Why Eyelashes Curl Up and What You Can Do to Fix It

If you have noticed a change in your lashes recently, you may be asking ‘why do my eyelashes curl up? I did the research so you don’t have to. Learn what’s causing your lashes to curl and how you can fix uneven lashes.

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Main Takeaways

  • Eyelashes can curl upwards due to conditions such as trichomegaly or trichiasis
  • Eyelash trichomegaly causes increased length, curl, and pigmentation
  • Trichiasis causes the eyelash to grow inwards toward the eye
  • Eyelashes can also curl due to excessive length

Why Do My Eyelashes Curl Up?

If some of your lashes are curling upwards, you may have eyelash trichomegaly. This condition occurs when your eyelashes experience increased length, curling, pigmentation, or thickness.

There are a number of factors that can cause eyelash trichomegaly, including genetic (hereditary) or acquired medical conditions and drugs.

You could also be experiencing trichiasis, which is when eyelashes curl so much as to grow inwards, towards the eye. This will irritate the cornea and conjunctiva, which may result in swelling, irritation, or infection.

Overall, there may be many reasons why your eyelashes curl. If you find the curl of your eyelashes to be annoying, you may just have very long eyelashes.

And whilst some people might consider this a blessing, it may also be irritating if you constantly feel like you’ve got something in your eye.

Eyelashes are our first line of defense against dirt, and debris.

They catch these particles and prevent them from entering our eyes, which therefore helps to reduce the risk of eye infections, irritation, or sensitivity.

Eyelashes are naturally curled in order to keep them out of the eyes, as trapped eyelashes can also cause irritation and swelling.

However, some people actually experience the opposite, where their lashes grow straight. This can be due to a number of factors but is usually caused by misaligned lash follicles or damaged follicles.

How To Fix Uneven Eyelashes

One of the main ways to fix eyelashes that are uneven in length or curl is to trim the ones that are overly long or that curl inwards to your eyeballs.

You should take extra care when doing so, as having scissors near your eyes can be dangerous.

Use nail scissors and only take off small amounts of your lashes at a time, so that you don’t cut off too much and end up with excessively short lashes.

Regular brushing of your lashes with either a disposable mascara wand or clean spoolie can also help to detangle them and may reduce the risk of lashes curling over and into the eyes themselves.

If you think you experience eyelash trichomegaly, you should consult a physician. It’s a rare condition, but it does exist, and your physician may be able to advise on how best to treat it.

The treatments they recommend may include artificial tears or eyedrops, antibiotics, or even regular trimming of your eyelashes.

Similarly, if you’re concerned that you have trichiasis, you should also consult a physician.

Certain factors including chronic blepharitis or herpes may make you more prone to trichiasis.

This will either be treated with electrolysis, which will remove the lashes permanently, or cryosurgery.

In this procedure, lashes and follicles are frozen and removed, but it’s very invasive and may have complications.

How To Make Eyelashes Stay Curled

If you want all of your lashes to be curled at the same time, there are plenty of ways to make this happen:

Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers are another great go-to for adding some curl to your eyelashes, particularly when used alongside primer and mascara.

There are plenty of fantastic eyelash curlers to choose from, depending on what you’re going for.

Just remember to use the curler before applying your primer or mascara for maximum curl, and clean the curler regularly.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there are reports of heated eyelash curlers causing eyelashes to burn and fall out, so if you’re prone to eyelash thinning, you may want to stick to traditional models instead.

When you’re using a curler, remember not to use excessive force, otherwise you may cause the lashes to crimp rather than curl.


To make your eyelashes appear longer and thicker, and to add curl to them, you can always try changing your mascara and adding a primer in.

Opt for mascaras that are either tube or fiber mascara.

Fiber mascara is fortified with ingredients like silk or nylon in order to help eyelashes appear thicker and darker, with more of a curl.

Tube mascara works by coating your natural lashes in waxes or oils, adding density and length. It ensures that your mascara will be more smudge-proof than alternatives.

Mascara primers, meanwhile, can help your mascara really do its job. They add curl and volume to your lashes, and will also condition them and reduce the risk of breakage or shedding, too.

Don’t be fooled – most eyelash primers are white, but that will disappear when you apply your mascara, and you should really notice the difference made by them.

Fake eyelashes

If you’re frustrated with the curl of your natural eyelashes, then you could always choose to wear falsies more often.

There are plenty of false eyelashes to choose from, depending on the kind of look and curl that you’re going for, as well as your eye shape and facial features.

You can also curl your natural eyelashes using an eyelash curler and then apply your falsies.

Individual false eyelashes or clusters are both more subtle looks, and allow you to customize your look more, as you play at being a lash artist.

They’re a good way of getting used to applying fuller false lashes. Just ensure that you have your tweezers and a good magnifying mirror to hand!

Strip false lashes are the ones that people associate with fake eyelashes.

These are horizontal bands of fake eyelashes that you apply to your upper lash line.

They come in a variety of curls, volumes, densities, and lengths, depending on the look you’re going for.

Magnetic false eyelashes are an alternative if you’re not keen to use adhesive near your eyes, or if you’re allergic to it.

These use micro magnets in order to adhere to your natural lashes and are fast becoming a popular alternative to glue-based fake strip lashes.

Keratin lash lifts or eyelash extensions

A keratin lash lift is another alternative way to maximize the curl of your eyelashes. Keratin lash lifts use a chemical in order to add lift and curl to your lashes.

Don’t use an eyelash curler if you’ve had a keratin lash lift or on eyelash extensions – particularly not following the procedure.

A keratin lash lift can also go by the name of a lash perm, although they are slightly different procedures.

Keratin lash lifts use keratin, which is the protein from which your hair is predominantly made up. But lash perms use an alkaline solution to add curl to lashes.

They’re therefore typically the more damaging of the two procedures.

Eyelash extensions are another way to add curl, length, and volume to lashes.

Given that both procedures use chemicals, keratin lash lifts and eyelash extensions should be applied by a professional lash technician in a salon, so that you get a customized look and can be confident that the process is done safely.

What Causes Eyelashes To Turn Inward?

If your eyelashes turn inward in an irritating way, it may be that you have entropion, which is a condition that can be severely uncomfortable.

If you think you might have this, you should consult a physician for advice on treatment.

So, Why Do My Eyelashes Curl Up?

Eyelashes curl naturally, as a way of preventing them from entering the delicate eyes. However, if you think that your eyelashes are overly curled, you may suffer from trichomegaly or trichiasis. You may also simply have very long or curled lashes due to genetics.