How To Remove Ombre Powder Brows (BEST Technique)

Can you remove ombre powder brows if you are not happy with the result? The answer is yes and in this article, we show you how to remove ombre powder brows – both professionally as well as at home.

How To Remove Ombre Powder Brows

Main Takeaways

  • Ombre powder brows can be removed via laser therapy, saline solution or glycolid acid
  • Laser is the most efficient but also most expensive treatment
  • Saline removal is best for sensitive skin
  • All methods require extensive recovery period
  • It may be better to fade brows by not following the aftercare instructions

Why Remove Ombre Brows?

The main reason why people want to remove their powder brows is because they’re simply not happy with the results. 

This usually happens if the brow artist is new or if the brows are too dark or uneven. The powdered look may also not suit some types of brows, particularly if you have very sparse brows.

It is therefore always advised that you speak to a brow artist before deciding which type of semi-permanent treatment you wish to have done.

Things To Consider Before Removing Ombre Brows

Before removing your ombre brows, there are a few things that you may want to consider:

Ombre Brows Appear Dark Straight After The Procedure

if you have just had ombre brows done and hate the way they look, wait until your first touch-up appointment.

When you first get them done, they tend to look darker than they’re intended to.

After the healing process is over, they should lighten up.

Also, during the healing process, scabbing and swelling are likely to occur which will make the brows look more intense.

It’s possible To Let Ombre Brows Fade

If you just don’t like the way your ombre brows look, you may want to consider just letting them fade.

Simply do all the things the aftercare rules tell you not to do. For example:

  • Wet the brows after treatment
  • Go to the gym – the sweat can help fade the brows
  • Wear makeup and use makeup remover.

How To Remove Ombre Powder Brows

The best way to remove ombre brows is either through laser therapy or by using a saline solution or glycolic acid. However, it’s worth knowing that ombre brows do go away on their own over time.

If you have given your ombre brows enough time to heal, have gone to your touch-up appointment, and have let them fade and you’re still not pleased with them, ombre brow removal may be your only option.

Before doing this, it is recommended that you always consult with your eyebrow artist as you may be able to correct them.

Removal of ombre powder brows is not only expensive but it usually requires more than one session.

This means that the removal procedure may take quite a while and you will need to be patient.

Let’s look at the removal options in more detail.

Laser Removal

woman getting laser treatment on her eyebrows

Laser removal is by far the most effective technique used to remove ombre brows.

One thing to note is that you are more than likely to need more than one session to fully remove them.

This is completely dependent on the darkness and shade used on your brows. On average, most people need 4 to 6 sessions.

How does laser removal Of powder brows Work?

A technician will use a device that delivers small pulses of light energy into the ombre brows.

This will break up the ink particles and cause them to dissolve into the skin. In each session, more and more ink particles are dissolved until they are completely gone.

Will laser burn my brows?

One of the biggest drawbacks to laser removal is that it may burn some of the hairs off.

This is more of a concern for those with very sparse eyebrow hairs. For those with thicker eyebrows, this may not be as big of a concern.

In general, you shouldn’t worry as the hairs will grow back.

Does laser Powder Brow removal hurt?

One major concern people have about laser tattoo removal is the pain level.

The amount of pain varies from person to person, but most people say it is a pretty uncomfortable experience.

For this reason, technicians will apply an anesthetic cream to the area to numb some of the discomforts.

After the treatment is completed, the anesthetic will wear off and you may begin to feel some pain.

It is okay to take a pain reliever to ease some of this discomfort as well.

Healing period for laser powder brow removal

It will take approximately 2 weeks for your skin to heal after laser removal treatment however it will take 4-6 weeks to fully recover

You should therefore wait at least 6 weeks in between each laser removal session to avoid any scarring. 

Some side effects may include swelling, redness and itchy skin.

Laser Removal Aftercare

You should use antibiotic healing ointment on the affected area for the first three days. You will need to stay clear of makeup and any creams or lotions not recommended by your laser technician.

Keep the area clean and dry at all times and if needed, you should moisturize your brows using a healing cream or vaseline.

Saline Removal

Saline removal is a method that extracts pigment from the skin, sort of like a reverse tattoo. It is done with either a handheld tool or machine similar to the one used to apply the ombre brows.

How does Saline removal of powder brows Work?

The technician will go over the eyebrow areas with pigment with them and slightly open up the skin.

Then, they will insert a saline solution that dries the pigment out and extracts it from the skin.

Healing period for Saline removal

Much like the ombre brows healing process, a scab will form over the eyebrow in the week after getting this done.

This scab will have all of the extracted pigments in it, so it is important not to mess with it and let it fall off on its own. If properly taken care of, this will cause zero scarring.

It takes the skin approximately 10 days to heal from saline powder brows removal. However, like with laser removal, you need to wait 6-8 weeks between each session in order to allow the skin to recover.

Does saline removal hurt?

Since the technique is similar to the actual ombre brow technique, the pain is pretty similar. Most technicians will use a numbing cream to lessen the discomfort.

Will saline removal burn my brows?

One positive to doing the saline removal is that it does not burn off any hairs as the laser removal treatment does.

Also, if you absolutely need the eyebrows removed instantly after getting them done, saline removal can be done.

However, an emergency saline removal appointment only works in the first 48 hours of getting tattooed.

Saline Removal Aftercare

The saline powder brow removal aftercare is very similar to the aftercare of semi-permanent tattos:

  • Clean the area twice a day and keep dry at all other times
  • Don’t expose to saunas, sweating, swimming pools and avoid exercise
  • Don’t touch the scabs but leave them to fall off naturally

who is saline removal best for?

Saline removal is better than laser removal for these conditions:

  • For people with sensitive skin
  • For people with very sparse eyebrow hairs
  • Emergency removal within 48 hours

Glycolic Acid Removal

Instead of using a saline solution, some technicians opt for using glycolic acid to remove ombre brows.

Much like the saline removal method, this technique extracts the pigment from the skin.

People often choose the glycolic acid removal method because it is usually the least expensive.

However, a lot of technicians say that it is a bit more aggressive and painful compared to the saline solution removal method.

How To Remove Ombre Powder Brows At Home

How To Remove Ombre Brows At Home

While there is no fast and easy way to remove ombre powder brows at home, there are some things you can do to make them fade much quicker.

In general, most of these tips are going to be the exact opposite of what the aftercare tips suggest:

  • Don’t get the initial touch-up
  • Take warm, steamy showers every day for a long period of time
  • Use a sea salt water solution every day (Apply using a cotton pad)
  • Use a skincare product with Retinol in it
  • Expose your ombre brows to sunlight
  • Working out/excessive sweating
  • Exfoliate the eyebrow area

Following these tips will effectively remove the brows enough over a 8-12 week period and you can then have your brows redone without having paid a fortune for laser treatment.

Remember, ombre powder brows are not permanent.

How Long Do Ombre Powder Brows Last?

The amount of time that ombre brows last varies from person to person. On average, they typically last anywhere from 2-5 years.

This is another reason why ombre brows are chosen over microblading, as they tend to last a little bit longer.

This estimated longevity includes getting the recommended touch-ups 5 weeks after the initial appointment and once a year after that.

Without getting the touch-ups, ombre brows will last up to a year and a half on average.

Of course, the longevity of your ombre brows all depends on different factors such as your lifestyle, skin type, skin conditions, sun exposure, fitness level, etc.


The best way to remove ombre powder brows is through laser therapy however this is also quite costly. Other alternatives include a saline solution treatment or glycolid acid treatment.

All of these treatments have long recovery periods and it may be better to simply fade your ombre powder brows by not following the aftercare advice.