How To Remove Eyelash Extensions With Baby Oil (Easy Guide)

If you are unable to get back to the salon or just want to save some money, it is possible to remove your eyelash extensions at home using baby oil. In this article, we will provide a step-by-step guide on how to do so, along with some general advice and guidance on whether it’s worth it or not.

woman covering her eyes with cotton pads

Is It Safe For Me To Remove My Eyelash Extensions At Home?

It is usually recommended to go back to the salon to get your eyelash extensions removed. 

This is because lash professionals use an eyelash extension remover which is specifically formulated to dissolve the glue which keeps your extensions in place.

This is a strong substance, and dangerous if it comes into contact with your eyes.

For this reason, the process should be carried out by licensed and certified lash stylists only. There is a risk of causing yourself significant pain or even blindness if the solution enters your eyes. 

The cost to have your lashes removed by a professional is usually between $25-$50.

Be very cautious of buying products unless they specifically state they are for home use.

A safer option is to use a mild product such as baby oil if you want to remove your eyelash extensions at home. 

This does not come without its own problems, though. 

Baby oil is not designed to remove eyelash extensions, so it may not work straight away. This could lead to frustration and you pulling your extensions out, which is obviously counter-productive.

Pulling out lash extensions can cause trauma to the lash follicle, which could lead to lashes growing back abnormally or not at all. 

For these reasons, it’s best to proceed with caution if you’re planning to remove your eyelash extensions at home.

Why Baby Oil?

Do you remember your stylist telling you not to use oil-based makeup remover when you got your eyelash extensions?

This is because oils are notorious for breaking down eyelash adhesive and causing poor eyelash extension retention.

Baby oil is no exception.

With the combination of steam and warm baby oil, you should be able to remove your eyelash extensions at home, with a little patience and care.

Read more about how baby oil can be good for eyelashes.

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions With Baby Oil

woman smiling and holding up a cotton pad to her face

You can begin this process by either taking a hot shower OR by steaming your face over a bowl of hot water. We include both methods in the following directions.

You will need:

  • Baby oil
  • A shower OR a bowl of steaming hot water
  • A cup or small bowl
  • Lint-free cotton pads
  • Snag-free mascara wand or Q tips (optional)

1. Wash Your Face

If you’re planning to begin the process by taking a shower, you can do this step in the shower.

The idea with this first step is to remove any mascara or makeup that has settled into the lash extensions. Be careful not to scrub your eye area as this may pull on the extensions and cause snagging and damage. 

It’s also a good idea to wash your hands to limit the chance of bacteria getting into your eyes during the lash removal process.

Check out my post on how to clean mascara from lash extensions.

2. Steam Your Face

A hot shower will take care of this process. Otherwise, fill a large bowl with steaming hot water.

Put your face over it and cover your head with a towel to stop the steam escaping.

Allow at least a few minutes to let the steam do its work on the bonds of the eyelash glue. 10 minutes is even better – why not turn the experience into a luxurious steam facial? You can even add herbs or essential oils to the water for an extra pampering experience.

3.  Warm Up The Baby Oil

The baby oil will be most effective on your eyelash extensions if it is warm.

Fill a cup or small bowl with baby oil. Next warm the oil slightly. You can do this by heating it in a microwave for 15 seconds

Make sure the oil is not too hot as you’ll be using it on the sensitive eye area.

4. Soak Cotton Pads In Baby Oil

Next, soak a lint-free cotton pad in the warm baby oil.

Then place it over one of your eyes, over the lashes. It is easier (and safer) to do one eye at a time as this can be quite a time-consuming process.

Let the cotton pad sit for five to ten minutes to let the oil soak into the eyelash bonds. You can gently wipe the upper lash line with it to help the oil work into the eyelash glue.

Be careful to keep your eye closed during this process so you do not accidentally drip oil or eyelash glue into your eye.

