Can You Wear Contacts With Eyelash Extensions? [Answered]

Can you wear contacts with eyelash extensions? If you’re someone who regularly gets their eyelash extensions in, then you’ll likely have already considered whether or not this is possible. Don’t worry, we’ve done the research and explain all in this article.

Can You Wear Contacts With Eyelash Extensions

Can You Wear Contacts With Eyelash Extensions?

The short answer is yes, you can wear contact lenses with eyelash extensions. You just don’t want to be wearing them when you’re attending your actual extension appointment.

This is for various reasons. When you attend your eyelash appointment, you want to ensure that you’re with a great technician in a reputable salon.

Do not go to a salon that will tape up your eyelid during the application process, as this can cause serious damage to your eyes.

When your extensions are applied, an adhesive is used to glue the extensions to your natural lashes.

This adhesive releases fumes, and if your eyelids are open, the fumes might dehydrate and irritate your eyeballs. That’s why your eyes should always be closed during the application of extensions.

However, it’s because your eyes are closed during this application that it’s best to avoid wearing contacts for the procedure. We explain why below.

Can You Get Eyelash Extensions Whilst Wearing Contacts?

As described above, when your eyelash extensions are applied, an adhesive will be used to bond them to your natural lashes.

This can cause some irritation and sensitivity as a result of the fumes released. This is why your eyelids should always be shut during your extension appointment.

Even if you don’t have sensitive eyes, it’s important to remove your contact lenses for your eyelash extension appointment.

This is because in rare instances the fumes may find their way under the contact lens. They become trapped between the surface of your contact lenses and your actual eyes.

This will cause irritation and sensitivity and may be somewhat painful.

Because your eyes are closed during your eyelash extension appointment, you should not be wearing contact lenses during the application process.

The salon that you attend should have a sterile, disposable case for your contact lenses and eye drops or contacts solution.

You can use these to remove your contacts for your appointment, prior to the application of your extensions.

Remember to wash your hands before removing your contacts, so as to remove any dirt, debris, or oils.

Can I wear Glasses To The Appointment?

You can always attend your appointment wearing your glasses.

In fact, this may be beneficial, as you and your technician will be able to discuss customizing your extensions to the perfect length for your glasses.

Ideally, your extensions shouldn’t be touching the lens of your glasses. This can be uncomfortable and negatively impact the bond of the adhesive.

By wearing your glasses to your appointment, you’ll be able to ensure that your lashes don’t touch your lenses. You’ll therefore feel more confident and comfortable.

You also have the option of putting in your contacts once your lash appointment is over if that’s your preference.

You should be completely fine to do so, just ensure that you always have clean hands.

How To Change Contacts Whilst Wearing Eyelash Extensions

woman looking up, finger close to her with a contact lens, she is about to put it into her eye.

One of the key ways to keep your eyelash extensions looking their best for as long as possible is to avoid tugging or pulling on them.

If you regularly wear contact lenses, however, you’re more at risk of causing some friction between your lashes and your lenses.

The best way to remove, put in, or change your contact lenses whilst wearing eyelash extensions is as follows:

  1. Ensure that your hands are clean, so as to remove the risk of cross-contamination of dirt or the natural oils that your skin contains.
  2. Find an area with good light and use a large mirror, so that you can see what you’re doing.
  3. Open your eyes as wide as possible. Ideally, you’d avoid any pulling or tugging on the top eyelid, as this is where your extensions will be. You want to be as gentle as possible so as to minimize any pulling.
  4. Gently place the contact lens over your eye, taking your time.

You can remove your lashes in the same way, taking care not to tug or drag on your eyelids, and ensuring that you have minimal contact with your extensions.

Taking these precautions will help to prolong the life of your extensions whilst ensuring that you can still wear contacts.

Can You Use Contacts Solution With Eyelash Extensions?

If you’re a regular wearer of contact lenses, then you’ll know how important contact solution is.

However, it’s worth knowing that saline wetting solution – contact solution – may react badly with the adhesive of eyelash extensions.

Check whether your solution contains glycol, a compound that is frequently used in both eye drops and contact solutions.

This is known to break down the bond of adhesive, as well as dry it out, so your extensions may not last as long as you want them to if you use products containing glycol.

Don’t let your contact solution or your eye drops dry out on your extensions either, as this may cause some clumping, pain, and sensitivity.

If your drops or solution do contain glycol, then take care to rinse your extensions gently with water following use, so as to remove any residue.

You can then pat your extensions gently with a clean towel to ensure that they are dry.

However, remember that you can’t get your extensions wet within the first 24 – 48 hours of application. It’s, therefore, best to avoid using products with glycol altogether if you’re concerned.

How to use eyedrops with eyelash extensions

If you must use eye drops in order to wear your contacts, and you also have eyelash extensions in, then take extra care.

The best way to do so is by opening your lower lid and carefully dropping the liquid onto your eyeball.

Ensure that you’re looking up, and blink.

Tilting your head back can help to prevent any of the drops from running, but take care that you’re not tilting your head too far back in the process. This might cause the drops to run into your eyelash extensions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Should You Avoid With Eyelash Extensions?

When you’ve just had eyelash extensions put in, you need to avoid exposure to water, and minimize your usage of oil-based skin and eyecare, as this disrupts the bond of the adhesive. It’s also sensible to avoid causing any friction by dragging on them.

How Long After Lash Extensions Can You Wear Contacts?

You can wear contact lenses immediately after your eyelash extension appointment. You just need to avoid any unnecessary pulling and take care that no solution interferes with the glue of your extensions.

Why Shouldn’t You Sleep With Contacts?

Sleeping with contact lenses increases your risk of eye sensitivity and infection. At the least, you’ll wake up with dry eyes, but you’re also far more likely to contract an infection and risk serious corneal damage.

Can You Wear Lash Extensions With Glasses?

You can wear eyelash extensions with glasses, but it might be worth attending your appointment whilst wearing your glasses so that your technician can customize the length of your extensions. This will avoid them rubbing against the frame.