Are Eyelash Curlers Good For Eyelashes? [Answered]

Eyelash curlers can deliver serious results but are eyelash curlers good for eyelashes? Here is what you need to know.

are Eyelash Curlers Good For Eyelashes

Eyelash curlers are good for eyelashes provided that they’re used properly. They give a lift and curl you’d associate with mascara or false eyelashes. Unlike mascara and false eyelashes, there are no chemicals involved. Eyelash curlers will only damage your eyelashes if badly used.

Benefits of Eyelash Curlers

Eyelash curlers all look fairly similar. There are, however, wide variations in quality. 

Look for an eyelash curler with a solid build and plenty of grip. Ideally, it should have replaceable pads so it lasts longer. 

 Here are some of the key benefits of good-quality eyelash curlers:

  • Great lift
  • Separate lashes
  • Make eyes look bigger
  • Effect is long-lasting
  • No chemicals
  • Less packaging and waste than mascara or false eyelashes
  • More economical than mascara or false eyelashes

3 Reasons Eyelash Curlers Are Good For Eyelashes

Here are the three main reasons eyelash curlers are good for eyelashes:

1. Get Results Without Chemicals

Both mascara and eyelash glue contain chemicals that can dry and damage your eyelashes. 

As long as you use reputable products, the damage will be minor. With eyelash curlers, however, you can avoid it completely.

2. Long-Lasting Effect

Curled eyelashes can last a lot longer than mascara on their own. 

Curled eyelashes with mascara on top have even more staying power. In principle, fake eyelashes can last at least as long. 

In practice, fake eyelashes don’t always hold as well as they should, especially not if it’s hot and/or humid.

3. Easier To Use, Especially On The Go

Once you get the hang of using an eyelash curler, you’ll probably find it easier to use than either mascara or fake eyelashes. 

This is mainly because there’s nothing to spill or smudge or stick. 

If you need to groom your eyelashes on the go, then eyelash curlers are often vastly easier to use than either mascara or fake eyelashes.

Can Eyelash Curlers Help Grow Eyelashes?

Can Eyelash Curlers Help Grow Eyelashes

Eyelash curlers will not help grow eyelashes. They will simply give the look of larger, fuller eyelashes and hence larger eyes.

On the other hand, if used properly, eyelash curlers will not damage eyelashes either. You can also give your eyelashes conditioning treatments for extra protection.

Used properly, eyelash curlers have no impact whatsoever on how your eyelash grows. 

Heated eyelash curlers may dry them slightly. With that said, the effect is likely to be less than the effect of the chemicals used in mascara and eyelash glue. 

If it concerns you, you can counterbalance the effect with conditioning treatments for your eyelashes.

How To Use Eyelash Curlers For Eyelashes

How To Use Eyelash Curlers For Eyelashes
  1. Make sure your eyelashes are totally clean. If necessary, use micellar water or another eye makeup remover to get rid of any traces of makeup.
  2. Heat your eyelash curler if you wish.
  3. Hold the eyelash curler where the grips are. 
  4. Open the eyelash curler as wide as you can and slide it over your eyelash towards the root. You want the eyelash root to be between the pad and the metal top of your eyelash curler.
  5. Clamp and hold for about 5-7 seconds. Then open the eyelash curler fully so you can move it without it grasping or dragging your lashes.
  6. Repeat as necessary until you have covered the whole eyelash. Then repeat along the middle of the eyelashes and then, finally, at the tips. You will probably need to clamp the roots 4-8 times to get a robust curl. The rest of the eyelash, however, will generally only need to be curled once.
  7. If you want even more drama, curl the outer corner of your eyelashes twice. The second time, turn your wrist (and the curler) towards your nose. This will give your outer lashes extra lift.
  8. Keep your hand still as you curl. Let the eyelash curler do the work.
  9. Go slowly and steadily. It really does work out quicker and give better results.
  10. If you need extra-long hold, you can apply mascara after you have curled your eyelashes.

Are There Any Risks To Using An Eyelash Curler?

As long as you buy a high-quality eyelash curler and use it correctly, it is safe to use an eyelash curler. 

The risks come with using a low-quality eyelash curler and/or using an eyelash curler incorrectly. 

Make sure that it’s clean and that the pad is still dense enough to offer meaningful protection. 

If you heat your eyelash curler, make sure that the temperature is cool enough to be safe on your eyelashes. 

Be careful that you only use your eyelash curler on your eyelashes rather than your eyelids or eyes themselves.

Here are some key points to note.

  1. Make sure your eyelash curler is grasping your lashes, not your eyelids.
  2. Curl your eyelashes after you finish your skincare. If you want to use eye makeup as well, put it on afterward. This includes mascara.
  3. Never use an eyelash curler after a lash lift or a keratin treatment.
  4. Always open your eyelash curler fully as you’re moving it over your eyelashes. Only close it when you’re ready to curl.