Can You Go On Sunbeds With Lash Extensions?[Answered]

If you are a fan of tanning and false lashes, you might be wondering if the two are compatible. Can you go on sunbeds with eyelash extensions? We’ve got the answer.

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Sunbeds are not recommended whilst wearing eyelash extensions as the UV light can weaken the bond between the false lash and natural lash. If you do decide to tan, keep the time length to a minimum and ensure you wear eye protection while in the sunbed.

Is The Sun Bad For Eyelash Extensions?

It can be. The advice is to avoid direct sunlight, when possible, especially when it will be shining directly on your face.

Direct sun can cause the lash bond, that keeps your lashes in place, to weaken and fall out.

Added to this, when we are exposed to sunlight, we are wearing sunscreen to protect our skin, which is important (keep that skin healthy and beautiful!).

However, most sunscreens contain oil which is another problem for your lashes. The oil can break down the adhesive keeping your lashes in place.

Furthermore, with the sun comes sweat. Sweat carries natural oils from your skin that can run down into your eyes and affect the retention of the false lash.

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Is Heat Bad For Eyelash Extensions?

Exposing your false lashes to extreme heat can ‘relax’ the curl. This leaves the lashes looking straighter- perhaps not the look you are trying to achieve.

Campfires, grills, BBQs, bonfires – with false lashes, you need to take extra care around all of these. Getting too close can result in singeing those lovely lashes.

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can You Go On Sunbeds With Lash Extensions?

Due to the material which false lashes are made from, it is not recommended that you go on a sunbed with lash extensions.

This is because artificial lashes are made from PBT (Polybutylene Terepethalate) fibers which is essentially a type of plastic. When exposed to UV light and heat, these fibers break down and can lose their shape.

If you want to use a tanning bed whilst wearing lash extensions, you, therefore, need to take the right precautions.

Avoid oil-based tanning lotion around your eyes and make sure you wear safety goggles to keep your lashes (and eyes) protected from the focused heat and UV rays.

can you go on sunbeds AFTER lash extensions?

Yes, you can use sunbeds after having lash extensions done. Ideally, you should wait 48 hours before you expose them to the extreme heat of a sunbed.

The same rules above apply of course. It is important to protect your lash extensions from the heat as not only can the lashes reshape, but the UV light can directly affect the application of your lashes.

Remember that lashes are attached using an adhesive bond, which is essentially glue. If exposed to high heat, the glue may dissolve and your extensions may start to fall out.

So again, if you want to use a tanning bed after having lash extensions done, it is incredibly important to protect your lashes using goggles, avoid oil-based creams and keep your extensions dry.

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Are Tanning Beds Bad For Eyelashes?

An open tanning bed

Tanning beds can be bad for eyelashes. The general advice is that tanning beds should be avoided as they can affect the adhesive which bonds the eyelash extensions to the natural lashes.

Not only does it affect and weaken the adhesive, but the focused heat can weaken the curl of the lash too.

How To Best Protect Eyelashes When Tanning

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The main consideration when tanning using a sunbed is the goggles.

It is important to protect your eyes and lashes using FDA-compliant goggles.

Not only will these protect your eyes, but they will also protect your lashes and the bonding agent.

Having the goggles damage the lashes can be a worry for some false eyelash users.

In response to this, there are now goggles out there with a tall cup, designed to give long sweeping lashes plenty of room.

These come with a clear nose piece that prevents tan lines so you can enjoy a flawless tan while protecting your lashes and your eyes.

can you tan In The Sun with eyelash extensions?

If you are tanning in the sunshine, try to adhere to the following tips to prolong your lashes and keep them looking good:

Wear Shades

Wearing shades when you are tanning in the sun will give your false lashes some protection from the direct heat.

This reduces the chance that the bonding holding them in place will weaken. The result will be longer-lasting extensions and an overall sleeker fresher look.


Tanning in the sun means you are outside. Being outside naturally makes you more exposed to general dirt and debris.

This is heightened if you are active in the sun (hiking, camping) or if you decide to cool off by swimming.

It is therefore vitally important that you cleanse your lash extensions every day.

Just being in the shower and allowing the water to gently pass through them should do the trick.

For a more thorough clean, you can treat your lashes to a lash cleanser. Or use gentle baby shampoo.

You can also keep your eyelashes smooth and dirt-free using an eyebrow brush or a disposable mascara spoolie.

As a side note to swimming while tanning: it is advisable to wear goggles when swimming to protect your eyes and lashes from saltwater and chlorine.

Both saltwater and chlorine can irritate the eyes causing you to rub your eyes which can damage your lash extensions.

Furthermore, wearing the goggles will prevent the lash adhesive from encountering anything which could cause it to weaken.


It is incredibly important to keep your skin safe in the sun by applying an SPF.

To protect your false eyelashes at the same time, take extra care when applying sunscreen as many brands contain oil which can affect the bonding of the false lashes.

Try to avoid getting the sunscreen too close to the eye area.

Also, avoid swimming or sweating until the sunscreen has been totally absorbed by your skin.

You could try using an oil-free sunscreen on your face as this will eliminate the risk of oil from the sunscreen compromising your lashes.

Lash Sealant

A lash sealant is a good way to protect your lashes from exterior elements which can wear away lash glue.

These can be especially effective if you are going to be exposing your lashes to humidity, sun, or heat of any kind.

They will prolong the life of your lashes by affording the lash bond an extra level of protection.

How to look after lashes In Hot Temperatures

Can You Go On Sunbeds With Lash Extensions

To look after your lash extensions in hot temperatures and extend their life, it is important that you don’t overexpose them to the heat.

Follow the recommendations set out above, which include:

  • Take extra care of lashes when exposed to high temperatures
  • Wear shades in the sun
  • At a BBQ or campfire, don’t get too close. Again, when cooking or even blow drying your hair, try not to get too close to heat. If possible, use a cooler setting on the blow dryer.
  • When using a sunbed, wear goggles.
  • Use a lash sealant to give your false lashes an elevated layer of protection against heat during periods of exposure to higher temperatures.

Can You Get A Spray Tan With Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, you can get a spray tan with eyelash extensions. But keep in mind that the lash adhesive needs time to ‘cure’.

If any moisture comes into contact with your lash line, it can result in the glue ‘curing’ too quickly which may cause poor retention of your lash extensions.

Some professional lash technicians advise that you should wait 24 to 48 hours after having false lashes applied before you have a spray tan.

However, others are of the opinion that four hours is the minimum curing period due to improvements in the curing process.

It is best to ask the advice of the technician applying your false lashes and take it from there.

Apart from moisture from the tanning solution having an impact on the lash retention, you will be required to wash off the tanning solution after a period of time.

Make sure this period is not within the glue curing period.

When you are trying to maintain eyelash extensions, oil is your enemy.

If possible, choose a salon that uses a water-based tanning solution to avoid oil getting into contact with your precious lashes.

How To Cover Eyelash Extensions For Spray Tan

Goggles are the best way to cover your eyes for a spray tan.

Many salons provide small goggles for use during the treatment. If not, then you may want to purchase a pair prior to your spray tanning session.

You can also use a lash sealant, as previously mentioned. This will give your lashes a layer of protection against the tanning solution.

Apart from covering the lashes, another tip is to make sure you clean your lashes after the tanning session.

This will help avoid clumps and discoloration and, you guessed it, prolong the life of those false eyelashes.

With a little extra care and attention, you can enjoy a glowing tan while rocking false eyelashes.