Can You Wear Magnetic Eyeliner Without Lashes? Answered

Even if you’re not happy with your natural lashes, there are plenty of ways to enhance them. Magnetic eyeliner is an easy and effective way to wear false lashes without dealing with lash glue. If you know how to apply liquid eyeliner, you should be able to apply magnetic eyeliner without an issue.

Wear Magnetic Eyeliner Without Lashes

If you want to wear magnetic eyeliner, but you’d prefer to skip magnetic lashes, you can go right ahead! Your magnetic eyeliner will essentially work the same way as a liquid eyeliner. This can be a great solution if you’re out of your normal eyeliner and need a substitute. 

What Is Magnetic Eyeliner?

Magnetic eyeliner is a special type of liquid eyeliner that’s formulated to keep magnetic lashes in place. 

Wearing magnetic eyeliner can also help to enhance the appearance of your lashes. It’s very similar to other types of liquid eyeliner, but it contains pigments known as iron oxides. 

Magnetic eyelashes are a popular alternative to other types of false lashes because magnetic eyeliner is hypoallergenic. Lash glue has the potential to be dangerous (1)

Magnetic eyeliner and lashes are a safer option that’s still very effective! 

How Does Magnetic Eyeliner Work?

You can apply magnetic eyeliner just like you would apply a regular liquid eyeliner. 

The iron oxides in the eyeliner are magnetized, which means you can attach your magnetic lashes directly to your eyeliner without having to bother with lash glue. 

Basically, your magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner function as two magnetic strips that are designed to attract each other. 

Once your magnetic eyeliner has been applied and has had the chance to dry, your magnetic lashes will snap right into place. 

If you’ve struggled to apply false lashes in the past, you might find magnetic eyeliner to be an easier option. 

Can You Wear Magnetic Eyeliner Without Lashes?

Can You Wear Magnetic Eyeliner Without Lashes

Even though magnetic eyeliner contains iron oxides that give it magnetic properties, it’s still very similar to any other type of magnetic eyeliner. 

If you wear it on its own, you can achieve the same kind of looks that you can create with other types of liquid eyeliner. 

It doesn’t look any different from liquid liner, which means no one will be able to tell you’re wearing a magnetic liner.

If you’re out of your usual eyeliner, and the only thing you have on hand is magnetic eyeliner, you can use it as a replacement. 

You can also apply magnetic eyeliner in the morning if you plan on wearing magnetic lashes later in the day. 

You’ll have the eyeliner look you want throughout the day, and when you’re ready to apply your lashes, you can quickly attach them to the magnetized liner.  

If you plan on wearing magnetic eyeliner on its own at the start of the day but want to apply magnetic lashes later on, you should be aware that some eyeliner looks can make it hard to apply magnetized lashes. 

Stick to a simple, thin layer of eyeliner and avoid winged eyeliner or cat eyes. 

Can I Use Magnetic Eyeliner With Any Magnetic Lashes?

The iron oxides in magnetic liner are what give it its magnetic properties. Thanks to that, you don’t have to stick to using a specific brand or product line. 

Instead, you can feel free to mix and match and use any magnetized liner with any magnetic lashes. 

While some brands do recommend that you use their lashes and liner, you can still get great results when you combine two different brands. 

As you experiment with different products, you may even discover that you prefer one brand’s liner, but like another brand’s lashes the best. 

How To Apply Magnetic Eyeliner & Magnetic Eyelashes

Applying magnetic liner and lashes can seem intimidating at first, but it’s actually a fairly simple process. Follow these steps, and you’ll have beautiful lashes in no time:

1. Shake Your Eyeliner Bottle

Give your magnetic liner a quick shake before you open up the bottle. This will ensure that the product is smooth and consistent. 

2. Curl Your Eyelashes

When you use an eyelash curler before applying false lashes, it can help your real lashes to blend in with the artificial ones. 

Give your lashes a curl before moving on to the next step. 

3. Apply a Thin Layer of Liquid Liner

Create a thin layer of liquid liner from the inner corner to the outer corner of your eyelids. Try to create a line that is similar in thickness to your magnetic lashes. 

Once the first layer of liner has dried, apply a second coat. Again, apply a fairly thin coat that mimics your lashes. You can apply slightly more liner at the inner and outer corners of your eye. 

4. Secure Your Lashes

Once your eyeliner is dry, bring your magnetic lashes towards your eyes, holding them in the direction you want to attach them. 

When your lashes get close enough to your liner, they should automatically snap into place. 

5. Make Adjustments

Check your eyelashes in the mirror. Slide them into place to achieve your desired look. If your eyelashes are too long, you may want to remove them and give them a trim before you reapply. 

What to Do If Your Magnetic Eyelashes Won’t Stick to Your Eyeliner

What to Do If Your Magnetic Eyelashes Won't Stick to Your Eyeliner

If you’ve followed the steps above, but your magnetic lashes aren’t sticking to your eyeliner, you don’t need to panic! 

Instead, try doing some troubleshooting to figure out what’s causing issues with your lashes:

Make Sure You’re Letting Your Liner Dry 

You won’t be able to attach your lashes to your liner unless it’s fully dry. 

While most magnetic liners dry very quickly, you should make sure you’re not rushing through the process. 

Confirm that your liner is completely dry before you attempt to apply your lashes. 

Try Applying More Eyeliner 

A single coat of eyeliner won’t always be enough. Apply one coat of magnetic liner and allow it to dry before applying a second coat. 

If you’re still having trouble securing your lashes, you may want to add a little extra liner at the inner and outer corners of your eyelid. 

Check Your Magnets

In some cases, your lashes won’t attach because there’s a problem with your magnets.

Inspect the magnetic side of your lashes and check for dust and debris. Your lashes should be cleaned in between each use. 

You should also check to make sure that your lashes still have their magnets. If one of your lashes has lost its magnets, switch to using new lashes that have their magnets in place. 

How To Safely Remove Magnetic Lashes & Liner

It’s important to completely remove eye makeup at the end of the day to protect your eyes from damage. (2) Follow these steps to safely remove your magnetic eyelashes and eyeliner. 

1. Gently Remove Your Lashes

Remove your magnetic lashes, starting at the outer corners. Slowly pull the lashes away from your eye until the lashes are fully removed.

Clean your lashes and store them safely. 

2. Remove Your Magnetic Liner

Apply a liquid makeup remover to a cotton swab. Use the cotton swab to gently remove the eyeliner from your eyelids.

Continue to apply the makeup remover until it’s fully dissolved. 

3. Cleanse Your Face

Once your magnetic liner and the rest of your makeup have been stripped away, use a regular cleanser to remove any residue from your face. 

After your face has been cleansed, you can apply your nighttime skincare products. 

Can You Put Magnetic Eyeliner Over Regular Eyeliner?

If you like the looks you can create with your usual eyeliner, you can feel free to apply it before your magnetic liner. 

Once your liner has dried, you can apply a thin layer of magnetic liner over it so that you can apply your lashes. 

You can wear magnetic liner over virtually all types of eyeliner, including liquid, gel, pencil, and pen liner. 

In fact, you can even apply magnetic eyeliner over eyeshadow worn as liner. With a bit of practice, you’ll be able to achieve great-looking lashes and create a variety of liner looks. 

Since it’s usually recommended that you wear a thin coat of magnetic liner, applying a different eyeliner under your magnetic liner can give you the freedom to create different looks. 

It can be difficult to apply magnetic lashes if you create cat eyes or wings with magnetic liner, but you can create these looks with other types of eyeliner without an issue.