How To Remove Makeup With Eyelash Extensions (Easy Guide)

Eyelash extensions can really enhance the drama of your eyes. But knowing how to remove makeup with eyelash extensions can be overwhelming. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you on your way.

The best way to remove makeup with eyelash extensions is to use an oil-free cleanser and a spoolie. Do not use a cotton pad.

Can You Wear Eye Makeup With Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you absolutely can wear eye makeup with eyelash extensions, but you do need to be careful, and you definitely need to take it off at the end of every day.

It’s important to keep your eyelash extensions clean so that you get the most wear out of them.

Ensure that any makeup you wear – from mascara right through to your eyeliner and eyeshadow – doesn’t contain any oil.

Oil-based products will dissolve the adhesive of your extensions and may result in premature damage.

Similarly, you need to take care that any makeup remover you use is also oil-free.

Makeup With Eyelash Extensions: Things To Be Aware Of

Makeup With Eyelash Extensions

Be wary of eyeshadow

You can wear eye makeup with eyelash extensions, but in an ideal world, you wouldn’t need to.

Extensions will add drama and definition to your natural look, and should hopefully mean that you don’t need to wear mascara or eyeliner.

Eyeshadow is one of the more precarious makeup products to wear with eyelash extensions.

It might fall into them – particularly if it’s highly powdery in texture – which could lighten or change the color of your extensions.

That’s why it’s important to know how to properly remove this makeup from your eyelash extensions.


Some makeup products might cause your extensions to clump together. If you layer on the mascara, for example, you may be vulnerable to this caking.

On a day-to-day basis, your lashes are there to protect your eyes from any debris or dust.

However, if your makeup has clumped on your extensions, this residue may become trapped.

Worst case scenario is this may lead to irritation or even infection. Again, this is why knowing how to remove makeup from your eyelash extensions is so critical.

Stay away from glycerin and oil-based products

The oil in any makeup will interact with the glue of your eyelash extensions and may cause them to fall off or break prematurely.

Look for makeup that’s oil-free as a result – preferably mineral-based – and take care that any makeup remover or skin care you regularly use around your eyes is also oil-free.

Don’t use waterproof makeup

Waterproof makeup has its place in your makeup bag, but not if you have eyelash extensions.

It will require an oil-based makeup remover and, as we’ve detailed above, this is an absolute no-no for eyelash extensions.

It’s, therefore, best to keep away from waterproof mascara or eyeliner.

Don’t use cotton wool pads

Avoid using cotton wool pads on your eyelash extensions.

Cotton will snag on your extensions and may cause damage.

It’s best to use a clean spoolie brush (a clean mascara wand), your fingers, or lint-free Q-tips to clean your eyelash extensions.

Apply a protective coat

Once you’ve cleansed and dried your extensions, use a clean spoolie brush to gently detangle them, straightening out any extensions that may have crisscrossed.

Then apply a conditioning or growth serum to your lashes.

Sleep on silk

If you can, sleeping on a silk pillowcase will help to minimize any damage to your eyelash extensions as you sleep.

It also means that any conditioning serum or lash growth serum that you apply will remain on them for longer, helping to support the growth and integrity of your natural lashes.

How To Remove Makeup With Eyelash Extensions

How To Remove Makeup With Eyelash Extensions

You should always take makeup off at the end of the day.

This will avoid any residue build-up, which can lead to infections and skin sensitivities.

You’ll also help to maintain the health of your natural lashes, and prolong the life of your extensions.

You will need

  1. A spoolie or mascara wand
  2. Oil-free makeup remover


  1. Soak the spoolie brush or mascara wand in your makeup remover
  2. Gently comb your lashes, allowing the product to saturate your extensions. Your makeup remover should dissolve the makeup.
  3. If there’s excess moisture, use a paper towel to gently pat this away.
  4. Pat dry your eyelash extensions
  5. It’s time to brush. Ensure your extensions are fully dry
  6. Use another clean spoolie brush or wand and comb out your lashes to ensure that they don’t tangle. Be gentle! Aggressive tugging will loosen the eyelash glue.
  7. Use an oil-free cleanser on your face, but take care not to tug on your lashes at all. Patting motions are best

If you do use an eye cream, be sure that it’s oil-free.

Remember to use a lint-free towel to pat your face dry, too.

Removing eyeliner and/or eyeshadow


  1. Ensure that all of your eyeshadow is removed from your eyelid.
  2. Remember to use a lint-free Q-tip or clean fingers in order to remove your eyeshadow or eyeliner. Try to avoid too much friction when you’re doing this, as excess tugging or pulling will cause your extensions to fall out.
  3. Saturate your Q-tip or fingers with your oil-free makeup remover. Carefully remove the eyeliner and eyeshadow that’s close to your lashes. Use gentle motions moving outwards from your inner eye to your outer lid.

If you’re willing to spring for it, you can also use a specialist lash extension cleanser to remove makeup with eyelash extensions.

This can be used every day and is specifically designed to cleanse your extensions without dissolving the adhesive that attaches them to your natural lashes.

Can You Use Mascara On Eyelash Extensions?

You can use mascara on eyelash extensions if you want to give them a boost, but the extensions are there to do that.

You should always remove the mascara properly at the end of the day and never use a waterproof one.

Can You Use Eyeliner On Eyelash Extensions?

You can wear eyeliner on eyelash extensions, but you shouldn’t need to, as the extensions will highlight your lash line.

Remember that you need to avoid any oil-based makeup, whether it’s a pencil, cream, or gel eyeliner.

Can You Use A Lash Curler On Extensions?

If you want to use a lash curler on extensions, you can, but this shouldn’t be necessary, as the extensions are designed to add curl, volume, and length to your lashes.