7 Things You Should Never Eat Before a Workout

Eating the right foods before a workout can fuel your exercise and improve performance. However, some foods can do more harm than good. Here are 17 things you should avoid eating before hitting the gym or going for a run.

Photo Credit: AS Foodstudio/Shutterstock.

High-Fiber Vegetables

Vegetables like broccoli or beans are healthy, but their high fiber content can cause digestive discomfort during a workout. It’s best to save these fibrous foods for post-exercise meals to avoid any stomach issues while you’re active.

Spicy Foods

Spicy foods can lead to indigestion or heartburn, which is uncomfortable during physical activity. It’s wise to avoid hot spices and sauces right before a workout to ensure you’re not sidelined by stomach discomfort.

Creamy or Rich Sauces

Heavy, creamy sauces can weigh you down and lead to sluggishness. They’re often high in fat and can take longer to digest, which is not ideal when you’re about to engage in physical activity.

Fatty Meats

Meats high in fat, like burgers or bacon, can be hard on your stomach when you’re working out. They take longer to digest and can make you feel slow and uncomfortable.

Carbonated Drinks

Soda and other carbonated drinks can cause bloating and gas. This can lead to discomfort during workouts, especially in activities that involve a lot of movements, like running or aerobics.

Sugary Snacks

Candy bars or other sugary snacks might give you a quick burst of energy, but this is often followed by a sugar crash. It’s better to choose a balanced snack that will provide sustained energy for your workout.

Dairy Products

For some people, dairy products can cause digestive issues like bloating or gas. It’s best to avoid consuming a lot of dairy right before a workout, especially if you’re lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy.