Is Water Good For Eyelashes? (Explained)

It’s not an overexaggeration to say that every cell, tissue, and organ in the human body needs water to function properly. As such, ensuring that you drink eight cups a day is essential. But is water good for eyelashes? 

Is Water Good For Eyelashes

There’s no causational link between eyelash health and water, but it’s certainly the case that a lack of water will lead to your lashes breaking and becoming dehydrated. As such, it’s a good idea to ensure that you remain hydrated at all times.

Benefits of Water

Water is important for so much more than your eyelash health. 

Sure, having lovely long, luscious lashes does mean ensuring that you stay hydrated, but you will experience far more serious consequences than broken eyelashes if you become dehydrated. 

These are just some of the benefits of water:

  • Ensures that oxygen is transported around the body. As blood is 90% water, and blood is responsible for carrying oxygen around the body, a lack of water will impact this process.
  • Keeps your skin and hair silky, moisturized, and supple.
  • Regulates the temperature of the body. When you exercise loads, you sweat, which is a process that’s designed to cool the body down. It’s therefore essential to take on water after sweating excessively – and, in fact, drinking water can boost your performance mid-exercise.
  • Protects your spinal cord, joints, and your tissues. Water is what cushions and lubricates these areas of the body, helping to protect against arthritis and other joint conditions.
  • Ensures you absorb nutrients like vitamins and minerals.
  • Maintains cognitive function, memory, and mood.
  • Keeps your digestive system functioning properly, and ensures any waste is properly flushed from your system.
  • Prevents dehydration – a dangerous condition that can cause kidney failure, seizures, and brain swelling.

Three Reasons Water Is Good For Eyelashes

Keeps your hair follicles healthy

We all know how important it is to stay hydrated.

From keeping your skin supple and elasticated through to reducing the damaging effects of dehydration, water is a wonder ingredient for ensuring that your body stays healthy and happy.

Staying hydrated is also important for your hair health. 

Dry scalps can lead to conditions like dandruff, for example, but remaining hydrated also ensures that your hair follicles are healthy. 

You need your hair follicles to remain in optimum condition, as they are responsible for growing new hair in. 

As your eyelashes grow from hair follicles, ensuring that you remain hydrated is a way of supporting those lashes.

Keeps your lashes moisturized

When your body is dehydrated, it will divert your remaining water for key bodily processes, like keeping your heart beating. 

As such, if you’re dehydrated, your body will remove water from your hair and eyelashes. 

This can lead your hair and lashes to become brittle and dehydrated. At worst, this may result in thinning or even breakage.

Staying hydrated is a way of ensuring that there’s enough water to circulate around all of your body, including your hair and eyelashes. 

You’re therefore keeping them looking and feeling their best, and minimizing risk of breakage.

Transports oxygen throughout your body

As described above, your blood is made up of 90% water. 

Your blood is responsible for transporting oxygen around the body, including to your hair follicles. This then encourages hair growth. 

So, when you’re dehydrated, your blood won’t be able to do its job, and your hair follicles won’t be supported. 

Similarly, your blood transports nutrients like vitamin E, D, and C throughout your body. All of these have been linked to hair and eyelash growth. 

As such, staying hydrated helps your blood to deliver these vital vitamins to your body. 

Can Water Help Grow Eyelashes?

There’s no direct evidence linking water and eyelash growth. However, when you are dehydrated, your hair follicles will be less healthy and your lashes may become dry and brittle. As such, you do need to regularly consume water to keep them at their best.

How To Use Water For Eyelashes

How To Use Water For Eyelashes


The best way that you can ensure that you remain hydrated is by drinking water. 

And it’s not about drinking sodas or any other fluids – water is what you need. 

There’s disagreement over the amount of water anyone may need, as it will depend on their age, gender, and exercise level, but you should ideally aim for eight glasses of water a day.

Look for conditioning serums

In beauty terms, water is a humectant, meaning that is a substance that attracts other water molecules from the air, making the beauty product intensely hydrating. 

If you look for lash conditioning serums that use water as their first or second ingredient, you’re applying water directly to the lashes, which will work to attract other molecules and deliver deep hydration in the process.

Remember that you should always patch test prior to using a serum on your lashes. Apply a small amount to the soft skin of your elbow or knee, and leave for 24 hours. 

If you don’t experience any irritation, then you should be okay to apply the serum to your lashes.

Risks And Warnings Of Using Water

Risks And Warnings Of Using Water

You can actually drink too much water, which may disrupt your brain functioning or result in water poisoning. 

At the worst, your brain cells may swell, causing drowsiness or headaches. 

If your urine is overly pale, you’re going to the bathroom too often, or are drinking even when you’re not thirsty, you may be drinking too much water.