Should You Dye Eyebrows Before Or After Waxing?

Getting your eyebrows dyed when waxing can save time and money. But should you dye your eyebrows before or after waxing?

Should You Dye Eyebrows Before Or After Waxing (Answered)

You should always dye your eyebrows before you wax them. If you dye your eyebrows after you wax them, the dye will not take properly.

Can an Eyebrow Wax and Tint Be Done on the Same Day?

An eyebrow wax and tint can be done on the same day. In fact, they can be done in the same appointment. The golden rule is always to tint your eyebrows before you have them waxed.

If you try to tint your brows after you wax them, the dye will sink into the skin through your open pores.

Many salons will shape your eyebrows straight after tinting them. This may mean they will wax your eyebrows.

Alternatively, they may use sugaring, threading, and/or plucking. The brow artist will decide what approach to use once they’ve assessed the situation.

Firstly they will ask you what you’re looking for. Secondly, the brow artist will check what treatments are suitable for you.

For example, if you’ve been using certain skincare treatments (such as chemical peels), then your skin will probably be too sensitive to be waxed.

Should I Dye My Eyebrows Before Or After Waxing?

Should I Dye My Eyebrows Before Or After Waxing

Always dye your eyebrows before waxing them. Waxing burns the delicate skin in the eyebrow area. You should therefore avoid touching it until it’s completely healed.

Dying your eyebrows with anything other than henna will dry your eyebrow hairs.

It will not, however, damage your skin. Waxing, by contrast, always damages your skin to some extent.

This damage is particularly severe when waxing the sensitive skin around your eyes.

You need to wait until this damage is fully healed before you dye your eyebrows. If you try to dye them too soon, the dye will be absorbed by your skin rather than your hair.

This will almost certainly irritate your skin. Waxing may cause breakouts, rash-like symptoms, and pimples.

At worst, it may lead to infection.

Precautions To Take When Dyeing Eyebrows

Here are the five key precautions to take when dyeing eyebrows:

Do a patch test

Even if you’re dyeing your eyebrows with a natural dye (such as henna), always do a patch test.

If you experience any reaction at all, use another dye.

Remember, the skin on your body is much less sensitive than the skin around your eyes.

This means that any reaction you experience will be more severe in this area.

Clean the eye area thoroughly

If you’re having your eyebrows dyed at a salon, it will save time if you remove your eye makeup before you go.

Your beautician will then only have to clean off any remaining dirt and/or oil.

If you’re dyeing your eyebrows at home, then cleanse until every last trace of dirt is gone.

This really does make a huge difference to how well the dye takes hold.

Apply a barrier cream

The basic job of a barrier cream is to make sure that the dye stays where you want it.

Barrier creams can, however, also nourish your skin. This is particularly useful if you’re using a regular tint rather than henna.

These can be quite drying. If you don’t have allergies then both coconut butter and shea butter are excellent options.

Use a proper timer

Never try to guess how long the dye has been on. Use a proper timer. Your cellphone is fine.

If you’re new to a dye, it’s best to leave it on for three to five minutes.

Then check how you like the result. If necessary, you can then reapply the dye and leave it on up to the manufacturer’s recommended limit.

Follow aftercare protocols

Stay away from heat and chemicals (such as chlorine).

Try to avoid exfoliating and/or using oil-based products.

If you must use these, keep them to a minimum. Heat and chemicals can react with the dye and make it change color.

Avoid exfoliation as this can scrub away a dye. The same goes for oil-based products which can make the dye fade much quicker.

Precautions To Take After Waxing Eyebrows

Precautions To Take After Waxing Eyebrows

Here are the five key precautions to take after waxing eyebrows:

1. Remove excess wax thoroughly

Your Pellon strips will clear away most of the wax you use.

There will, however, generally be some leftover, especially if you use cream wax.

Use a post-waxing cleanser to remove this. If you don’t have allergies, sesame seed oil is a good option.

2. Use cooling/soothing products

If you have your eyebrows waxed at a salon, the beautician will almost certainly use a post-waxing product to soothe your skin.

This will usually be cortisone cream.

You may be able to get this from a store but if not, non-fragranced aloe vera gel is a good alternative.

You can also use non-fragranced facial mists and/or cold compresses.

3. Stay out of the sun

Waxing your eyebrows has a similar effect to getting a light sunburn.

Exposure to strong heat will make this worse. So if going out in the sun is unavoidable, wear a visor, peaked cap, or brimmed hat.

Even after your skin has healed, use sunscreen and preferably a visor, cap, or hat as well.

4. Hold off using skincare, makeup, and fragrances

Wait until your skin has completely healed before you apply anything more than light, unfragranced products.

Regular skin-care products, makeup, fragrances, and fragranced products will all irritate it even more.

Similarly, hold off going swimming in a pool until all the redness has gone from your skin.

Chlorine will really irritate it. It’s best to avoid swimming outdoors too.

Even if a place is generally safe for swimming, there is a good chance the water will contain some chemicals.

5. Be careful with threading and plucking

For the most part, you want to leave your eyebrows to grow back naturally.

If stray hairs are really bothering you, trimming is a much safer option than threading or plucking.

You might also want to consider dyeing or bleaching unwanted hair to make it less noticeable.