You won’t have to worry about causing flare ups with mascara, as your extensions are doing the work of volumizing your lashes without it.

6. Say Goodbye To Mascara

Mascara has its place in every make-up bag.

But if you’re regularly guilty of falling asleep in it, you’re risking serious dehydration and even breakage of your natural lashes, as the mascara will suck out any moisture.

By wearing eyelash extensions, you know that you’re not risking the shedding of any lashes by falling asleep in mascara for one too many nights.

7. Extensions Last A While

Eyelash extensions are typically applied to an individual natural lash (or cluster of lashes). Once that eyelash is going through the natural process of shedding and regrowth, it will fall out.

Your eyelash extensions can typically last up to a month before you’ll have to book in another appointment.

Take care to treat your lashes as effectively as possible in order to maximize this longevity.

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8. No More Spending On Make Up

It’s very easy to get carried away and spend endless money on products to enhance our lashes.

From mascara to eyeliner, false eyelashes to eye shadow, the beauty industry has got plenty of ways to encourage you to part with your hard-earned pennies.

But when you get eyelash extensions, you won’t need to invest in any other make-up if you don’t want to (of course you can, if you’d prefer).

This also means spending less on any make-up remover, too. It may also mean that the skin around your eyes has time to recover from any excessive use of make-up.

9. No More Wearing Falsies

No More Wearing Falsies

Getting eyelash extensions means that you can wave a not-so-sad goodbye to falsies.

False eyelashes have a time and a place – particularly if you get themed ones for particular occasions like Halloween or Christmas – but they can irritate your eyes and be expensive.

10. It’s A Way To Treat Yourself

Finding time to prioritize yourself with some self-care is no bad thing. In fact, it’s essential in order to maintain a sense of overall wellness and balance.

Treating yourself to an eyelash extension appointment is a fantastic way of taking time out of a hectic schedule and relaxing.

You’re also rewarding yourself for time spent working hard.

11. Great For Travelling

If you’re planning to go travelling, you may want to streamline your luggage (particularly if you’re backpacking).

But that doesn’t mean sacrificing long, luscious lashes.

 If you get eyelash extensions just before travelling, you can rest assured that any selfies will still look great, and don’t have to worry about packing as much make-up to take with you.

12. No Damage To Your Natural Lashes

If you suddenly decide that you’ve actually had enough of your eyelash extensions and want to go back to a more natural look, that’s completely fine.

As long as you see a properly licensed esthetician, your eyelash extensions will have been applied in an entirely safe manner that won’t have damaged your natural lashes.

You can then have your eyelash extensions taken off and go back to your scaled-down natural look with ease.