Is Rose Water Good For Eyelashes? What You Need To Know

Rose water not only has an amazing fragrance but is also known to help improve eye infections. But is rose water good for eyelashes?

Is Rose Water Good For Eyelashes

Yes, rose water is good for eyelashes. Rose water contains many vitamins and antioxidants that can help make eyelashes stronger and healthier.

What Is Rose Water?

Rosewater is made by steeping rose petals in water. It can be used for anything from cooking to cosmetic purposes.

Rosewater originated in ancient Persia where women would use it to enhance their eyelashes, eyebrows, and skin.

Some of the highlighted ingredients in rosewater are vitamins A, E, C, D, and B3, as well as numerous antioxidants.

You can either purchase rose water or make it yourself. When buying it, make sure you are buying 100% pure rose water. To make it yourself, all you need is roses and water.

You’ll steep the fresh rose petals in a pot of water and store it in the refrigerator.

Benefits of Rose Water

Rose water has a plethora of benefits and can be used as a home remedy for different reasons.

Here are some of the benefits of rose water:

  • Soothes irritated skin
  • Improves digestive issues
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties that help with eye infections like pink eye
  • Can help improve early signs of cataracts
  • No added ingredients or chemicals (great for sensitive skin)
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and pores in the skin
  • Hydrating

3 Reasons Rose Water Is Good For Eyelashes

reasons Rose Water Is Good For Eyelashes

Rosewater has many benefits for skin and hair. Let’s look at why rose water is also good for eyelashes:

1. Hydrates The Eyelashes

One of the reasons why rosewater is great for eyelashes is its hydrating abilities.

In order to have healthy and strong eyelashes, you need moisture.

Using an ingredient like rosewater will ensure you’re getting all the hydration that your eyelashes need which, in turn, could make them grow back faster and longer.

2. Helps Prevent Eyelash Shedding

Things like mascara, false eyelashes, and eyelash extensions can cause your eyelashes to shed more frequently.

It is of course normal for eyelashes to shed every day, but too much shedding can leave your eyelashes feeling too sparse. Rose water can help prevent shedding due to its rich components of vitamins and antioxidants.

3. Non-Irritating

A lot of products made for eyelashes can cause irritation – especially for those with sensitive skin and eyes.

Rosewater is a natural solution that is not likely to cause side effects, so it’s great to use around the eye area.

Can Rose Water Help Grow Eyelashes?

can Rose Water Help Grow Eyelashes

Rose water may be able to help grow eyelashes. Some people have reported faster eyelash growth after using rose water consistently.

It seems that you may be most successful when combining rose water and castor oil on the lashes.

This is because castor oil is a known ingredient that people use for eyelash and hair growth, and rose water helps make the lashes healthier and stronger for optimal growth.

How To Use Rose Water For Eyelashes

There are several different ways to apply rose water to the eyelashes. Here are the two most common methods that anyone can do:

1. Spoolie

One way to apply rose water to the eyelashes is by using a spoolie. To do this, dip a spoolie or old, clean mascara wand into the rose water and apply it to the eyelashes.

2. Cotton Pad

Another way to apply rose water is by using a cotton pad. Simply get the cotton pad coated in a layer of rose water and pat it onto the eyes, specifically targeting the lash line.

Both of these methods require consistency over time for them to work.

It is important to apply rose water every day or night to see results.

 Most people will not see any significant progress until a few weeks pass by.

Risks and Warnings Of Using Rose Water

It is important to remember that rose water is not a cure for any eye infections.

It is a home remedy that people have had success with, but if you are experiencing any serious medical issues, you should consult with a physician immediately.

Since rose water is a natural remedy, there are no additives to it. However, people with an allergy to fragrance or rose should stay away from rose water.

If you use rose water and have an allergy to it, it can cause breakouts, hives, irritation, and other symptoms. If ever in doubt, consult your doctor before use.