How To Use Cream Eyeliner: An Easy Guide

Cream eyeliner is an essential product to keep in your makeup bag and can help you achieve a bold cat-eye or a dark smokey look. In this article, we’ll explain exactly how to use cream eyeliner.

How To Use Cream Eyeliner

Benefits Of Cream Eyeliner

There is a time and a place for the use of different types of eyeliner. 

Some scenarios call for a pencil or liquid eyeliner, but it’s true that most makeup looks can be achieved with cream eyeliner. 

Here are some of the benefits of cream eyeliner: 

Precise Application

Most cream eyeliner comes in a small pot and is applied with a stiff, pointy brush. 

You can dip the brush into the pot to get as much or as little product as you want on your brush depending on the type of eyeliner look you are trying to achieve. 

You can use different types of brushes to get a more sharp, precise line or a more smudgy line. The product only goes exactly where you paint it with your brush without getting all over your face. 

Glides on Smoothly 

It’s easy to get frustrated with chalky pencil eyeliners tugging at the delicate skin around your eye or losing patience with the learning curve of liquid eyeliner. 

If you feel that way, you might fall in love with cream eyeliner. 

The creamy formula glides smoothly onto your skin and works especially well if you’re not into wearing foundation. The creamy consistency creates an effortless look in just a few seconds. 

No Sharpening Needed

The worst thing about using a pencil eyeliner is when you pull out a dull or broken one and are forced to root around in your makeup bag for a sharpener. 

Cream eyeliners take the sharpener out of the picture. Every time you reach for it, it’s ready to apply. 

All-Day Wear

Cream eyeliner is perfect if you need your look to stay put all day. 

Most cream eyeliners are waterproof, but even the ones that are not are typically able to withstand a good amount of wear without budging. 

This is why cream eyeliner is a favorite of makeup artists everywhere. 

Achieve Any Look 

With a steady hand and the right brush, you can create a wide variety of makeup looks with cream eyeliner. 

It’s a great makeup bag staple because it can be used for daily wear or special occasions. 

A stiff, pointy brush will help you nail a sharp wing or cut-crease whereas a dense brush will create a smudgy, smokey look. 

Cream eyeliner really is the jack-of-all-trades when it comes to eyeliner. 

How To Use Cream Eyeliner – Easy Guide

How To Use Cream Eyeliner

Although cream eyeliner may seem intimidating at first, it’s actually very easy to use. 

You can create an effortlessly put-together look in just a few seconds once you are used to working with the formula. 

Here are the steps to achieving a beautiful eye makeup look with cream eyeliner: 

  1. Do the rest of your makeup – Eyeliner is one of the final steps to your makeup look. Start by applying your base products like foundation and concealer as well as any eyeshadow before you take out the cream eyeliner. 
  2. Choose the correct brush – Depending on the type of look you want to achieve, make sure you have the right brush. Use a thin, angled brush for more precise looks or a dense, thick brush for a softer look. 
  3. Line your upper lid – Close or hold your eye shut and using a steady hand, paint a line from the inner corner of your eye to the outer corner. Play with the thickness of the line to create the ideal look you are trying to achieve. 
  4. Finishing touches – Now that your line is in place, you can leave it or add some extra pizzaz to finish off your look. 
    1. Add a wing – If you’re trying to create a dramatic look, use your brush to gently create a flicked-up wing at the outer corner of each eye. You can leave your wing as a thin line or draw a small line connecting it into a triangle and filling it in. 
    2. Smudge it out – If you’re looking for a softer, smokey look you can use your finger, a q-tip, or your brush to blur the line softly. This will make your eyeliner lose some intensity and appear more like eyeshadow.
  5. Clean up – If you made any mistakes with your cream eyeliner or want to sharpen your look, you can easily clean up your mistakes. Dip a q-tip or a clean thin brush in makeup remover or concealer and run it along the edge of your liner to remove thick spots or other mistakes. 
  6. Line your lower lash line – To make your eyes pop, take your brush and sweep it along your lower lash line. You can create a thick, bold line, a soft, smudgy line, or a thin precise line along your water line depending on the type of look you are going for. 

How Do You Get Cream Eyeliner To Stay On?

How Do You Get Cream Eyeliner To Stay On

Cream eyeliner formulas are some of the more smudge-proof eyeliners on the market even if they aren’t waterproof. 

If you want to make absolutely sure that your liner doesn’t move through a long day, there are some additional things you can do to help preserve its staying power. 

Use eyeshadow primer 

Eyeshadow primer works just as well with eyeliner as it does for eyeshadow. 

It helps create a smooth, oil-free base for your eye makeup to sit on top of and stay put all day. 

Put primer on your lids before you apply any other eye makeup and allow it to dry completely before applying anything else for best results. 

Dust with translucent powder

If you find that your lids get greasy over the course of the day, you can “set” your eyeliner with a translucent powder to help it stay in place. 

The powder will provide a barrier from the oil and prevent it from breaking down your cream eyeliner. 

Make sure you choose a finely milled powder that goes on completely sheer to prevent a white cast to the powder. 

Apply concealer 

If you are lining your lower lash line with cream eyeliner, apply a good quality concealer to your undereye area to help it stay in place. 

Concealer will also help clean up any smudges from application and prevent any residual darkness under your eyes so your eyeliner looks fresh all day.

How Do You Soften Cream Eyeliner?

If your cream eyeliner is looking a little dry in the pot, there are a few things you can do to bring it back to life. 

Heat is the best way to soften your liner back to its original condition. Warm up the eyeliner between your palms or even place it in the microwave for 10 seconds to soften it. 

Another way to help revive your cream eyeliner is to dampen your brush before dipping it into the pot. 

A little bit of water will help your brush pick up the product smoothly and easily for a perfect application. 

If you’re used to using pencil eyeliner for everything, don’t be intimidated by giving cream eyeliner a try. Cream eyeliner is very easy to work with, stays put all day, and can be used for so many different makeup looks.