Is Salt Water Good For Eyelashes? [Answered]

Salt water contains many minerals that can be good for releasing toxins in the body and clearing infections. Salt water is also known to be good for the skin, but is salt water good for eyelashes?

Is Salt Water Good For Eyelashes

Salt water can be both good and bad for your eyelashes. On one hand, salt water has a drying effect on hair but on the other hand, is an excellent exfoliator. This can help promote blood circulation to the hair follicles which encourages hair growth.

Benefits of Salt Water

Swimming in salt water can help improve our overall mental health as exercise is a great way to destress. But there are many other proven health benefits of salt water.

These include:

  • Magnesium – helps regulate blood sugar levels and nerve function
  • Potassium – contributes to the function of cells
  • Zinc and iron – contain anti-inflammatory properties
  • Good for eczema-prone skin
  • Exfoliates skin
  • Works as anti-dandruff treatment
  • Helps scalp blood circulation

2 Reasons Why Salt Water Is Good For Eyelashes

Rich In Minerals

Salt water contains minerals such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and iron which are all important for the body to stay healthy.

Iron and zinc in particular help promote hair growth and can therefore be very beneficial to eyelashes.

Iron for example helps to produce red blood cells which circulate oxygen around the body and potassium deficiency, also known as hypokalemia, can actually cause hair loss.

Improves Blood Circulation To Hair Follicles

Salt water has exfoliating properties which are great for not only your scalp but also your hair follicles on your skin.

Exfoliation helps to improve blood circulation which in turn allows oxygen and important nutrients to enter the hair follicles.

This could have a positive effect on your eyelashes.

2 Reasons Why Salt Water Is Bad For Eyelashes

Salt Water Is Drying

Salt could make your hair dry and brittle, something you may have noticed after going for a swim.

It can therefore also affect your eyelashes in the same way. Salt water can turn your lashes dry and as a result, make them more fragile which causes the lashes to fall out.

Salt Water Can Cause Itchy Eyes

Swimming in the ocean is great, but seawater contains 3.5% sodium chloride compared to your tears which only contain about 0.9% sodium chloride.

This means that your eyes may sting when coming into contact with salt water and goggles are therefore often recommended.

Itchy eyes cause you to rub your eyes and as a result, you may lose a couple of lashes.

It’s also important to remember that the ocean contains many irritants such as sand and bacteria so you should always protect your eyes when going swimming in the sea.

Should You Use Salt Water On Eyelashes?

While applying salt water directly to your eyelashes is not recommended, nothing is stopping you from taking regular swims in the ocean if you wish.

You should way up the pros and cons of saltwater on your skin and your hair and decide which is more important to you.

If your eyes become red or itchy, it may be a sign that you need to stay clear of salt water or that you should use goggles when swimming.

Can Salt Water Help Grow Eyelashes?

Salt water may be beneficial when it comes to growing eyelashes as it contains many minerals including zinc. A 2009 study of alopecia patients showed that zinc appeared to have a positive effect and was able to stop hair loss as well as encourage new growth.

If you’re suffering from hair loss or worried about potential issues relating to hair loss, you should speak to your doctor about potential treatment. Do not take supplements without the advice of your doctor.

3 Alternative Ingredients That Are Good For Eyelashes

If you’re keen to take extra care of your lashes, consider investing in one of these ingredients:

1. Oils

Most oils are great for eyelashes as they have a moisturizing effect and create a barrier that helps protect your lashes against environmental factors. Try castor oil as it contains Vitamin E which can help increase the thickness of your lashes.

2. Green Tea

Green tea is known for its antioxidants but also contains caffeine and flavonoids which are good for lashes.

Simply brew a cup of green tea, dab some on a cotton ball and let it cool. Drink the tea and apply the cotton ball to your eyelashes afterward. Two birds, one stone!

3.  Cocoa Butter

Cocoa butter contains fatty acids which are great for eyelashes. It helps to form a protective barrier which hydrates and locks moisture in.

Apply a small amount of cocoa butter directly onto your lashes (avoid getting it into your eyes of course) or eat a square of dark chocolate every day.