Lash Lift Treatments: 10 Things To Avoid

A lash lift is a beauty service that gives the appearance of fuller, lifted, more curled lashes on a temporary basis. In this article, we reveal the ten things you shouldn’t do when getting a lash lift treatment.

Lash Lift -  Things Not To Do

Lash lifts require some minimal preparation steps as well as some specific aftercare on the days immediately before and after your appointment. These steps are easy to do and will help prolong your lash lift so you can enjoy fuller-looking lashes for up to 6 weeks. 

What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a service where a lash artist will brush a lifting solution onto your natural lashes and allow them to set over a flexible rod or soft pad laid across your lash line. 

Your lashes will be gently taped in an upward position to encourage the lifted, curled shape as the solution dries and sets. 

Once the lash lift service is over, your lashes will immediately look more full, longer, and more curled. 

It is a popular service because it gives a similar appearance to lash extensions or false lashes, but it is achieved with your natural lashes and lasts much longer. 

Lash lift results typically last 4-6 weeks depending on how your lashes respond to the lift, your aftercare, and your natural hair fall pattern. 

5 Things Not To Do Before A Lash Lift

5 Things Not To Do Before A Lash Lift

Although the preparation for a lash lift is simple and straightforward, it is important that you follow the recommended guidelines to ensure that you get the desired result. 

Here are five important things that you should not do before your lash lift: 

1. Don’t wear waterproof mascara for 2-3 days before your lash lift 

Waterproof mascara has a tendency to leave behind a residue on your lashes even after you have washed your face. 

This residue can prevent the lash lifting solution from penetrating the lash properly, which may result in your lash lift not taking effect as you desire. 

For this reason, it is recommended that you avoid using waterproof mascara for 48-72 hours before your lash lift appointment. 

This will ensure that the residue from the mascara has had plenty of time to wear off by the time you go in for your lash lift.

2. Don’t curl your lashes the day of your lash lift 

Lash lifts are meant to take the place of having to curl your lashes daily, so don’t forget to skip the lash curler the day of your lash lift appointment. 

This will allow your lash artist to see your lashes as they naturally are so that they can properly assess how much curl they will try to achieve with your lash lift. 

If you curl your lashes before your appointment, your lash artist may not be able to give you the look that you want with your lash lift so it’s best to avoid the curler entirely that day. 

3. Don’t forget to remove lash extensions or fake lashes before your lash lift 

If you are currently wearing lash extensions or fake lashes like lash strips or individual lash clusters, it’s very important to fully remove those prior to your lash lift appointment. 

Ideally, you want to remove them a few days before your appointment to make sure your own lashes are ready for the lash lift service. 

If you arrive at your appointment with extensions or falsies, you may be charged extra for removal or the lash artist may not be able to complete the service at all. 

4. Don’t apply any facial moisturizers or sunscreens before your lash lift 

Oil is a lash lift’s biggest enemy. 

If there is any oily residue on your lashes or the eye area, it may prevent your lash lift from taking effect.

For this reason, make sure you do not apply any moisturizer, eye cream, or sunscreen to your eye area before your lash lift appointment. 

If you do apply anything to your face beforehand, make sure to at least wash your eye area to remove any grease or oil. 

5. Don’t wear contact lenses to your lash lift

The solution that is used to lift your lashes during a lash lift can be irritating to your eyes if it gets into your eye during the service. 

If you wear contact lenses, your lash artist will require that you arrive at your appointment without your contacts or at least remove them prior to the service beginning. 

You can wear contacts again as soon as the lash lift is over as long as your eyes aren’t too irritated after your appointment.

5 Things Not To Do After A Lash Lift

5 Things Not To Do After A Lash Lift

Once your lash lift is done, it’s important to take good care of your lashes to make sure you get the best results possible. 

Good aftercare in the first few days after your appointment will ensure that your lashes stay looking long and full for 4-6 weeks.

Here are five important things that you should not do after your lash lift: 

1. Don’t touch, rub, or pull on your lashes for 24 hours after your lash lift 

Do your best to avoid touching your eye area immediately following your lash lift. 

This will make sure that your lashes have ample time to set in the lifted, curled position from the service. 

2. Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours after your lash lift

Wetting your lashes immediately after your lash lift can reverse the lifting effects of the solution. 

Avoid things like swimming pools, showers, washing your face, and any other scenario when your face would get wet for 24 hours after your lash lift. 

If you will be going outside in the rain, wear a hat or hood. 

3. Don’t wear eye makeup for 24 hours after your lash lift 

To make sure your lashes have plenty of time to set after your lash lift, avoid wearing any eye makeup like eyeshadow, eyeliner, or mascara.

This will ensure that the residue from your cosmetics won’t impact the results of your lash lift and you won’t have to wash your makeup off when you can’t get your eye area wet. 

4. Don’t use eyelash curlers with a lash lift 

You shouldn’t need to use a lash curler at all after your lash lift, but it’s important to avoid the temptation to use them to try to get more curl out of your lashes. 

Curling your lashes manually could damage your lashes or minimize the look of your lash lift. 

If it has been 5-6 weeks since your lash lift and you have noticed that your lashes are mostly back to normal, you can use a lash curler to get some additional curl until your next lash lift appointment. 

5. Don’t get another lash lift for at least 6 weeks after your initial appointment

Most lash artists will recommend that you wait a minimum of 6 weeks between lash lifts to achieve the best results and ensure no damage to your lashes. 

Tips On How To Best Prepare For A Lash Lift

  • Research to find the best lash artist in your area – Ask your friends for a referral or ask to see examples of your chosen lash artist’s recent work before scheduling. 
  • Remove lash extensions or false lashes – Make sure your lashes are completely clean and natural before your lash lift appointment. 
  • Take out contact lenses – You will be asked to leave your contact lenses at home and arrive wearing glasses to your lash lift appointment.
  • Arrive with a clean face – Make sure your face, and especially your eye area, are clean and free of skincare products and makeup residue. 
  • Avoid mascara for 24 hours before (longer if you wear waterproof) – Don’t wear any mascara the day before and the day of your lash lift. If you wear waterproof mascara, do not wear it for 2-3 days before. 

Tips On How To Best Care For A Lash Lift

  • Don’t rub your eyes for the first few days – Avoid touching your eyes so that you don’t get any of the remaining lifting solution into your eye and cause irritation and to give your lashes time to set. 
  • Avoid humidity or strenuous activity for 24 hours – Moisture caused by humidity or sweating can counteract the lash lift solution and cause your lashes to not retain the lift and curl from your service. 
  • Sleep on your back as much as possible – Sleeping on your back ensures that you won’t crush your lashes while you sleep. 
  • Avoid direct sunlight for 24 hours if you’ve had a lash tint – Most lash lifts also come with a lash tint, which dyes your lashes to help them appear darker. If you got this done, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight and wear a hat outside to prevent fading. 
  • Apply a lash growth serum daily starting 3 weeks after your appointment – A few weeks after your appointment, you can start using a lash serum to help stimulate lash growth and strength.