Can You Get A Lash Lift With Contacts? [Answered]

Lash lifts have risen in popularity because they can help you achieve the wide-eyed look of false lashes. But can you get a lash lift with contacts?

Can You Get  Lash Lift With Contacts

So yes, you can get a lash lift with contacts. The important thing is to remove your contacts during the treatment in case your lash technician needs to rinse your eyes with a saline solution.

Therefore, if you wear contact lenses, you will need to do a few things before and during your lash lift but there is no reason to shy away from this service.

With a little preparation, you can enjoy your long, curled lashes for weeks to come. 

What Is A Lash Lift?

A lash lift is a popular beauty service that curls your natural lashes on a temporary basis. 

An esthetician will brush your lashes, lay them over a thin, flexible rod, and apply a solution that will help your lashes stay in that curled position. 

Once the solution has set the lashes and the rod and tape are removed, your beautiful lashes will be revealed. 

Lash lift results last 4-6 weeks on average. 

You won’t need to reach for the eyelash curler or the falsies at all during that time because your natural lashes will be curled and fabulous.

Benefits Of A Lash Lift

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider getting a lash lift. Many people report that after they get their first lash lift they are hooked on getting the service done regularly. 

Here are some of the benefits of getting a lash lift:

1. Fresh open-eyed look 

If your lashes normally stick out straight, a lash lift can give the appearance of your eyes looking more open and wide. 

2. Skip the makeup 

A lash lift can help give you the confidence to go makeup-free, especially if you get a lash tint along with it. 

3. Save time getting ready

If you are wearing less or no makeup, it won’t take you as long to get ready in the morning which will give you more time to enjoy your morning coffee. 

4. Less expensive than lash extensions

A lash lift costs $50-$100 every 4-6 weeks depending on where you live. A full set of lash extensions can cost $200-$300 and requires fills every 2 weeks that cost around $50-$75.

5. Break up with fake lashes

Never have to worry about applying strip lashes for big events or a night out when your lashes look perfect every day. 

6. Long-lasting results

If you don’t have time to make it to the salon often, lash lifts are a great option because you can go a month or longer between services. 

Can You Get A Lash Lift With Contacts?

Can You Get  Lash Lift With Contacts

You can get a lash lift if you wear contacts, but just make sure you take them out during your lash lift service. 

The reason why you will be asked to remove your contacts for your lash lift is just in case any of the lifting solution gets in your eye, they can rinse it with saline to clear out the solution. 

It’s best if you plan ahead and leave your contacts at home and wear glasses to and from your appointment or bring your case and lens solution with you to remove them before your service begins. 

If you remove your contacts prior to your appointment, you can put them right back in again once the service is over. 

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Can I Still Wear Contact Lenses After My Lash Treatment?

The only risk of wearing contact lenses is during the actual lash lift treatment because of the lifting solution. 

If the solution gets in your eye, it can cause irritation and the lash artist will need to rinse your eye out with a saline solution. 

Once your lash lift service is over, you can pop your contact lenses right back in and go on your merry way. 

You are free to wear your contacts anytime you want after your lash treatment is finished and you shouldn’t have any issues. 

What Is A Lash Tint? 

A lash tint is a popular service if you want to get more out of your lash lift. The two services are often bundled together for best results. 

Your lash artist will use an eye-safe dye to temporarily dye your eyelashes a darker color. 

It will help your lashes look darker and longer, especially if you have naturally light or sparse eyelashes. 

Most lash tint devotees love this service because it eliminates or minimizes the need to wear mascara. 

The results of a lash tint will last several weeks depending on your aftercare.

Tinted lashes will fade more quickly if they are often exposed to water, humidity, excess heat, or direct sunlight. 

To help your lash tint last, pat your lashes dry any time they get wet, and wear a hat with a wide brim when tanning in the sun.

Can I Get A Lash Tint With Contact Lenses? 

Can I Get A Lash Tint With Contact Lenses

Many lash lift services include a lash tint or offer it as an add-on service. 

Lash tints can help to enhance the look of your lifted lashes by making them appear darker and thicker.

If you wear contact lenses, you can still reap the benefits of a lash tint on top of your lash lift. 

The rules for contact lens wearers and lash tints are the same as a lash lift. 

You can wear your contacts to and from your appointment, but you will be asked to remove your lenses during the actual tinting service just in case any of the dye gets in your eye. 

Once your lash tint is over, you can wear your contact lenses as you normally would without any issues. 

Can I Get A Lash Lift If I Wear Glasses?

Your lash lift will make sure that your eyes sparkle even behind your glasses. Many people who wear glasses love to get lash lifts because they brighten and draw attention to your eyes. 

If you wear glasses often, bring them to your appointment so that your lash artist can see how close they sit to your eyes. 

Depending on how your glasses sit and how long your lashes are, they can tailor your lash lift to make sure your lashes have the perfect curl and minimize them rubbing on your glasses. 

Can You Rub Your Eyes After A Lash Lift?

It’s recommended that you avoid touching or rubbing your eyes and avoid getting your eye area wet for the first 24 hours after your lash lift treatment.

During that time, the lash lifting solution is still setting and any rubbing could prevent the lift from taking full effect.

After that first full day, you are free to rub your lashes if you wish. However, it’s best to only rub them when absolutely necessary. 

Excessive rubbing can cause your lashes to shed faster than normal, which might mean that your lash lift doesn’t last as long. 

How Do I Need To Prep For The Treatment?

Lash lifts are a pretty simple service and you don’t have to do too much to prepare for your lash lift treatment. 

Most changes only need to be done the day before your service, so there’s no complex preparation involved. 

Here are some things to do before your lash lift treatment: 

Remove eye makeup

It’s important to arrive at your lash lift appointment without any eye makeup on. Thoroughly wash your eye area to remove all traces of eye shadow, eyeliner, and mascara before you go to your appointment. 

Skip the waterproof mascara

Stop using waterproof mascara a minimum of 2 days before your appointment to make sure there is no residue left on your lashes for the appointment.

Waterproof mascara residue can prevent the lifting solution from working properly.  

Take off lash extensions or falsies

If you have lash extensions currently or are wearing false lashes, remove them completely before your appointment. 

Put down the lash curler

Do not use an eyelash curler for a minimum of 24 hours before your appointment to make sure your lashes are in their natural state for your appointment. 

Take out contact lenses

Leave your contact lenses at home or bring your lens case and solution with you to remove your contacts during your lash service. You can put them back in when it’s finished. 

Make sure your eyes are healthy

If you have any active eye infections like pink eye, reschedule your appointment for another time as the service cannot be completed with any infections or eye issues.