Does Magnetic Eyeliner Need To Dry? [Answered]

Magnetic eyeliner is a hot trend that makes falsies a breeze. Lashes have never been so easy to apply, but does magnetic eyeliner need to dry?

Does Magnetic Eyeliner Need To Dry

Yes, you should let magnetic eyeliner dry completely before attaching the lashes. The drying time usually takes around two minutes.

To check if the liner is ready for lashes, you can always touch tap it a bit with your ring finger and see if anything comes off. 

What Is Magnetic Eyeliner?

Magnetic liner is a type of liquid eyeliner that was made to compliment lashes. 

The lashes that come with magnetic eyeliner have small magnets on them that are attracted to the iron oxide in the eyeliner. 

It’s really nothing different than any other liner, with the same feel and looks as traditional eyeliners.

The only difference is that, when it comes to lashes, magnetic liners act as a two-for-one, creating definition for the eyes while working keeping lashes in place. 

Think of it as a tinted lash glue, only better formulated, less sticky, and longer-lasting.

Benefits Of Magnetic Lashes

Magnetic eyelashes come with a few notable benefits, including:

  • Eyelash application is easier than ever
  • No need for messy, sticky eyelash glue
  • No white residue will be left on the lashes
  • Lashes stay put and don’t lift throughout the day
  • It’s 100% safe for the eyes and the eyelids
  • They add shape and definition to the eyes

Does Magnetic Eyeliner Need To Dry?

Does Magnetic Eyeliner Need To Dry

If you’re used to wearing lashes, you may be used to applying them when lash glue is tacky. That’s how you can get your lashes to stick and make sure that you place them in just the right spot. 

Magnetic liner is different, as it needs to dry completely before you stick on.

As the liner dries, the iron oxide that’s in it activates, which attracts the magnets that are on your lashes. 

There is no need to wait for the perfect moment, as you just need to make sure it’s dry before you apply lashes.

Pro Tip: Apply two coats and make sure to focus on the outer and inner corners so that your lashes won’t go anywhere all day long.

Let each coat dry before adding another, letting the last one dry completely before adding lashes.

How Long Do You Let Magnetic Eyeliner Dry?

Magnetic eyeliner needs time to dry completely. 

Everyone’s skin is different, some with more oils than others. It’s a good idea to wait at least 2 to 3 minutes, tapping a finger over it to make sure it’s not still tacky. 

If you’re in a hurry, fan the eyes with the hand or lightly pass by the face as you’re blow-drying the hair.

If doing more than one coat, you should let each coat dry before applying another. 

This will help you maintain your line and ensure that it’s in the right condition to make the magnetic lashes stick.

Be sure to pay close attention to the outer and inner corners, also adding a tad more in the middle of the eye. This will give you a long-lasting hold, allowing you to keep your lashes looking fabulous for hours.

How Long Can You Leave Magnetic Eyeliner On?

Just like with any makeup product, it’s recommended that you don’t leave it on too long, especially for more than 24 hours. 

The eyeliner really keeps lashes in place and will allow users to keep it on for up to 10 hours without movement, which is really the max you should push it to.

That could work for those that are always on the go and tuck in late at night, though it’s best to let the eyes breathe. 

Plus, magnetic lashes can last months when they are properly cared for. Ensuring that you don’t damage them by overextended use daily will keep them lasting long.

If you do find that you get in the habit of falling asleep with them, you should try and break that habit if you can, refraining from ordering more until you can use them responsibly. 

It’s better for your eye health and for the look of your lashes.

Can You Sleep With Magnetic Eyeliner On?

No, you should not sleep with magnetic eyeliner on the eyes. While it’s not damaging to the eyes, it could be damaging to the eyelashes.

Because there are specific eyelashes that pair with magnetic eyeliner, you’ll want to keep them in good shape so that you can keep them longer.

It’s highly recommended to take off both the eyelashes and the eyeliner before turning in for bed, keeping the eyes clean and the lashes safe. 

A lot of products can wear off while sleeping and make their way into the eye, which is not something that you want happening often.

It is also important to patch test magnetic eyeliners before using them for longer periods of time.

What If My Lashes Stop Magnetizing To Liner?

There are a few reasons why your lashes could stop magnetizing to your liner. 

There is a small learning curve involved, so read through these before you give up on them.

1. Product Build-up

One of the main reasons why this happens is because there is a build-up of product on the magnets along with the lash band.

If this happens, you’ll need to clean the magnets, avoiding the lashes so that you don’t damage them.

Use a bit of alcohol on a cotton swab or even some oil-free makeup remover, making sure that you scrub all the gunk away. 

If you’re in the habit of cleaning your lashes regularly, you might not get as much build-up, just don’t forget to give the magnets some love.

2. Missing Magnets

Another issue that you could run into is missing magnets. 

They are small and may be hard to see but, if you check out the lash band, you should be able to see them.

If one lash isn’t sticking, check to see how many magnets are on the back, there could be one or more missing.

If you notice magnets missing, you’ll have to replace your lashes to get the same hold. You could pop on some lash glue if it’s an emergency, but try to avoid using it on your lashes if you can.

3. Out of Date

Magnetic eyeliner doesn’t last forever and can dry up just like traditional liquid eyeliners. 

It’s recommended to replace magnetic eyeliner every 3 months, as this will ensure that it’s in good shape to use on the eyes. 

If your liner is crusty, dry, or nearly empty, it could be time for a new one.

4. You Need More Product

Everyone’s skin is different and reacts differently to products.

 If you tend to have more oily skin, you may notice that your lashes won’t stick well with just one layer of eyeliner. 

If you’re only putting one coat, try and add another to see if that fixes the problem.

5. It’s Not Dry

We know it can be daunting to wait more than a few minutes when applying makeup, especially if you’re in a hurry. 

But magnetic eyeliner requires drying time. 

The liner needs to be completely dry before you apply the lashes, so be sure to let it dry thoroughly if you notice that they’re not sticking.

What Happens If I Get Magnetic Eyeliner On My Magnetic Lashes?

What Happens If I Get Magnetic Eyeliner On My Magnetic Lashes

There is no need to panic if you get magnetic eyeliner on your lashes. 

You can use a makeup remover specifically formulated for magnetic lashes to get it off and then clean them thoroughly afterward.

You could also use alcohol, using a cotton swab to clean both the lashes and the magnets.

You should be cleaning your lashes, keeping them free from buildup that could lead to a clumpy look or an eye infection. 

It’s recommended to let them dry after washing, keeping them in a safe place that’s clean until you put them on again.  

How Many Times Can I Wear Magnetic Lashes?

Magnetic lashes are a lot like traditional falsies. 

The cleaner you keep them, the longer they will last. Taking care of your lashes is key to extending their lifespan, which could be up to 50 wears. If you’re wearing them daily, that means you could wear the same lashes for more than a month.

The key to long-lasting magnetic lashes is to keep them clean. 

You should clean them after each use with a gentle, oil-free eye makeup remover, focusing on both the lashes and the magnets. Also, make sure to wash off the magnetic eyeliner off your eyelids to avoid oil build-up.

You should also let them dry in a place that’s free from disturbance, especially if you have a pet or small child.

In addition, be sure to always take them off when you sleep, avoiding any bending or tearing that could come from a good night’s sleep. 

You want them to maintain their curl and shape, so be sure to take them off before bed and only use them when they’re fresh and clean.