Can You Use A Lash Serum With A Lash Lift? [Answered]

Eyelash serums and lash lifts are all the rage these days. They’re both beautiful ways to create longer, more beautiful lashes, but can you use a lash serum with a lash lift to create even more lush-looking lashes? Let’s take a piece-by-piece look at each to see how these two can make luscious lash magic.

Use Lash Serum With Lash Lift

Before applying a lash serum, we recommend waiting 24 hours after your lash lift service. After that, you can use it as advised to improve the appearance and strength of your natural lashes even more.

What Is a Lash Lift?

Lash lift treatments are one of the hottest trends in the beauty business right now. 

Dubbed a “lash perm’ because it uses the chemicals that hairdressers use to perm hair, lash lifts lift and curl your lashes, creating a full lash look, making your eyes appear more open. 

It lasts approximately six to eight weeks, and if you want, you can add a lash tint, which is often added to the lash lifting process to darken your lashes and create an even fuller lash effect. 

Considering some serious chemicals will be near your sensitive eyes, you should always get your lash lift done by a professional. 

They will provide an allergy test during your consultation to ensure all is safe for your eyes.

How Does The Process Work? 

The lash lift process is easy and usually entails these subsequent steps:

  1. The lash technician cautiously cleans the area.
  2. The technician will then separate your bottom lashes from the top lashes by taping them down due to the fact the lowest lashes aren’t treated. The top lashes are then combed out, de-tangled, and separated.
  3. Silicone pads are secured to your lids. These come in different sizes and are intended to shield the sensitive skin on your eyelids.
  4. The perming lotion is then applied, softening your lashes and preparing them to be curled.
  5. Your lashes are then lifted and curled up.
  6. The setting solution is applied, hardening your lashes to make the curl last.
  7.  Lastly, the lash technician applies a nourishing lotion that doubles as a keratin treatment. The lotion contains keratin, sodium PCA, aloe vera, grapeseed oil, glycerin, and a humectant to add moisture back into the lashes. 
  8. If you opted for a lash tint, your lashes would be darkened at this step. 

The lash lift procedure typically takes an hour to complete. If you add tinting on your lashes, count on a further 15 minutes. 

Benefits of a Lash Lift

Benefits of a Lash Lift
  • No more need for mascara or lash curler
  • It is semi-permanent, so it lasts—no need for constant touch every few weeks, like some procedures. 
  • Low maintenance. Daily brushing with a clean mascara wand keeps your lashes good.
  •  Look natural because it’s your lashes.

How Often Should You Get a Lash Lift?

After about two months, the lash lift will gradually fade, and your lashes will revert to their original state. 

After two months, you may repeat the lash lift process. 

If for some reason, you find your lift dropping prematurely, you can return to repeat the process as early as four weeks. It is advised no sooner than that,

What Are Lash Serums?

Lash serums are growth-boosting serums that stimulate lash growth. These lash serums enhance the health of the lash’s natural hair follicles. 

Some are applied with a fine applicator along the upper lash line; others are combed through the lashes like mascara.

Moreover, they contain peptides and fatty acids that stimulate the growth of eyelashes. 

When implemented regularly, the lash serum extends the telogen phase of growth, lengthening the lash growth cycle. 

This will keep lashes stronger and thicker for longer.

Benefits of Lash Serums 

  • Keratin production is increased.
  • It offers you a more natural appearance.
  • It’s less expensive than professional eyelash extensions.
  • It helps stop lash loss and breaking.
  • It protects the eyes from drying out.
  • It can be used with eyelash lifts and extensions.

Can You Use a Lash Serum If You Had a Lash Lift?

Can You Use a Lash Serum If You Had a Lash Lift

You can! Lash serums will have no ill effect on your lash lift. 

Though it is recommended, you do not apply a lash serum right after you’ve had a lash lift treatment. 

It is advisable to wait 24 hours after your lash lift service before using it. 

After that, you can apply it to your lashes to help keep your lash lift looking prime, all the while nourishing and strengthening them at the same time.

How Often Should You Apply Lash Serum After a Lash Lift? 

Some lash serums recommend twice a day, but if you have had a lash lift, all you need is to apply the lash serum once a day, and you should slowly start noticing results after 30 days.