5. Remove The Extensions

Using the same cotton pad, gently wipe your lash line again. You should start to see a few of the extensions coming off and remaining in the cotton pad.

You must be very gentle during this process to make sure you are not damaging your natural lashes. Do not pull or tug on your lashes.

You may find it easier to use a snag-free mascara wand or a Q tip to remove the extensions.

Be aware that baby oil may not be strong enough to remove your extensions in one session. You may have to repeat the process.

6. Repeat With The Other Eye

Repeat the process with the other eye. You may have to reheat the baby oil in the microwave.

Again, do not rush and be very gentle. Refrain from pulling or tugging at the extensions.

You may have to repeat the process a couple of times to remove all the extensions.

7. Rinse Your Eyes

Cleanse your eyelids thoroughly with clean water and a gentle cleanser to remove any remaining baby oil or stuck lashes.

What If My Eyelash Extensions Didn’t Come Off?

What If My Eyelash Extensions Didn’t Come Off

If your eyelash extensions didn’t come off, DO NOT pull on them. Doing so could cause damage to your natural eyelashes.

You can repeat the process using baby oil until you start to see results. You could even try removing your eyelash extensions using a different oil, such as coconut oil.

The key is to be patient and gentle at all times.

It can be a challenge to keep your eyes closed during the removal process, and it does take a lot of patience, so if you’re in any doubt, it’s best to visit a professional eyelash technician who can remove them for you. 

Remember, the cost of getting eyelash extensions removed is less than having them put on, and it’s always worth it for the health of your lashes.

Alternative Options For Removal Of Eyelash Extensions At Home

woman wearing a towel on her head and a robe is cleaning her face with cotton pads

There are a few alternative oils you can try for removing eyelash extensions if you don’t have any baby oil to hand.

You could try:

  • Coconut oil
  • Olive oil
  • Mineral oil
  • Castor oil


  • Oil-based makeup remover

Coconut oil is said to be particularly effective for removing eyelash extensions at home.

Follow the same process as you would with the baby oil, starting with a hot shower or steaming your face for a few minutes.

Using any kind of natural oil on your eyelashes also has the advantage of acting as a moisturizer for your eyelashes.

Castor oil will not break the bond of lash adhesive as quickly as other oils. If you want to use castor oil, you will need to dab some onto your extensions and leave it for a while. 

You’ll need to repeat this process for a few days. You can also put castor oil on your lashes before bed each night, but just be aware that it can cause irritation to the eyes if it gets in them.

Alternatively, a simple option is to use an oil-based makeup remover for a few days to weaken the bonds of the eyelash glue. You should find that the extensions will fall out gradually over a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do Eyelash Extensions Ruin Your Natural Lashes?

Eyelash extensions should not damage your natural lashes, providing they are applied correctly by a professional. It’s also important to take care of them once you have them, being careful not to rub or tug them. So long as you don’t do this, your natural lashes will remain healthy.

Why Are Eyelashes Short After Extensions?

If your eyelashes look extra short and stubby after your extensions are removed, it is likely to be because your eyelashes broke when the extensions came off. You can care for your lashes by conditioning them with a natural oil such as coconut or castor oil and taking a break from eyelash extensions.

Why Do My Eyelash Extensions Hurt?

Eyelash extensions should not hurt. When attached properly by a professional, the glue and lashes should not touch your eyelids at all. If applied incorrectly, they can hurt and cause irritation to the eyelids.

Will Micellar Water Remove Eyelash Extensions?

In theory yes, if the micellar water is oil-based. The oil in it will weaken the bonds of the extensions and cause them to fall off after a while. A water-based micellar water will not remove your eyelash extensions.

How Do I Make My Eyelashes Grow After Extensions?

You can boost eyelash growth by conditioning them with a natural oil such as coconut or castor oil. Take a break from eyelash extensions, and be sure to clean your lashes thoroughly every night. Eat a diet rich in protein, biotin and omega 3. You can also take a supplement or use a lash growth serum.